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12 idei simple pentru case frumoase. Ai nevoie de un decorator?

12 idei simple pentru case frumoase

De o schimbare? Cu aceste 12 idei simple îţi poţi transforma rapid casa fără a cheltui mult. Sunt, de fapt, câteva trucuri pe care le poţi aplica în orice tip de locuinţă pentru a da senzaţia de spaţiu, de luminozitate, de frumos. Mai mult, dacă le poţi face tu ca proiecte de bricolaj, te vor costa foarte puţin. Decorează televizorul cu o ramă Te ajută să încorporezi televizorul în atmosfera camerei şi să obţii un tot unitar pe tot peretele unde îl amplasezi. How to Make Constellation Jar. Anya sometimes wakes up just after she goes to sleep, she doesn’t like being left in a dark room that’s why we switch on a small lamp standing on a bedside table.

How to Make Constellation Jar

We also put Paper Cube String Lights, but I prefer them in winter. However, searching the Net I found a marvellous ‘star gazing’ idea which may be suitable for such ‘black’ situations. The Constellation Jar, by Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, may be an ideal source of dimmed light during kids’ sleep. The delicate rays of light leave beautiful shiny points on the walls so even if the children wake up, they don’t feel the discomfort of being mantled by the inky darkness. When your little ones get uneasy in dark rooms, try this solution and tell us how it worked.

Check out the tutorial on Design Mom. Turn Your Smartphone Into a 3D Hologram. Turn Your Smartphone Into a 3D Hologram. 30 Easy DIY Beautiful Shimmering Luminaries and Lamps Ideas You Should Definitely Try Now. Light plays a crucial role in any interior design and its presence can empower or diminish the aesthetical qualities of a room.

30 Easy DIY Beautiful Shimmering Luminaries and Lamps Ideas You Should Definitely Try Now

It influences any atmosphere and softens tones, colors, shapes or even transforms them all entirely. Thus finding the right lighting fixture for your home can be a very difficult assignment which will definitely require a lot of patience and time form your part. And that is why we propose you to try and make your own lamp or chandelier suitable to your taste and requirements. We know, you will say ” who has the time and skill for that?’ But we find that the simplest easiest DIY projects re the most beautiful and enjoyable. 1. 2.

Hop to it! How to make a paper napkin bunny - TODAY Celebrates. Brit + Co.

Hop to it! How to make a paper napkin bunny - TODAY Celebrates

By Brit Morin, Brit + Co. Ready to take your Easter brunch table to a totally adorable level? Follow this simple tutorial on how to turn a paper napkin into a bunny and you'll be an instant hostess with the mostess. Materials: Paper napkins Instructions: 1. 2. Custom seahorse ear cuff ear wrap by RockTime. DIY Light Bulb Vase. A few years ago, I spotted an upcycled light bulb vase in a magazine and thought my mom needs that!

DIY Light Bulb Vase

I showed Mike the picture and told him he should try to make one for her. So he did. (What a guy!) He’s made quite a few different styles of them over the last few years. I finally captured the process of how he does it to share with you. Supplies you’ll need: For the vase: old light bulbsneedle nose pliersnail sethammer For the stand/hanger: wire / floral wire for hanging vasewire cutterswooden doweldrillelectrical tape – optional You’ll be working with glass, so it’s a good idea to wear safety goggles and gloves. Over a garbage can, use the nail set and hammer to break the black part of the bulb…be careful, it is glass. Remove the small silver layer with your pliers. Remove the “guts” of the bulb with your needle nose pliers. Drill a 1/8 inch hole in the dowel (or big enough for your wire to fit it in).

Use the wire cutters to remove the wire from the dowel, cutting right at the hole. How to Make Conceal Bookshelf. Have you ever thought about concealing bookcase somehow in your tiny, little room but it was impossible?

How to Make Conceal Bookshelf

Well, I have. Our apartment is of average size but because of the attic our ceiling makes it difficult to put high shelfs of bookcases under it. With this simple but useful Conceal Bookshelf designed by Miron Lior finally my problem disappears. This is a product which you can buy or try do it yourself. The best thing about it though, is that awesome effect that your books just stick to the wall itself or in some magical way. I am not going to tell Mania about our bedroom redecoration wondering how she reacts seeing her books “glued” to our newly painted wall. How to Make DIY Cloud.

Besides functional and handy DIY’s, there is another category of things you can make at home with simple tools or even without them.

How to Make DIY Cloud

Useless but cool, funny and cute or simply pretty. It doesn’t mean they will stay that way forever! From time to time, I find something I’d like to make or have, even though I have no idea what I’d use it for. It is some kind of fascination with the shape, color or texture that makes the item one and only “must have”. DIY Cloud invented and made by Serena from The Farm Chicks, make my day brighter and more cheerful than usually. Awesome stuff to make. Creative with foam. Dear ___ Sincerely ___ 557045_442391895795922_77531662_n_large.jpg (411×960)