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Rope Tutorials and Info. The Restrained Elegance lexicon of slavegirl bondage poses and positions. Introduction The human body is capable of adopting an almost infinite variety of poses and positions.

The Restrained Elegance lexicon of slavegirl bondage poses and positions

Some of these poses are awkward, ugly or ungainly- these are inappropriate for a Restrained Elegance slavegirl to adopt, for a Restrained Elegance slavegirl should be alluring, elegant and as beautiful as possible, whether in bondage or out of bondage. The following is a lexicon of named poses and positions, along with more general modifiers and descriptions which will aid Masters in specifying the position that they wish their slavegirl to adopt. Some are appropriate as a prelude to being tied, others are resting or stress positions which the slavegirl must adopt for her Master's edification, in order that she can be a fitting adornment or decoration to his realm. Positions can be described in several different ways.

Other descriptions refer to just part of the pose, and must be combined with other descriptions to completely specify the pose. Elbows Together also called Strappado Box Open. Hon Kikkou. Japanese Rope ARt - Tutorials - Nawa Dojo. Nemuri shibari. Nemuri shibari This is a variation I came up with while wanting a tie that could be done in bed without having to pass rope under the body while the person being tied is lying face down.

Nemuri shibari

I’ve called this nemui shibari because I happened to know that 眠い(nemui) is the Japanese for sleepy. This may btw. be a terrible name for this but it’s what I made up off the top of my head because the tie was thought up while tying someone who was sleepy. My sincere thanks to Hajime Kinoko san for correcting my Japanese in the naming of this tie. The first time I taught this tie was at the London festival of the art of Japanese bondage. Category:Tie - BeKnotty. From BeKnotty Welcome to's Wiki There are a lot of great sources for information on rope bondage; websites, on line tutorials, videos , books and so on.

Category:Tie - BeKnotty

However they are scattered everywhere and finding them is often an overwhelming task. This is where comes into play. The goal of is to be a resource to help you find and share that information. Many others have tried to maintain lists of sites, but this is not a job for only one person. Right now holds very little direct content, but as it grows, tutorials and other useful rope bondage information will become directly hosted. - RiggerJay Add a new Tie , Knot or Essay to Site To add a new Tie or knot to first just sign up, this to keep out the spam bots that start adding Viagra ads to the wiki, then just click below. Sites Like at Rope Tutorials and Info. Karada tutorial ropes bondage selfbondage bdsm rope tied. BDSM Resource and Knowledge Database. Essays, Forums, Stori. Rate Sexy Women, Hot Celebrities, Beautiful Models, Porn Stars, Slutty Camw. Tutorial Index. Bedknobs & Painsticks. Presented by Osin October 18 2008 Resources for Starting Your Explorations of Rope Bondage The following two links are great articles written by Jeff, a member of our own community.

Bedknobs & Painsticks

So I'm pointing you to them because in a one hour demo I can't cover all details he does. So consider them required reading: And don't forget to look at the other very good articles here, also written by members of our community. Rope Quick and easy from Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Princess Auto and marine supply stores. Karadas and Rope Dresses. Mick and Dee Luvbight, Austin, TX Handout for "Karadas and Rope Dresses" class at ShibariCon, Chicago, May 2009 Click here for printable HTML or PDF.

Karadas and Rope Dresses

Introduction This page describes two classes of decorative bondage ties, Karadas and Rope Dresses. These are generally decorative ties that can be worn under clothing, worn as clothing, or simply emphasize and accentuate the natural beauty of the rope bottom by adding a layer of rope to the body. The class will demonstrate two ties, the basic three-diamond body harness called a kikkou, and a macramé rope dress that Mick developed during Kink in the Caribbean in 2003.

The Duchy - Rope bondage how-tos and other BDSM projects... The Restrained Elegance lexicon of slavegirl bondage poses and positions. The Better Built Bondage Book. The_Cats_Paw by TKB. How to Tie a Shibari-Style Rope Shackle. Reverse Somerville Bowline Application Note 1. The Mod Pearls by the TKB. Two Knotty Boys - Home. Whether for fun, photo shoots or foreplay, rope bondage can be a great skill for you toharness.

Two Knotty Boys - Home

As experienced professional riggers, we Two Knotty Boys (Dan and JD) can show you how to put fun, safety and artistry into the ages-old discipline of rope play. NOW AVAILABLE in book stores and online! Two Knotty Boys: Showing You the RopesIntroducing our step-by-step guide that showshow to tie 37 rope techniques through morethan 700 photographs and clear captions.Buy now! (Click image below.) (Click the image above to order from Powell' Through our San Francisco based, hands-on workshops, Two Knotty Boys will shape yourskills in quickly and safely tying restraints that are as beautiful as they are effective.

Our goal is to demystify bondage and put the fun into it, while making it safer and much more aesthetically pleasing. How to tie a basic body harness (karada) with Twisted Monk. BONDAGE TUTORIAL Learn the fundamentals of rope bondage. Step by step video instructions. -