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Transmedia and Education: Three Essential Readings. Henry Jenkins’ New Media Literacies class at USC has been a treasure-trove of readings and insights.

Transmedia and Education: Three Essential Readings

Three recent articles covered in class — read alongside Jenkins’ own book, Convergence Culture, and his excellent MacArthur-funded New Media Literacies white paper — struck me as particularly essential for anyone who’s looking to build an understanding of what multimodal communication is and how transmedia relates to education, literacy and literature. Most of these readings can be found in various corners of the Web, but I’ve also posted them here (along with a brief gloss and anecdote) for those who are interested. What is transmedia? ]: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings.

What is transmedia?

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Thoughts on Transmedia Storytelling, or, Is It Right for Every Story?

One, in particular, needed more time and space to address: what’s the deal with publishing and its slow adoption of transmedia storytelling, a concept that includes some types of enhanced ebooks. According the person asking the question (and a few on Twitter), everyone wants it. Transmedia Education: the 7 Principles Revisited. The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World: Transmedia Teaching. The very first series of posts on our Teaching Thursday blog revolved around the idea of EduPunk which represented a combination of outside-the-box educational thinking, the widespread use of digital technologies, and the DIY attitude associated closely with punk rock (check them out here and here).

The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World: Transmedia Teaching

While EduPunk appears to have been a flash in the pan, the ideas at the core of the movement probably possess more staying power. In particular, I have noticed a resonance between some of the ideas around EduPunk (whatever they precisely were!) And the notion of transmedia teaching. Transmedia teaching is a term that describes teaching and pedagogical techniques that work to create an immersive learning environment which extends beyond the limits of the classroom through the use of multiple, typically digital, media.

The idea derives most specifically from the work of Henry Jenkins on fan culture, convergence culture, and transmedia experiences. 6 tips for building better iPad apps. From crossmedia to transmedia: thoughts on the future of entertainment. - by Nicoletta Iacobacci, guest blogger Nicoletta Iacobacci is the Head of Interactive TV/Eurovision at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

From crossmedia to transmedia: thoughts on the future of entertainment

Television, although originally a one-way (broadcast) medium, has been trying to engage its audience in a two-way experience for several decades. A children's television programme called Winky Dink and You (CBS 1954) was the first attempt to drive the viewer from passive to active.