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Fluid Grids—a fluid grid calculator by Harry Roberts

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Bypass Image Filters with Img to CSS. Img to CSS lets you convert images to html/css. Email clients won't block html/css images, so you can be sure that your audience will see them. Create an account to convert any image and get full access to all of the features: Click on one of the images below to see the conversion in action: PNG images work best, but we also convert JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and ICO formats. Img to Css
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CSS3 Shapes | CSS3 Shapes Resource CSS3 Shapes | CSS3 Shapes Resource I put together this small resource to hopefully help other designers and developers with a list of mainly geometric shapes you can perform using CSS3. I personally used a list of shapes like this when I was building a project or just experimenting with CSS3, so I felt it would be cool to share. Under no circumstance do I think I'm some CSS ninja, I'm just sharing a few snippits of code I use and if you know a better way of doing it or know any other shapes I have missed please get in touch! If you need stunning web designs do visit Web Design UK
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