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Urbanisme. Masonry Heaters. Masonry Heaters Also known as masonry stoves, kachelofens, Russian fireplaces, Finnish fireplaces, Swedish stoves, tile stoves, contra-flow fireplaces, radiant fireplaces and mass-storage fireplaces.

Masonry Heaters

Inside, masonry stoves burn hotter than metal wood stoves and their winding maze of flue (baffles) warms the surrounding masonry, which then emits heat for 18 to 24 hours. The temperature can reach 2000 degrees inside some masonry heaters (vs 700 inside a metal stove), yet they stay comfortable to the touch on the surface. At these high internal temperatures, the hydrocarbon gases ignite, leaving very minimal pollution. When burning wood, about 30% of the generated heat is supplied by the wood solids and 70% of its heat is contained in released gases. Because the stored heat radiates slowly from the masonry, it is only necessary to light a fire once a day in most circumstances. Surround your heater core with stone, brick, stucco or tile. Masonry heater - new stove based on an old design. National Center for Civil and Human Rights / David Rockwell. Architects: David Rockwell Location: Pemberton Place, 121 Baker Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30313, USA Area: 53000.0 ft2 Year: 2014 Photographs: Albert Vecerka / ESTO From the architect.

National Center for Civil and Human Rights / David Rockwell

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights (“NCCHR”) is an institution that will commemorate the historical struggle for African-American freedom and equality, and will serve as a center for the ongoing study and dialogue for evolving human rights movements across the globe. The goal of the NCCHR is to continue the search for a secure human existence in a way that inspires vigilance and leadership among future generations. Rockwell Group is designing the NCCHR’s exhibition space in collaboration with director, writer and producer George C. Wolfe and human rights expert Jill Savitt, and is also designing graphics for the lobby, MLK gallery/pre-function area. Design Concept: Norwegian architecture sur Pinterest. Midvale Courtyard House / Bruns Architecture. Architects: Bruns Architecture Location: Madison, Wisconsin, United States Interior Design: MANI & Company Year: 2013 Photographs: Tricia Shay From the architect.

Midvale Courtyard House / Bruns Architecture

Balancing the introverted nature of a courtyard with the bold personality of an extrovert all while managing matters of privacy, this renovation builds on its solid mid-century roots. Located on a busy boulevard in the state’s capital, the 1,685 sf half-century old ranch home was confined and uninviting, leaving its spaces dark and disconnected from the site. The renovation and 840 sf addition of Midvale Courtyard House adds a proper entry, elevated master suite, and covered parking, but also pierces and stretches the solid forms to create connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Set back on its lot, the house is buffered from the busy street traffic. One’s experience is choreographed through a sequence of private courtyards and interior zones. The building’s envelope is upgraded with new insulation and roof assemblies.


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