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Elizabethan times

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Man's Blackwork Shirt - Brodyworke Accounts - Home > Gentlewoman's Warderobe > Brodyworke Accounts > Man's Blackwork Shirt This is my husband's 1580's blackwork shirt that I started on December 8, 2003.

Man's Blackwork Shirt - Brodyworke Accounts -

It was completed sometime in early March 2004. A sideview of my husband wearing the shirt underneath his doublet can be seen at right. The shirt design is one based solely on rectangles (the historical way to conserve expensive materials), with blackwork embroidery, hand worked on the collar and cuffs, and faked (modern) machine embroidery on the sleeves. The Shirt Design: Shakespeare Online. Blackwork Embroidery Archives. Elizabethan Costuming Page.