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RoboGenius program is based on Learning-by-Doing concept. Children learn application of theoretical concepts of STEM by building projects with LEGO EDUCATION.

Here are the best online coding classes for kids. Best toys for effective robot learning for kids. As technology advances, so is the way learning is implemented.

Best toys for effective robot learning for kids

The pace at which new learning methods and technology are being integrated with kids’ early growth is commendable. We have already moved to the era where tablets and PCs are becoming an essential part of any teaching culture, be it school or tuitions. And now, moving forward, many schools and even parents are considering to given robot learning a chance for their kids.

So, if you are one of those, here are the best robots that can teach coding to your kids. 1. If you want your kids to learn coding from a young age, you can help them learn coding with robots. 2. Mochi is another robot that can be very effective in creatively teaching your kids. 3. Best toys for effective robot learning for kids. Robot Learning For Kids. Best toys for effective robot learning for kids. Top Platforms For Best Coding Courses For Kids. Python Course for Kids. Top platforms that have the best coding courses for kids. With growing competition in the IT industry, coding course has become more of a survival skill than a bonus add-on.

Top platforms that have the best coding courses for kids

Probably, a decade back, if you knew coding, you were privileged, but today if you know to code, you are adequate. And with demand comes the importance of learning and making yourself ready for what the industry demands. So, if you are a parent looking for the best coding courses for kids out there, then here are some top picks for you. 1) Free Code camp Teaching a kid can be a tiresome job if he/she doesn’t take an interest in the subject. Best python course for kids. Here is the best python course for kids. Python is a straightforward language and brings a lot with itself.

Here is the best python course for kids

It is beginner-friendly and so is easy to grasp for kids. The language doesn’t use complex syntaxes and mostly relies on basic English and the document format. It also has a lot of applications like Machine Learning and AI, making the language future proof. It is definitely a must learn in today’s coding culture, so why not start when you are a kid. Why Coding Course Is Important For Kids? The 7 Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Course Of 2020.

Artificial intelligence is a part of science that is into making machines think like people.

The 7 Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Course Of 2020

These machines, or PCs, can store a lot of data and cycle them precisely and at an astonishing rate. Artificial intelligence comes from sets of guidelines that researchers compose. These directions are called programs. PCs use projects to investigate, or process, a lot of data rapidly. At that point, they pick answers or activities from among numerous choices. 5 amazing tips to teach coding. 5 Amazing tips to teach Coding or Computer Programming to your Children - RoboGenius Learning Solutions Limited.

In the education world scenario, coding classes for kids are becoming increasingly popular with a large number of parents discarding the old EC activities and showing their interest in coding programs.

5 Amazing tips to teach Coding or Computer Programming to your Children - RoboGenius Learning Solutions Limited

Most of the parents, who are already in the coding industry, know the potential growth & demand for skilled programmers. They introduced coding to the kids at a very young age and help them to learn this new skill. Initially, it does not look as cool and exciting as skating or bicycle riding, but it can be an interesting, fun learning and rewarding activity for them. 1. ATAL TINKERING LAB - How to start Coding and Computer Programming for Kids - RoboGenius Learning Solutions Limited. Nowadays, children are showing interests in computers, video games, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets from a young age.

How to start Coding and Computer Programming for Kids - RoboGenius Learning Solutions Limited

And, it is also possible that they might have shown their interest in learning how to code. Python — The Key to Mastering Computer Science. Inspiring the Geniuses for the Future at RoboGenius. Artificial Intelligence Course at RoboGenius Academy. Coding - The Coolest Summertime Activity for Your Children in 2020 - RoboGenius Learning Solutions Limited. When we hear summers the first thing that hits our mind is ‘Play’.

Coding - The Coolest Summertime Activity for Your Children in 2020 - RoboGenius Learning Solutions Limited

Most of the parents encourage their children to participate in such kinds of activities which widen their interest and enhance skills. But this year has a different story for everyone. Due to the unforeseen health crisis parents are not sending their children to play outside. With no outdoor activities, it might be very challenging for them to utilize their free time with productive activities and gain some skill.

