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Conditionals & Wish

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0, 1st & future time clauses

2nd. 3rd. Wish. English Grammar Today on Cambridge Dictionary - Conditionals & wishes. Johnny Grammar - Conditionals. BBC Learning English - Intermediate Unit 24 - Conditionals review (0, 1st, 2nd, 3rd) BBC Learning English - Upper-int Unit 7 - Unless. BBC Learning English - Upper-int Unit 18 - Different ways of saying if. BBC Learning English - Upper-int Unit 21 - When & If. BBC Learning English - Upper-int Unit 21 - Unfinished conditional sentences. BBC Learning English - Upper-int Unit 28 - Conditionals review. BBC Learning English - Upper-int Unit 28 - Common mistakes with conditionals. DC IELTS: Conditionals clauses in IELTS essays. In order to get to band 6 your writing needs to contain a mix of both simple and more complex structures.

In plain English this means using some more advanced grammatical structures. I suggest looking at conditionals – that’s if clauses. I have 2 reasons for this: 1. they are relatively straightforward and typically are familiar to most candidates – it’s an achievable goal 2. they have a real purpose in the IELTS essay – they’re not just going to help your grammar, they can actually make the writing process easier for you by improving your coherence and extending the range of your vocabulary.

This is the main point: when you are looking at grammar, you should concentrate on it’s use, not just it’s form. Examples – a key way to produce coherent paragraphs What do I mean by this? Once you have understood that, the next step is to understand how to introduce examples. Some examples These are examples from mysample IELTS essays. There is, however, an important qualification to be made. Practice. Regrets, I’ve had a few

Image credit: This a lesson plan for B2+ students to teach language of regret. It uses a clip from The Amazing Spiderman and texts about historic regrettable decisions. Download the teacher’s notes and student handout below: Regrets teachers notes Regrets student handout Lead-in Show students a picture of Spiderman and ask them: Why did Peter Parker decide to become Spiderman? So he became Spiderman because it was his responsibility to stop innocent people like Uncle Ben from getting hurt. What happened? Check students’ answers, they will probably try to express Peter’s regret at not saving Uncle Ben. Language of Regret Look at the example sentences, what are the formulas for each structure? Peter regrets not stopping the robber.He should have doneUncle Ben shouldn’t have tried to pick up the gun.If Peter had stopped the guy, he wouldn’t have killed Uncle Ben.If Uncle Ben hadn’t tried to pick up the gun, the guy wouldn’t have shot him.

Historical Regrets Possible Answers: Like this: