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Western Fairy Tales Envisioned in Korean Illustration Style by Nayoung Wooh. What would the classic fairy tales such as Snow White and Beauty and the Beast look like if they weren’t conceived in the Western hemisphere?

Western Fairy Tales Envisioned in Korean Illustration Style by Nayoung Wooh

South Korean illustrator Nayoung Wooh shows us, by giving iconic characters complete makeovers and drawing them in the “manhwa” style. The beautiful, soft pictures show the familiar stories in a brand new light. This blend of East and West features Aerial of The Little Mermaid, Alice of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Snow White all wearing traditional Korean costumes and hairstyles. Also, a character like the Beast of Beauty and the Beast appears different than the animated Disney film had imagined him.

Wooh instead depicts him as a majestic-looking tiger. In addition to the fairy tales, Elsa from the popular movie Frozen is shown wearing a blue Korean hanbok. J.R.R. Tolkien's mythology: The Valar. Powerpuff Yourself. 16 Little Things You Can Do For Someone With Anxiety. ’Created equal’: one of the most thought-provoking photo projects you’ll ever see. If you look closely enough, you will see that even exact opposites have something in common.

’Created equal’: one of the most thought-provoking photo projects you’ll ever see

American photographer Mark Laita devoted a special photography project to this fundamental idea. He called it ’Created equal’. Laita worked on the project over the course of eight years. During this period, he visited forty-eight American states, taking photos of all kinds of people he met along the way. Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings of Women in Sheets Celebrate the Beauty of the Female Form. Artist Serge Marshennikov’s delicate oil portraits honour the inherent beauty of the female form.

Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings of Women in Sheets Celebrate the Beauty of the Female Form

Combining hyperrealistic methods with a flair for accurately conveying the beauty of the women he paints, Marshennikov has made a name for himself in the art world. Recognized as an accomplished contemporary painter, his figurative style draws upon techniques derived from 19th century Russian art in order to deliver spellbinding final works. PopSugar Beauty - 17 Baking Soda Beauty Hacks That... A dat jos 6 kilograme in 3 ore iar acum ii invata pe romani cum sa traiasca sanatos. "Lumea slabeste dupa ureche" 29 Awesome Things You Didn't Know You Could Subscribe To. How Relationships Change Over Time. Curs Croitorie la Atelierele ILBAH - Cursuri croitorie autorizate. Croitoria este mai mult o arta decat o stiinta!

Curs Croitorie la Atelierele ILBAH - Cursuri croitorie autorizate

Este o indeletnicire care se dobandeste prin studiu si experienta. Se spune ca un adevarat croitor este precum vinul: devine mai valoros si mai cautat odata cu trecerea timpului. Cursul de croitorie din cadrul Atelierele ILBAH se adreseaza persoanelor care vor sa stapaneasca masina de cusut si toate tehnicile necesare executiei pieselor de imbracaminte pe comanda. Cursul este autorizat de Ministerul Muncii si Ministerul Educatiei (prin ANC). Astfel, absolvind cursul de croitorie de la Atelierele ILBAH, vei putea profesa ocupatia de “Croitor-confectioner imbracaminte dupa comanda” atat in tara cat si in strainatate. Design-ul, materialele folosite, atentia la detalii, calitatea executiei, tipul de croiala precum si rezistenta in timp a produsului finit sunt doar cateva din aspectele ce fac diferenta dintre o haina oarecare si o adevarata piesa vestimentara ce va atrage privirile tuturor. 1.

The Weird, Complicated, Sexist History of Pockets. People have a lot of feelings when it comes to pockets.

The Weird, Complicated, Sexist History of Pockets

In short: They are great only when you have them and only when they are large enough to stuff anything you want inside of them. A snack? A phone? A condom? If Disney Princesses were Anime Characters. My fav are Mulan and Jasmine. (by mari945) To Anyone Who Thinks They're Falling Behind In Life. You don’t need more motivation.

