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20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD. 5-things-should-spend-more-money-and-5-things-should-not. Imagine that you are sitting on the front porch of your house sipping lemonade with your family on a warm summer’s night.


You sit back and reminisce with them about how you… bought the newest HG TV? Materialistic gratification only lasts so long. It is said that our brains adapt to happiness. With materialistic things buying our happiness, we are successful for a brief moment. New things will lose their shine and we will lose our interest. Instead of spending your money on things that will eventually be obsolete, try spending it on something that will make lasting memories. 15 Long Distance Relationship Songs To Fit Every Mood. When you’re in a long distance relationship, sometimes you just need to know you’re not alone.

15 Long Distance Relationship Songs To Fit Every Mood

Some days, even the best long distance relationship tips and tricks just won’t help you feel any better. When this happens, take off your thinking cap and turn up the volume. Not sure what to listen to? Here are 15 of the best long distance relationship songs that will speak to you, with a few extra. Kinsterna Hotel and Spa Review. I’ve just returned from a wonderful week in the Peloponnese, a region of Greece that had previously escaped my attentions, despite having taken my hols in various parts of Greece for the last ten years.

Kinsterna Hotel and Spa Review

I stayed at the Kinsterna Hotel and Spa, which is just a few miles from the famous medieval town-in-a-rock, Monemvasia, and gloriously situated high up in the hills within its own vineyards and olive groves. What started off as a two-day review trip ended up being a seven night full-on holiday; the initial plan was to visit a few hotels around the region, but after extensive research, I liked the look of the Kinsterna so much that I decided to just plant myself there for the entire week. The Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece. I’ve yet to visit the amazing country, and I’m hoping to visit in the fall this year.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece

There’s something just so romantic about the colors so prominent here – bright whites and deep blues, and outside of the cities so rich in history, the surrounding islands are usually home to the most beautiful beaches in the world. So since it’s freezing in most places around the world, I thought I’d share some warm wishes and feature some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. photo: worldfortravel You can drive along the coast road and see one of the best views of Myrtos Beach, a mile and a half arc beach filled with brilliant round white pebbles. photo: revelandroam.

6 Things To Do in Santorini On a Budget. The island of Santorini is popular among billionaires and celebrities, so it’s no wonder that backpackers and budget travellers often choose to leave it out of their itineraries.

6 Things To Do in Santorini On a Budget

But this fear is completely unfounded – the island may cater to a wealthy clientèle, but it also has plenty of hostels, affordable food and amazing pastimes for penniless travellers like – maybe – you and – definitely – I. I opted for a holiday package with a direct flight from Prague to Thira – the island’s official Greek name – and a hotel in Kamari. This lovely village located at the foot of a mountain has a long beach with black sand and many seaview taverns. It is about a 30 minute drive from the capital city, Fira – to get there you can either rent a car for about €35/day or take a trip with the public bus. While rarely on time, the buses are air-conditioned and comfortable – and all tickets cost €1.60-2.20. Official Web Site - Québec City Tourism. Find Jobs with 11 Things Every Parent Can Do To Make Their Kids Much Happier. 50 Incredible Travel Experiences To Have Once In Your Life. Wanderlusters, what makes your heart rate speed up?

50 Incredible Travel Experiences To Have Once In Your Life

Watching sunrise at Giza at the Great Pyramids? Or watching sunset over Tanah Lot at Bali? For all travel lovers, shutter-bugs and adventure seekers out there, here’s the ultimate list of incredible travel experiences that will blow your mind, change your world view and let you dig down deep into foreign culture. 1. 7 Morning Rituals to Empower your day & Change your Life. Most of your reality is not a given.

7 Morning Rituals to Empower your day & Change your Life

9 Simple Cardio/Core Exercises You Can Do At Home. You want to work out but you don’t always have the time to implement a workout routine into your busy day.

9 Simple Cardio/Core Exercises You Can Do At Home

5 Reasons to Stay Near the Ocean for Your Health. For anyone who has spent time by the sea, you already know that it does something to your body, mind and soul.

5 Reasons to Stay Near the Ocean for Your Health

Some of us are even more connected and we thrive in life the closer we are to the sea’s edge. There are health benefits to being near the ocean that are often unexplainable, it’s the magic of the sea. 8 Reasons Why Children Should Not Use Handheld Devices Frequently. A pediatric occupational therapist, Cris Rowan, hit the headlines last summer when she made a plea for a total ban of handheld devices for all children under the age of twelve!

8 Reasons Why Children Should Not Use Handheld Devices Frequently

You can imagine the reactions. It really got parents worked up. Of course, Rowan made some very valid points but the real solution is to allow kids to use these handheld devices, but not too often. As usual, the key is finding the right balance as there are all sorts of health and development issues. Cavendish. Rustico. T. Century21 Northumberland Realty. Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur? In their book, Start Your Own Business, the staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. guides you through the critical steps to starting a business, then supports you in surviving the first three years as a business owner.

In this edited excerpt, the authors offer some tips to help you determine if being a business owner is a smart move for you. Before they get started, some people worry if they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. If this is you, stop worrying. We firmly believe anyone with the desire and the initiative can be an entrepreneur. A fundamental desire to control their own destinies ranks very high on most entrepreneurs’ lists of reasons for starting their own businesses. Through surveys and research, we know that successful entrepreneurs share some common personality traits, the most important of which is confidence not only in themselves but also in their ability to sell their ideas, set up a business and trust their intuition along the way.

Start Trusting Your Instincts - The Overwhelmed Brain. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Do you trust your instincts? 4 Eating Habit Changes That Can Boost Your Critical Thinking. The ability to think critically is of the utmost importance when you’re running a business or an organization. Although it's rarely given the attention it deserves, the food choices that you make every day affect your critical thinking skills, and determine whether you can make important decisions when it really counts.

There’s no magic pill that will make you a great critical thinker. However, you can make some easy diet changes that can improve your brain health and optimize your ability to think critically. As a former management consultant, I learned this the hard way, through much trial and error. Now as a full-time entrepreneur, I’ve mastered the simple diet changes that keep my critical thinking skills sharp, so that I can perform my best, no matter what challenges come my way! Tony Robbins: Could Moving Be the Answer? 10 Things You Should Give Up To Boost Happiness. The 9 Most Damaging Lies We Tell Ourselves Daily.

You May Not Know These 15 Foods Actually Can Keep Your Hair Healthy. We all have that friend—the one with gorgeous hair that never seems to fall out of place. Hair envy is on the rise among friend groups everywhere—and for good reason!