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Terror groups, ideology, and victim count :: Data Fantasies. The chart above shows all the groups that were classified by the US and other governments as terrorist groups since 1968. I included only those groups with one or more victims. The area of each circle is proportional to the total number of victims (killed or injured) during each group’s attacks.

The dark blue circles are Islāmic groups and the light blue are non-Islāmic, mostly nationalist, groups. You can hover over the center of the of any circle to see the full name of the group and the victim count. I got the data from The RAND Database of Worldwide Terrorism Incidents (RDWTI). the raw data consists terror incidents, the responsible groups, and a description of the incidents, the number of fatalities, and the number of injuries. I aggregated the data for each group. Data source: Python and D3.js. Israeli Political Parties since 1949 : dataisbeautiful. This Jaw-Dropping Slide Shows Why Saudi Arabia Makes So Much Money on Oil -- The Motley Fool. A lot of reasons have been given as to why Saudi Arabia is allowing the oil price to not only fall but remain weak. Some suggest it's because it's seeking to harm emerging rivals like the U.S. and Russia. Others have suggested that the move is because it wants to keep its regional rival Iran at bay.

While both could be true, the reason Saudi Arabia isn't worried about the oil price is because it doesn't need a high oil price to justify the drilling costs needed to maintain or grow its production. This is due to the fact Saudi Arabia only needed to drill 399 new wells last year just to keep its daily production at 11.4 million barrels of oil. Source: Schlumberger Limited Investor Presentation As that chart demonstrates, Saudi Arabia needed to drill nearly 99% fewer wells than the U.S. needed last year to maintain its global production lead. What they're saying with that slide is that, over time, basins mature. *The author(s) may have a position in any stocks mentioned. Getting your recommended daily chart allowance. Hand-drawn animation of 43 years of the Sun's weather. Imrs. KwJpkPC. NhBnorV. Geologic Clock with events and periods.

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