As a parent, we can’t let our children spend most of the time on mobile, movies and television. Well, it is an ideal time for kids to learn something new outside any definite premise with the safety of home. Learning to code allows children to express them creatively along with additional skills which will help them in their computer programming careers like software, website or game developer. All You Need To Know About Robotics : Making Your Kid Futuristic. How to start Coding and Computer Programming for Kids - RoboGenius Learning Solutions Limited.

Artificial Intelligence for Children: The Future of Your Child’s Education. 5 Amazing Advantages of Learning Robotics for Children - “There are an endless number of things to discover about robotics.

5 Amazing Advantages of Learning Robotics for Children -

A lot of it is just too fantastic for people to believe” – Daniel H. Wilson Technology is changing and expanding day by day. Also, it is changing the way people do their work. Robotics is one of the technologies which are changing the world’s industrial scenario. What are Robot and Robotics? A robot is a well-programmed machine or device which performs certain tasks as per the given command/inputs. Artificial Intelligence Online Course at RoboGenius Academy. Bootcamp Coding Online. Online Coding Courses For Beginners. Coding — A Must-Have Skill for School Going Children - One of the greatest minds had once said: “Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” it is quoted by Steve Jobs.

Coding — A Must-Have Skill for School Going Children -

He knew about what will be the future of technology, where most of the things will turn to digital and computer, it will be an essential part of our life- either we will be using it or relying on its uses. On the 29th of July, India has taken a giant step ahead in the sector of Education. New education policy has been introduced for school and college-going students after more than three decades.

During this period, many significant changes had happened globally on a huge level, be it economic, social and technical. The changes have brought a new perspective in the education sector right from the school level. Bootcamp Coding Online. Python Programming for Children. Are you afraid of ‘Python’?

Python Programming for Children

Most of the people will nod their head in affirmation. But it is not true even children love to play with python. Don’t panic? Here we are talking about ‘PYTHON’, a general-purpose computer programming language used for programming and software development besides website development. With its vast usage and popularity, ‘python’ is becoming a common area of interest among programmers. Before going further, let’s break into the background of the python language. 7 Reasons why learning coding is important for your child in 2020. In the ever-changing world of technology, parents always want their children to be future-ready. There are many ways to keep your children ahead of their peers.

Coding courses for kids are very helpful to empower them with the essential life skills that they carry forever. Apart from this, coding helps children in developing academic skills and builds important qualities like perseverance and organization that can benefit them in their career life. Learning coding from childhood gives them an advantage while opting for a job and opens unlimited windows of opportunities before them. Here, we’ve listed some reasons why coding training for kids is important: Coding is used widely: From games to computer software, websites to Smart Gadgets coding has a wide pool in which all the modern technology falls. But, one cannot deny the fact that coding is fun and it gives immense pleasure to children when they run their program.

Online Coding Classes For Kids. Computer Classes For Kids. Online Coding Courses For Students & Kids. Robot Learning For Kids. Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing An Online Computer Programming Classes. How Robotics Helps In Developing Intellectual Curiosity In Kids? In today’s fast-paced world of technology, huge numbers of inventions are taking place now and then. Today, whatever we do is influenced by technology. Like from kids playing with a remote control car to giving instructions to Alexa.

Now, it’s more important to prepare our children for future’s technology-driven world. It is the need of the hour to change the years’ old pattern of school education and introduce something modern, technical yet creative to the children that reshape their minds to think & make out of the box decisions. Most of the parents & educational organization second the thought that robotics should be a part of children’s learning program to prepare them for the future. Before going forward let’s know what exactly is a Robot? Bootcamp Coding, Robotics Lab, Coding lab, Tinkering Lab, DIY Lab for Kids. FLL is an opportunity to immerse children in the real-world science & technology challenges through a fun-filled exploration journey alongside enhancing their life skills.

Suitable for age group 9 to 16 years, students participate in teams of 2-10 members guided by one or two adult coaches. Teams participating in FLL program have to carry out Robotics Game & Design, Research Project and Core Values such as Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork, Fun. FLL India was launched in 2009 and more than 1000 teams have enjoyed the journey since then impacting several thousand students every year. India STEM Foundation organizes FLL India at Regional & National level. The regional competitions are held in several major cities in the past including Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai & Pune.

Coding Training For Kids. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Coding and STEM Courses - RoboGenius. AI Online Course For Kids -