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AppData - Facebook application leaderboards, charts, and metrics Facebook Application Metrics. Denmark Facebook Statistics. Inspirational projects. Organic Clothing Retailer Makes Shopping Personal. Clothing for a Better Earth, a New York retailer specializing in eco-friendly garments, has opened its doors as a showcase for RFID technology, providing customers with the kind of shopping experience—such as tracking purchasing preferences and making recommendations—currently available only on the Internet.

Organic Clothing Retailer Makes Shopping Personal

The store has a temporary home in Carousel Center, a mall being developed by Destiny USA, in Syracuse, N.Y. The system is provided by Destiny USA, and the company hopes to offer it to many other new stores opening within the eight-story shopping complex as well. It incorporates two types of RFID technology: active ultra-wideband (UWB) tags and readers provided by Time Domain Corp., known as the Precision Location Ultra Wideband System (PLUS), and an ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID system with Avery Dennison passive tags and Impinj interrogators.

The Destiny USA Technology Platform ties these two systems together using a software platform provided by New York software firm Terakeet. Mystery at the Museum. Mystery at the Museum is the first indoor Augmented Reality simulation created by the MIT Teacher Education Program.

Mystery at the Museum

In this game, teams consisting of a Biologist, a Technologist and a Detective must work together to solve a crime. The infamous band of Flamingo Thieves has struck again and stole a priceless object from the Museum of Science, but players must figure out what they have stolen, how they did it, and catch the thieves before they get away. Players have many different ways in which they can collect clues - including interviewing virtual characters (unique to each room within the museum), collecting clues found in exhibit halls, analyzing samples using virtual instruments, and using understanding information from exhibits throughout the museum. Players receive information based on their location (provided via Wi-Fi) and can interact with each other and virtual objects via Infrared data exchange.

Anyone Still Want to Contend That the iPad Isn’t a Creative Tool? - PCWorld. “The iPad is for consuming content, not creating it.” iPad skeptics have been repeating that mantra for months now.

Anyone Still Want to Contend That the iPad Isn’t a Creative Tool? - PCWorld

It’s become clear that the rap is a snippy, simple-minded exaggeration of two more specific facts about Apple’s tablet: After eight months on the market, it hasn’t yet matched all the creativity apps available for Macs and Windows (two platforms that have been around for more than a quarter of a century).Most writers aren’t going to be crazy about cranking out massive quantities of prose on its on-screen keyboard. (Even that is subject to debate: Macworld Editorial Director Jason Snell wrote this article entirely on an iPad, and it recently won an Azbee award.) But while it’s true that the iPad can’t replace a Mac or Windows PC for every creative task, the evidence is piling up mighty fast that it is an exciting creative tool.

(Sorry for the quality of the photos that follow–I snapped them with an iPhone 3GS. But iPad art was being created on the premises, too… iPhone RFID object based media. Coca-Cola Marketing Event Tracked Facebook Users Via RFID. For the teenagers attending the Coca-Cola Village Amusement Park in Israel, the event was probably just a bit of fun.

Coca-Cola Marketing Event Tracked Facebook Users Via RFID

But in the world of social networking and online marketing, the world’s first real-life RFID event tied to Facebook was an event of greater significance. The way it worked, according to Adland, is that visitors to the amusement park wore RFID bracelets. This allowed people to log into their Facebook accounts and then ‘like’ various attractions such as the water slides and video games. If the park photographer took their pic, they only had to flash their bracelet in order to be tagged in the photo. Integrating the three-day event with Facebook via RFID was the brainchild of advertising agency Publicis E-dologic and it was wildly successful. E-dologic chief executive Enon Landenberg said: “We are continuously looking for ways to connect the physical world with the virtual world. It’s a clever idea and seems like the perfect venue and demographic to test it out in. Now QR Codes Can Generate Likes On Facebook. Technology that brings together the real world and the virtual world of Facebook seems to be becoming the next big thing.

Now QR Codes Can Generate Likes On Facebook

Last week Facebook launched its location check-in service Places. Yesterday we wrote about a Coca-Cola festival in Israel where teenagers could ‘like’ attractions on Facebook by waving RFID bracelets. And today, we bring you news of real-world ‘liking’ via a QR code and a mobile phone. Noorhjem. JennyHolmHviid_mom2010. Noorhjem Nordjylland som levende spilleplade - Sjovforbø Nu går den mobile skattejagt for danske børnefamilier VisitNordjylland har skabt en interaktiv skattejagt i millionklassen.

Noorhjem Nordjylland som levende spilleplade - Sjovforbø

Som hovedrolleindehavere i en fantastisk fortælling om den parallelle verden Noorhjem styrer børnene begivenhederne. Med mobiltelefonen som nøgle til Noorhjems magiske univers bevæger de sig rundt i det nordjyske på jagt efter Ravdronningens amulet, der kan redde landet fra undergang. Harry Potter og Ringenes Herre kan godt gå hjem og lægge sig. Den 24. juni starter den nordjyske skattejagt Noorhjem, og i grænselandet mellem fakta og fiktion fortælles historien om et skjult Nordjylland. UserCustomizableVirtualWorlds.


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