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10 of the Best New Plugins for WPMU in 2010 - WordPress MU and BuddyPress plugins, themes, support, tips and how to's. I’ve put together a summary of some useful plugins that you may not have heard about yet.

10 of the Best New Plugins for WPMU in 2010 - WordPress MU and BuddyPress plugins, themes, support, tips and how to's

Some of them are new in 2010 and others have been around a little while and have been recently updated. With all the buzz about BuddyPress lately, I’d like to make sure we’re keeping you up to date on all the new and exciting ways to extend WPMU. 1. ThreeWP Global Message This new plugin will allow you to display different messages in the admin panel based on the user’s role. 2. Administrators can use this plugin to turn on or off the following widgets in the dashboard for their users: Primary Feed, Secondary Feed, Incoming Links, Recent Comments, Recent Drafts, Plugins, Quick Press, and Right Now.Download Plugin 3. This will add a little button to the visual and html editors within WordPress to allow the user to enter an RSS feed url, choose the number of items to display, and choose to display content, author or date for each item.Download Plugin 4.

9 Best Wordpress Tricks and Tutorials for Designers. WordPress is one of the most popular blog platforms these days and it has grown so powerful that you can use it also use as Content Management System (CMS). FAQ for Universities Interested in WPMu at bavatuesdays. This morning I had a fun conversation with David Grogan, Ilene Chen, Stephen McDonald, and Hannah Reeves from the academic technology group at Tufts University.

FAQ for Universities Interested in WPMu at bavatuesdays

They had some questions about running a large scale WPMu installation at Tufts University, and below are some of their questions followed by my working answers. Figured I’d republish it here from Google Docs in the event anyone finds it useful, and special thanks to Hannah Reeves for organizing the session, it was a lot of fun, and it’s apparent Tufts has an excellent group that has much to bring to the experimentation with WPMu in education. WordPress And WordPress MU Will Merge: Good Or Bad? WordPress vs. WordPress MU: A Comparison.

Setting up a Wordpress MU blogging platform for a university community. I set up a WordPress MU installation for all staff and students at our university campus.

Setting up a Wordpress MU blogging platform for a university community

It should have taken the team working on it about 3 months to finish the customization but it took about 18 months…and isn’t quite yet finished… We have had three classes use it over the last three semesters and have over 150 blogs – experimental and active – on it at the moment. Here are some decisions we made. 1. Build evaluation into the pilot.

I surveyed users in the pilot before they started blogging about what their expectations were, what would make their blog successful to them, the customisations they wanted and how they would like support. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Known issues - WPMU Tutorials. WP-MU 101: How to Install and Avoid Common Mistakes. WordPress MU, BuddyPress and bbPress Installation - plugins, themes and hosting included! - Installing Multiple Blogs. Languages: English • Português do Brasil • ไทย • 中文(繁體) • (Add your language) Multiple Blogs Through Multiple Installs If you want multiple blogs using WordPress, you must actually install each separately (that is, as a separate WordPress installation).

Installing Multiple Blogs

You can do this whether you have the ability to create multiple databases or are limited to a single database. Please note in WordPress 3.0 there is now a native ability to create multiple blogs, referred to as a network of sites. This is because the codebase for WordPressMU was merged into core. Multiple Databases You'll need a separate MySQL database for each blog you plan to install. The wp-config.php file will vary for each installation. Define('DB_NAME', 'wordpress'); // The name of the database define('DB_USER', 'username'); // Your MySQL username define('DB_PASSWORD', 'password'); // ...and password DB_NAME will be the name of the individual database created for that blog. Single Database Main blog: $table_prefix = 'main_'; Wordpress Multiple Users Blogs Installation Automation.

This hub is an answer to exinco's request: How do I setup wordpress so that vistior can create blog via my site?

Wordpress Multiple Users Blogs Installation Automation

First of all, I have to say, exinco has done a great job to setup a wordpress blog, and the blog posts are very technical savvy. Now he want to benefit visitors by providing blogging service (free or not?). Step by step install wordpress multi user in localhost : make permalink work. Installing WPMU. Languages: বাংলা • English • Français • 日本語 • Português do Brasil • Português • Русский • ไทย • 中文(简体) • Español • (Add your language) As of WordPress 3.0, you have the ability to create a network of sites by using the multisite feature.

Installing WPMU

This article contains instructions for creating a multisite network. A multisite network can be very similar to your own personal version of End users of your network can create their own sites on demand, just like end users of can create blogs on demand. Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008. Ten ways to use UMW Blogs – UMW Blogs. Traditional Blogging Figured we would get this one out of the way first.

Ten ways to use UMW Blogs – UMW Blogs

UMW Blogs can be used as a good, old-fashioned blog. Personal Blog You can easily share your opinions, generate discourse, and interact with others using the best blogging software out there. Below are a couple of examples of personal blogs on UMW Blogs. Examples: Travel Blog In the same vein as the personal blog, but with an international perspective. Em in Asia is a blog started by Fullbright grant-winning UMW student Emily Potosky who has been regularly blogging about her adventures teaching in South Korea for mroe than two years.

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