To Anyone Who Thinks They're Falling Behind In Life

You don’t need to be inspired to action. Mic îndreptar de fericire. Neglected Utopia: Photographer explores the forgotten modernist estates of Paris. From the 1950s to the 1980s, Paris was booming.

Neglected Utopia: Photographer explores the forgotten modernist estates of Paris

Foreign migration and urbanisation of the city caused a huge surge in population and a crisis for housing. France’s solution came in the form of vast housing projects and so during this period massive, modernist and really quite unique estates sprung up across the city — aiming for a new way of living. Just a few decades later and these towering buildings look dated, discarded and forgotten. Often stigmatised by the media, they divide opinion in France and have been left mostly occupied by the ageing community of ‘urban veterans’ who first made it their home, as the younger generation are drawn to more contemporary city living.

If Disney Princesses were Anime Characters. My fav are Mulan and Jasmine. (by mari945) 12 Reasons Why I Love Her (By Lingvistov) Constatările unui brazilian despre România: ''Românii preferă să menţina mai degrabă podelele curate decât plamânii'' TO DO: 2016. 17 favorite movies before and after visual effects. We all know that movies without visual effects look completely different.

17 favorite movies before and after visual effects

Bright Side collected 25 scenes from our favorite movies without the magic of computer graphics. After seeing this, we started respecting the acting profession more ... Upworthy. This Guy Got High On 52 Drugs Then Drew These Trippy Self-Portraits. Bryan Lewis Saunders is a D.C. based artist who has drawn more than 8,000 self-portraits; one for every day of the last 21 years.

This Guy Got High On 52 Drugs Then Drew These Trippy Self-Portraits

He’s also taken a fuckton of drugs. The results? Want To Know What A Real ‘UFO’ Looks Like? These 7 Astonishing Pictures Will Give You An Idea. For somebody who has never seen a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), it can be hard to imagine what they look like.

Want To Know What A Real ‘UFO’ Looks Like? These 7 Astonishing Pictures Will Give You An Idea

Reports of incidents from the military are quite detailed, and if one thing is absolutely clear, it’s that the UFO phenomenon is global and has included many military encounters. Personally, I’ve had multiple UFO experiences, some of which have been quite remarkable and breathtaking. I’ve even had a few alongside a couple of members here at Collective Evolution. These are objects that are performing maneuvers that should be impossible, and look like nothing that we have on this planet.

I mention this because we are not alone in our experiences, there are many others who have seen the same thing. If Disney Princesses Were Moms. John Lennon’s “Imagine”, Made Into A Comic Strip. 42 Insane "Harry Potter" Tattoos Only Muggles Would Hate. They Say The Way You Sleep Reveals A Lot About Your Personality. Mine Was Super Accurate! Every single one of us has to sleep, but we all sleep in different ways. Surprisingly enough, the way you sleep can actually reveal a lot about your personality as an individual.

Charles Dickens was known to sleep facing north because he believed it increased his creativity. Leonardo da Vinci took 20 minute naps in 4 hour intervals in order to recharge is mental energy. It may seem like a subconscious choice, but who we are at a core level effects which positions are the most worthy for dreaming. What position do you sleep in? Watch: The Incredible Spread Of The World's 5 Major Religions - 75 Graphically Gorgeous Geometric Tattoos. What If All Your Favorite Disney Princesses Were Mermaids Like Ariel? The 17 Saddest Concerts Ever. 14 CREATIVE UNUSUAL WHITE TATTOO DESIGNS THAT WILL INSPIRE YOU. Dear we are sure that many times you have asked yourself about a putting a tattoo on your body and you have seen maybe lot of tattoos.

Until now, you have probably seen a lot of tattoos in black, and some other interesting striking colors such as red, blue, etc. Today we have prepared for you a bit different i.e tattoos in white. Wearing a white tattoo is performing a ral elegance to your whole body. Te shapes and designs can be different but probably the most interested white tattoos flower, Also interesting designs are heart, violin key, feather, and many others. Take a look at the gallery below probably you will find your favorite. Source source source source source source. Cea mai bună muzică românească din iunie 2015. 23 emotions people feel but seldom notice.

