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Rocksteady Stadium

Rocksteady® Outdoor Stadium Speakers are the best way to enjoy your music. Bluetooth Stereo Speakers have unparalleled sound quality and an easy-to-use interface.The perfect Wireless Stadium Sound System that provide superior vocal clarity and high-powered music with incredible battery life, and an ultra-portable build. Designed with Sound Thinking connect multiple bluetooth speakers to create a personalized listening environment wherever you are!

Discovering a new way to enjoy your favorite music - Information Magazine- Latest Technology, Latest Fashion, Latest Gadgets. Music plays an ever-increasing role in our lives.

Discovering a new way to enjoy your favorite music - Information Magazine- Latest Technology, Latest Fashion, Latest Gadgets

Once limited to live concerts, we now can enjoy music in our cars, homes, and even while we are taking a walk. But as music libraries and streaming services now proliferate our audio options, improving on sound quality and tonal performance has been a complex and expensive option, until now. And now, thanks to technical advances within the Bluetooth category, portable Audio Systems that connect multiple speakers wirelessly and can be taken wherever you go, are here and delivers clarity of sound that redefines the music we listen to. Connectivity: Today’s wireless speakers can connect to your phone, laptop, or most audio sources wirelessly (via a Bluetooth connection) and sometimes 3.5mm audio cables for those who prefer to use their analogy source.

The magic of Portable Audio Systems occurs when you have multiple speakers. Sound Clarity: Flexibility: When you want to expand your listening area, simply add more speakers. Technology: Design: ROCKsteady® Stadium - BAMBU TECH INVENTOR JOHN GOULD TALKS IMMERSIVE SOUND. Rocksteady Stadium Wireless Speaker Review. The new Rocksteady Stadium wireless Bluetooth speaker system is one of a new generation of portable Bluetooth 5.0 speakers that pushes the boundaries of its category.

Rocksteady Stadium Wireless Speaker Review

The idea at the heart of this system is so deceptively simple, once you hear it you’ll wonder why all Bluetooth speakers aren’t designed this way. They’re not the first portable Bluetooth speaker system that can produce stereo sound, but it may be the first to truly elevate the sonic imaging in a compact speaker that you can place almost anywhere. But Rocksteady Stadium goes even further with the ability to connect any number of speakers together to further customize your sound. They’re an obsessive audio tweaker’s delight! If you haven't heard recent developments in wireless Bluetooth audio, you may be surprised at the results.

Enter Rocksteady Stadium What differentiates Rocksteady Stadium is the flexibility it offers when multiple speakers work together. Included with Each Individual Speaker Build Quality - Fit & Finish. WHAT IS IMMERSIVE SOUND - Rocksteady Audio. August 13, 2020 Our senses can excite us in so many ways: as we gaze at a beautiful object or person, our hearts will often flutter, and our bodies will warm; the smell of fresh-baked cookies can wet our appetite and make our stomachs ache; when our noses pick up the scent of fresh-baked cookies, our stomachs may grumble; and, if we are anxious, we can pet our dog or cat to find a sense of tranquility and peace.


Sound also impacts us in a myriad of ways; baby’s cry, a mother’s voice, or the violent sound of a car crash can physiologically affect us. Music transports us to memories and feelings, working to create our moods and to entertain us throughout. Our favorite music can stop us in our tracks and work to awaken all of our faculties.

Entering an immersive sound area encourages us to engage with the music and allows us to accept the songs into our personal spaces. Immersive Sound Lands in American’s Homes for the First Time Most music is now recorded with multiple tracks. ROCKsteady Stadium - World Meet ROCKsteady Stadium - Full Intro Video. AN IN-DEPTH COMPARISON OF BLUETOOTH® VERSUS WI-FI SPEAKERS - Rocksteady Audio. August 13, 2020 In today’s digital age, we have access to over 100 years of recordings all within the touch of a finger.


This luxury makes choosing the right speaker more rewarding than ever before. Determining the best wireless speaker solution for your needs will depend on how and where you like to listen to music; and what you want that listening experience to be. With speakers, “wireless” does not always mean portable. It may not even mean no wires. Below are the pros and cons of Bluetooth® wireless speakers versus Wifi (or Wi-Fi) wireless speakers. A Wifi speaker is one where each speaker is connected to a network signal via your wireless router.

A Bluetooth® speaker connects directly to a transmitting device, such as your smartphone or tablet. Beyond these two distinct differentiators, the two technologies converge both in sound performance and capabilities; though potential advantages lie with both solutions. Portable Bluetooth Speakers/ Stadium Sound System - Rocksteady.