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UX Project Checklist. Material Design for Bootstrap. Good Kickoff Meetings. Find Guidelines - The fastest way to brand assets. Photoshoplr. A premium Photoshop plugin, that generates random relevant titles, leads, texts, dates and usernames.


Currently supports English, Ukrainian and Russian text generation for three thematic categories: Technology, Economics and Politics. Relevant text generation Select one or multiple text layers and click Generate. All texts are randomly selected from a huge database on our secure server, so all your generated content will always be relevant to your design. No more lorem ipsum. Different length Title: one-liner, good for captions; lead: one or two sentences for small content blocks; text: few paragraphs of content. Category selection Designing a news website? Multiple languages. Ionicons: The premium icon font for Ionic Framework.

Clean Up Your Mess - A Guide to Visual Design for Everyone. Optimise your Photoshop workflow. For a long time, Adobe’s Photoshop has been one of the most popular design applications for creating websites, mobile applications and just about everything in between.

Optimise your Photoshop workflow

Whilst this is a little bit strange seeing as through it is predominately a photo editor, I think you will be pushed to find a young professional graphic designer that did not learn her craft in a cracked version of Photoshop. These days there are also many new competitors to Photoshop in the form of vector based design applications like Sketch or responsive focused applications like Webflow. However I think Photoshop is still by far the most used application for designing websites and web applications today. Hexagonal Grids. This page includes interactive diagrams that require your browser to have SVG and Javascript enabled.

Hexagonal Grids

Hexagons are 6-sided polygons. Regular hexagons have all the sides (edges) the same length. Raphaël Icon-Set via @font-face. The Redesign, Dissolved — Dorian Taylor. A year ago, I set out to change the eco­nom­ics of web de­vel­op­ment.

The Redesign, Dissolved — Dorian Taylor

Specif­i­cally, I wanted to pro­vide agen­cies and other in­de­pen­dent play­ers with the same or­ga­ni­za­tional lat­i­tude as big com­pa­nies, who could ded­i­cate an en­tire de­vel­op­ment team to some wid­get or other, but do so with a frac­tion of the over­head. Communication, Mood and Meaning: Lines in Web Design.

Lines, lines, lines.

Communication, Mood and Meaning: Lines in Web Design

Lines are everywhere in design, they are used to divide space, direct the user's eye, create flow, create emphasis and organize all design elements into form. Generally, we don't think about lines that much, but we make use of them quite often to visually communicate our objective to the user. A line is a basic element that refers to the continuous movement of a point along a surface, such as by a pencil or brush.

The edges of shapes and forms also create lines. It is the basic component of a shape drawn on paper. Responsive Webfont Icons. One of the major problems we face in responsive design is how to create icons that scale to the interface, not just for physical dimensions, but based on screen size and number of pixels per inch.

Responsive Webfont Icons

Generally, images are used to add the icon inline using the img tag. Another common technique relies on a grid of the different icons and states — a CSS sprite — saved in a bitmap format, typically GIF or PNG. However, the more you scale these images up or down to respond to the context, the more the icon will appear distorted as the bitmap image’s anti-aliasing becomes increasingly apparent. Even worse, sprite-based icons can not be reliably or easily scaled. I think this why many designers and developers often avoid icons in their design, despite the fact that icons can be amazingly effective at communicating complex ideas in a limited space. To create responsive designs with scalable icons, I recommend replacing bitmap image icons with vector-based webfonts. Photoshop Essential Color Settings. Written by Steve Patterson.

Photoshop Essential Color Settings

If someone told you that you could be making a big mistake just by opening your images in Photoshop, you might expect the next words out of their mouth to be, "That’s why you should buy my competing photo editing software instead! ". Yet what if they were right? No, not about buying some other image editing program. What if you really are doing something wrong every time you open one of your photos in Photoshop? Sounds crazy? Photoshop’s Color Settings Before we look at why Photoshop’s default color settings are a potential hazard, let’s see what the default settings actually are. Go to Edit > Color Settings. This brings up the Color Settings dialog box. Photoshop’s Color Settings dialog box.

Setting Up Photoshop For Web, App and iPhone Development. Advertisement Most people who have designed websites or apps in Photoshop will, at one point or another, have had issues trying to match colors in images to colors generated by HTML, CSS or code.

Setting Up Photoshop For Web, App and iPhone Development

This article aims to solve those problems once and for all. Color Management to Match Colors Across Multiple Devices In the print world, color management typically involves calibrating your entire workflow, from scanner or digital camera to computer display to hard proofs to the final press output. This can be quite a tall order, especially when the devices use different color spaces — matching RGB and CMYK devices is notoriously hard. Stop to that “Save For Web” color shift in Photoshop – Interface - Blog of Web Communications at the University of Missouri. UPDATE: It seems that Adobe has addressed this issue in Photoshop CS5 and above, so this is no longer a problem.

Stop to that “Save For Web” color shift in Photoshop – Interface - Blog of Web Communications at the University of Missouri

I’ll leave this post up for people still struggling with with color shifts in older versions. Have you ever spent a lot of time getting the color in your image perfect only to have it go flat and dull when it was exported to the Web and viewed in a browser? The problem is with color profiles and here’s how to manage them. Stop Redesigning And Start Tuning Your Site Instead. Advertisement In my nearly two decades as an information architect, I’ve seen my clients flush away millions upon millions of dollars on worthless, pointless, “fix it once and for all” website redesigns.

Stop Redesigning And Start Tuning Your Site Instead

All types of organizations are guilty: large government agencies, Fortune 500s, not-for-profits and (especially) institutions of higher education. Photoshop Etiquette. Best of Edge Animate Workflow Samples « Heathrowe. The following is a compilation of the best Edge Animate workflow examples. Adobe Edge Animate Portal The first stop before venturing into Edge Animate is to visit the official portal website by Adobe aptly named Adobe and HTML. Edge Animate is one of many Edge Tools and Services that compliment the Web Platform.

Evil by Design: Design patterns that lead us into temptation. Color-shift-grid.jpg (705×1026) Save For Web, Simply. Since "The Mysterious Save For Web Color Shift," I've received 200 comments and weekly emails about the theory.


Information Architecture. Unity in Web Design. Today we're going to take a look at a design principle that plays a major role in the success of a web design: Unity. As with many designed elements in the world, unity can make or break a site's design. A well "unified" site feels natural, organic, and seamless; Where an site lacking unity can feel disjointed, discontinuous, and discombobulated (in other words, it just falls apart visually).

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