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Soirées -40 ans à -40 % : réservations ouvertes ! Champs-Élysées Film Festival - 15 au 22 juin 2017. Welcome to Tiny Atlas Quarterly. Nostalgia Critic n°38 - Sauvés par le gong VOSTFR. Fight of the Century Keynes vs Hayek VOSTFR. Should you stop eating fish? Oceanographer (and TED Prize winner) Sylvia Earle (TED Talk: My wish: Protect our oceans) has spent half a century campaigning to save the world’s seas.

Should you stop eating fish?

A new Netflix original documentary about her life’s work sheds light on the environmental impact of the commercial fishing industry and Earle’s crusade to create underwater “hope spots” through her organization, Mission Blue. After watching the film, it’s hard not to wonder: Are any fish still okay to eat? We turned to our favorite aquanaut for advice. Below, check out Earle’s take on wild fish, tuna rolls, and her ideal meal. To restore the ocean ecosystem, you’re saying we must put an end to overfishing and bottom trawling, which you liken to “catching songbirds with a bulldozer.”

Except for those living in coastal communities — or even inland if we’re talking freshwater species — for most people, eating fish is a choice, not a necessity. What if I just want to have a tuna roll every once in a while, as a treat? It’s obvious. OK. I Love You, But Travel Is My Soulmate – An Open Letter - Hostelworld. Dear Loved Ones: an open letter to those we leave behind… When I told you I was leaving, I didn’t know where I was heading.

I Love You, But Travel Is My Soulmate – An Open Letter - Hostelworld

I just knew I had to go. You looked at me with an amused smile and sadness in your eyes. My excited ramblings about needing to escape my comfort zone and live my life confused you. Wasn’t life already good here? I gave a million reasons as I tried to justify this knot in my stomach. I talked as knowledgeably as I could about the Thai Islands I was going to learn to dive around, the mountains I was going to climb. Présidentielle : les pépites des bulletins nuls du premier tour. Lors du moment grave et sérieux qu’est le dépouillement des résultats du premier tour de l’élection présidentielle, les scrutateurs ont aussi eu l’occasion de rire.

Présidentielle : les pépites des bulletins nuls du premier tour

Comme à chaque élection, des électeurs ont décidé de voter pour des personnalités fictives ou se sont amusés à détourner les bulletins. Ces traits d’humour n’ont pas manqué de faire réagir sur les réseaux sociaux, mais il faut savoir que, lorsqu’une inscription est faite sur le vote ou qu’un bulletin non officiel est glissé dans l’enveloppe, le vote sera classé parmi les bulletins nuls. Selon les chiffres du ministère de l’Intérieur, du lundi 24 avril, 290.889 votes nuls ont été recensés, soit 0,80 % des votants.

Petit florilège des "meilleurs" bulletins nuls du premier tour. # Les bulletins "trop d'amour" Alors que Benoît Hamon appelait à "faire battre le cœur de la France", certains citoyens ont aussi décidé d'exprimer via leur vote un peu d'amour... ... du moins en apparence. # Les bulletins origami Marlène Thomas. Pourquoi Macron. Cinq arguments anti-Macron qui vous donneront une folle envie de voter pour lui. Pourquoi la maternité ne pourra jamais faire mon bonheur. “You’ll change your mind when you meet the right person.”

Pourquoi la maternité ne pourra jamais faire mon bonheur

Words I have heard on more than one occasion over the past 25 years. Well-intentioned, perhaps, but wholly wrong. I’m now 38 years old, fortunate enough to have met the ‘right’ person and guess what? I still don’t want children. The reason is pretty simple - being a mother would make me deeply unhappy. I realise this is anathema to most people’s thinking, sacrilege even. The thing is, I am happy to be a child-free woman. Response 1 Them: “You’re still young enough to change your mind. Response 2 Them: “Your poor mother. Response 3 Them: “Your life isn’t complete until you’ve had children.” Response 4 Them: “But who will look after you when you’re old?” Response 5 Them: “But you’re a woman. The best part of all these comments and the dozens of others like them?

I have never felt inferior or judged in any way because of my gender in the workplace.

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