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The most detailed 3D world model is out there and it's free! How to create a detailed 3D topographic model of the entire Earth?

The most detailed 3D world model is out there and it's free!

As you could suspect the only feasible way to do it is using satellites. But a regular satellite scan will not be detailed enough to give you a meter-level accuracy. Researches from The German Aerospace Center figured out a way to do it. Instead of using a single satellite they’ve launched to an orbit two satellites orbiting next to each other capturing stereoscopic scans of the surface of the Earth. The mission called TanDEM-X (TerraSAR-X add-on for Digital Elevation Measurement) consists of a pair of twin TerraSAR-X satellites equipped with interferometric radar instruments that scan the same areas from slightly different angles. NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein. Our World In Data. This Map of the World Just Won Japan’s Prestigious Design Award : Maps. The most detailed 3D world model is out there and it's free!

Downloads. Data themes are available in three levels of detail.


For each scale, themes are listed on Cultural, Physical, and Raster category pages. Stay up to date! Admin 0 – Countries. About Countries distinguish between metropolitan (homeland) and independent and semi-independent portions of sovereign states.

Admin 0 – Countries

If you want to see the dependent overseas regions broken out (like in ISO codes, see France for example), use map units instead. Each country is coded with a world region that roughly follows the United Nations setup. Includes some thematic data from the United Nations, U.S. 20 Free Vector World Map Templates (AI, EPS & SVG) If you are in need of a high-quality vector World map template, then your search is now over.

20 Free Vector World Map Templates (AI, EPS & SVG)

Most of the vector maps below are of the highest detail and accuracy, some have been designed specifically for designers and others to be used by everyone for whatever the project. They are all in either AI, EPS or SVG formats. If you’re looking for World Map Templates in PSD format, check out this post: 16 High Quality Free World Map Templates. Accurate Vector World Map (EPS and AI) EPS Vector Maps for Designers (EPS) File:Fuller projection.svg - Wikimedia Commons. Cancel Edit Delete Preview revert Text of the note (may include Wiki markup) Could not save your note (edit conflict or other problem).

File:Fuller projection.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Please copy the text in the edit box below and insert it manually by editing this page. The Global Influence of the United States: A Foreign Investment View - Despite a global surge in Chinese foreign direct investment during the first half of 2015, the United States remains the leading global financial power based on total foreign direct investment.

The Global Influence of the United States: A Foreign Investment View -

During 2015, outward US net foreign direct investment (FDI) reached $345.1 billion, an amount that was not only 21.6 percent of total global financial flows but that was also almost twice the total FDI of China. Moreover, American foreign investment in 2015 was nearly five times its total value in 2005, providing a direct opportunity to increase US global influence. So, where in the world does the United States have the most influence, at least in terms of FDI? One approach to answering this question is through examination of trends in the share of inward FDI stock from the US on a country-by-country basis.

The IMF's Coordinated Direct Investment Survey dataset and the UN’s Bilateral FDI Statistics each provide FDI data by investment source and the recipient country. Supranational union. Conflict Map: where armed conflicts are happening all over the world : Maps. Arctic. aVXIyrj. EJClNQf. The Map Room. Detailed World Map - sub national units - comments in comments. International Women's Day: political rights around the world mapped. Where to be born. WORLD MAP. Spanish, French & English. Territorial Map. Power. In Local Language. Very detailed map of predominant religions all over the world. NHL Players. Journalist Murder. War Choppers. Passport design world map. Spanish Empire Anachronous. N Korea Missile. International Food Policy Research Institute hungry.

GEFJlDG. UtStp. CM3DEt3VAAAUjEp.jpg large. EU OCT and OMR map en. Religion. Human Language Families Map. Human impact. The Modern Ocean. Details about Shane Carruth’s new film have been scarce, but there are a few things to share.

The Modern Ocean

First off, here’s what The Modern Ocean is about: The storyline revolves around vengeance and the fierce competition for valuable shipping routes and priceless materials that converge in a spectacular battle on the rolling decks of behemoth cargo ships. NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein. Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps. Discoveries. Countries named after people12. DLZtbSV. The most detailed map of the current world I have ever seen. [5138×2517] Imperial Federation, Map of the World Showing the Extent of the British Empire in 1886 (levelled) Continental models. GBTIrH3. Fuller projection with Tissot's indicatrix of deformation. Fuller projection rotated. Dymaxion flag map by curtydc d6plq9i. OII Internet population cartogram. World Map of Y DNA Haplogroups. Human Rights Ratification. Geographies of Tor. Intentional homicide rate.

World press freedom index 2015 decline on all fronts. World investors. Pigs distribution.0. OqMbUwL. Kavraiskiy VII projection SW. Banderasdelmundo. Billionaire map.0. Dymax Border Experiment UCS 2. I pinged every address in the Internet and this is the result. London to terrace. Languages web 1000.