Award-Winning Short Animation About A Lost Soul Meeting Death. 28 Animes To Watch If You've Never Seen Anime. Why women are dyeing their armpit hair. Roxie Hunt’s first subject. (Courtesy of Roxie Hunt) There is a new trend sprouting across the country. More specifically, there is a new trend sprouting in women’s armpits across the country, according to the New York Post and others. Some women, you may have noticed, are growing out their armpit hair — and then dyeing it. The origins of the dyed-pits trend can be traced to a Seattle hairdresser named Roxie Hunt. The co-worker, Hunt has joked, “agreed, heartily. “It was just sort of an experiment,” Hunt told The Post. A how-to blog post followed (“I began by mixing bleach and 30 volume developer … “) and was shared more than 35,000 times. Then came shared photos featuring other women with colorful pits. Roxie Hunt. Suddenly, as the 30-year-old Hunt tells it, the “free your pits” movement was a thing.

The movement, Hunt said, is as much about embracing personal freedom as it is about aesthetic experimentation. These Racy French Postcards Are the Pornography of the Past. Winter Is Coming To Japan: These Are The Japanese "Game Of Thrones" Book Covers. 23 Perfect Words For Emotions You Never Realised Anyone Else Felt. 16 Perfect Japanese Words You Need In Your Life. The 5 Main Extraterrestrial Races In Contact With Earth Right Now: What You Need To Know. By Amateo Ra and Steven Bancarz| Do you believe in Extraterrestrial Intelligence? What about the idea that not only do they exist, but that they are in contact with the Earth currently? All of the evidence I’ve seen has pointed to this being true, and if you have seen some of the information out there, I’m sure this idea doesn’t come as being far fetched to you.

This article will expose the undercover story, and introduce you to the species you can make direct contact with right now. Humans have already discovered 2,000 exoplanets in our Universe, with over 500 discovered this year alone. An underwear invention might TOTALLY revolutionize the whole "feminine hygiene" world - Page 2 of 2. According to Water Aid, 95 percent of girls in Ghana sometimes miss school due to menstruation, and “86 percent and 53 percent of girls in Garissa and Nairobi (respectively) in Kenya miss a day or more of school every two months. In Ethiopia, 51 percent of girls miss between one and four days of school per month because of menses and 39 percent reported reduced performance.” That’s why for every pair of underwear sold, THINX will be donating money to AFRIPads, an organization that trains women in developing countries to make affordable, reusable pads.

Watch 100 Years Of Indian Beauty In Less Than Two Minutes. Watch 100 Years Of Filipina Beauty In A Little Over A Minute. How It Feels To Have An Anxiety Disorder Explained In 12 Self Portraits. Photographer Katie Joy Crawford has wrestled with anxiety disorder her entire life, which is why she was especially qualified to create this gripping photo series showing us what it’s like to live with this burden. “Anxiety bars the sufferer from the risk of discovery, the desire to explore new ideas, and the possibility of exiting a comfort zone,” she writes in the description of her project, ‘My Anxious Heart.’ “It makes sure that it will never be alone. It finds you when you’re in the midst of joy, or alone in your own mind. It is quiet and steady, reminding you of your past failures, and fabricating your future outcomes.” The project is a deeply personal one for Crawford; “Using my own stories and experiences, I am capturing the raw essence of anxiety.

15 Brutally Honest Cards For Couples With A Sense Of Humor. 7 Things You Should Never Do On Social Media & What To Do Instead. Povestea “Mainilor in rugaciune” 55 Inspiring Pieces Of Fan Art Of The Women Of "Game Of Thrones" What Job Would You Have In The "Harry Potter" Wizarding World. Women in Science. 14 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know. The 10 best Jared Leto movies you have to watch.