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Internet research specialist job description. Online Research Trainee Job | Internet Research Jobs. Internet Research Jobs. Social researcher. Social researchers plan, design and manage social research projects. They use a variety of computer software packages to collect, analyse and organise information and data, which they then present to others, either in a written report or oral presentation. A variety of methods, such as interviews, questionnaires and focus groups, are used to investigate the views of population samples on specific issues. The research might centre on a range of topics, such as: population structure and migration; unemployment; gender; crime; transport; social services; healthcare; education; the environment. Survey results may be used to shape policy or to examine the effectiveness of existing policy. Tasks may vary slightly depending on the sector you work in and your employer, but typically include:

Get internet research Jobs - Work from Home as an Internet Researcher. Learn how to utilize your knowledge of the internet to get you a great work at home job. If you really know your way around the web, there are plenty of opportunities for you to work as an Internet researcher. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job outlook for online researchers is above average through at least 2018. All you need to get started is some research know-how and a high speed Internet connection. It also helps if you have a specialized skill or degree, because companies may be looking for your particular area of expertise.

Who's Hiring There is a wide range of companies that outsource research projects. Work Description The hours you'll work as an Internet researcher partly depend on your client. How to Land Work You can apply for work at an Internet research service. Research Tools The following is a partial list of some of the tools that the top Internet researchers use: Pay Rates for Internet Researchers. LioNBRIDGE Hiring Internet Search Consultant – Work At Home | WAH - Who Is Hiring. Bymlynn onNovember 13, 2009 - LionBridge currently is hiring Internet Search Consultant. This is a temporary, part-time position, work from home as an Independent Contractor. This is an exciting new opportunity so don’t miss out. They are recruiting for this position in the following US states: Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Washington DC.

Job Description: As an internet search consultant your ultimate goal will be to contribute towards making internet search more exciting, relevant and interesting for all end users in the United States. The internet has now become the powerhouse of all information, everything you need to find or explore can be found on the internet, yet how can we be sure this information is entirely up to date or relevant? Requirements: The Organization: Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. To Apply: One member per household only. Internet Research Specialist Jobs on CareerBuilder.

Technical writing. Internet Researcher Job Description. Search Evaluator jobs - Internet Assessor, Ads Quality Raters, Search Evaluations. Search engines are run by complicated algorithms, but search engines are used by people. So search engine companies periodically need human beings to check up on search results. The job of search evaluation is typically a work at home position and can go by many names--search evaluator, Internet assessor, ads quality rater or Internet judge.

Whatever you call these independent contractor positions, companies like Google need to people to do them. Google itself calls the jobs "ads quality rater. " These are one of the only home-based Google jobs that aren't scams. However, though Google accepts applications for these positions it contracts with WorkForce Logic to hire for them.

Other companies, some of which undoubtedly contract with Google, also hire for search evaluation positions, but most call them something slightly different. Typically these positions are bilingual, but there are some opening for English-only search evaluators. Appen Butler Hill Google (WorkforceLogic) Leapforce. Media Researcher Job Description | Best Sample Job Description. Media Researcher job profile and description A media researcher is an individual who works in the field of media and helps in execution of all aspects of media programming. A media researcher can be found working in all the sectors of the media industry which include radio, web, television, advertising and films. They are responsible for finding information and ideas for the media sector that they are working in.

They also develop new ideas for new programs and find the target audience for those programs. Media Researcher duties and responsibilities Media Researcher skills and specifications Media Researcher education and qualification An individual applying for or working in the position of a media researcher should have bachelor’s degree in mass communication, marketing, journalism, advertising or public relations. Media Researcher salary The salary of a media researcher varies from organization to organization and also on previous work experience. Popular Job Description Search: Internet Search Consultant Jobs on CareerBuilder. Internet Advisor.