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Robo Keeper

Meet Robo - the robotic keeper that has beat some of the best football players in the world. A guaranteed success for your event, client or friends. Robokeeper is a computer-controlled soccer goal-keeper that is just about impossible to beat. This goalkeeper will amaze you. No matter how fast you shoot and how well you aim, the RoboKeeper will save almost every shot.

Robotic Goalkeeper – The New Age Goalkeeper. Robotic technology has helped us reach great heights in a very short period of time.

Robotic Goalkeeper – The New Age Goalkeeper

They have become a great and essential part of automotive industry. From manufacturing to assembling to deploying, robotics takes care of everything with minimum manpower. However its application is not limited to automotive. It is used commercially, in military and even domestically. Real Goalkeeper vs. Robot Goalkeeper. The Undefeatable Robokeeper. Use of Technology in Sports. Slide 1: Use of Technology in Sports Slide 2:

Use of Technology in Sports

What is a Robot Keeper? Robokeeper—The Robotic Goalkeeper. Sports and the way we watch and enjoy it has been changing over the years and the advent of technology in fields of sports has made a great impact on it as well.

Robokeeper—The Robotic Goalkeeper

One drawback of using technology in sports is that it slows down the speed of game, nevertheless making it more enjoyable for viewers watching the game. Some of the technological advancements that has made an impact on sports are as follows: Use of Technology in Sports – Robo Keeper. There have been constant changes in the world of sports over the year and technology has had a significant impact on sports.

Use of Technology in Sports – Robo Keeper

Although use of technology in sports makes the game slow, but at the same time it makes it more enjoyable for viewers. Ways in which technological advancements has made an impact on the world of sports are as follows: As assistance to umpires and referees. Multiple cameras constantly record the game as it is being played and whenever an umpire or referee is unsure of a situation it can refer to instant replays and thereby make a correct decision. Real Goalkeeper vs. Robot Goalkeeper. Technology is everywhere and has infiltrated into our lives very deeply.

Real Goalkeeper vs. Robot Goalkeeper

There is no arguing about that. It has already made a lot of man’s work easier and now it is taking over the job of sportsperson as well. The latest development in the field of technology is a“Robot Goalkeeper” that blocks football just like goalkeeper. Football also known as soccer, is a field game played between two opposing team of eleven players each. Robo Keeper: What is a Robot Keeper? Football or soccer is the most popular game in the world and goalkeeper is the crucial member of the team.

Robo Keeper: What is a Robot Keeper?

Goalkeeper has the major role of defending the goal-line and preventing the other team from scoring a goal. Goalkeeper is the only player of the team who can use hands and arms in the game-play but only inside the penalty box. Goalkeeper can play footfall outside the penalty box without using hands with the same rules applied as other players. A goalkeeper can use any part of its body to defend against a score by either catching the ball or diverting it away from the goal. Robotic goalkeeper.