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25+ Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Kitchen Stuff. La couleur d'une peinture peut influencer la consommation d'énergie. 7 Kitchen Hacks To Maximize Space. These workarounds will help you create a space you actually enjoy cooking in -- even if it's roughly the size of your niece's kitchenette playset.

7 Kitchen Hacks To Maximize Space

By Candace Braun Davison Give Every Cabinet Door A Dual Purpose Julie Blanner Stick a few adhesive hooks to the inside of each one to hang measuring cups, oven mitts or stand-mixer attachments, like Coordinately Yours blogger Julie Blanner did. You could also add a few adhesive plastic folders—the same kind you'd find at an office-supply store—to hold Tupperware lids, or attach a file organizer to keep cutting boards upright and orderly. Turn the Side of Your Fridge into a Command Center Ciburbanity Charlotte Smith, who runs the lifestyle blog Ciburbanity, created an organizational hub to make getting ready each morning easier. Four sturdy wood pockets organize bills, magazines and other mail, while a dry-erase board lets everyone see upcoming meetings at a glance. Kate Sable of Etch Design Lab. The Toilet Of The Future Is.. A Folding One?

J’ai déménagé de Venise à San Francisco : 5 commandements utiles à tous. Image extraite de l’émission « Les déménageurs de l’extrême » Partir, c’est mourir un peu, disait Edmond Haraucourt dans son si beau poème « Rondel de l’Adieu »...

J’ai déménagé de Venise à San Francisco : 5 commandements utiles à tous

Ouais, ben Edmond, il n’a pas dû quitter la Haute-Marne pour un autre continent, parce que partir, c’est surtout jeter beaucoup. Choisir un déménageur international Pour choisir votre déménageur, un conseil : faites jouer la concurrence. Surtout, n’oubliez pas de vérifier qu’ils possèdent bien le label FIDI / FAIM afin de ne pas avoir affaire à une arnaqueur. Consultez trois entreprises de déménagement pour comparer les devis. 35 000 foyers français ont quitté la France en 2011. Surtout quand le déménagement en question est de Venise – sur une île donc – vers San Francisco, sur un continent, loin. Très loin donc très cher, le déménagement.

Si cher que l’on ne pourra pas tout emmener. Des prix ? Et là, on ne peut faire autrement que de regarder sa maison : est-ce que ce que je possède vaut 1 000 euros le mètre cube ? 19 Inexpensive Ways To Fix Up Your Kitchen (PHOTOS) You may not be able to swap out the horrible laminate '80s cabinets just yet -- but that doesn't mean you can't turn your kitchen into a more stylish version of itself.

19 Inexpensive Ways To Fix Up Your Kitchen (PHOTOS)

Here are our favorite simple-but-inexpensive fixes for the most functional room in your home. J’ai déménagé de Venise à San Francisco : 5 commandements utiles à tous. 33 Awesome Inspirations for Your Dream Home. Each of us probably have an idea about what our individual dream homes would look like.

33 Awesome Inspirations for Your Dream Home

Maybe your dream home would have a hammock ... or maybe an indoor slide that leads outside into a pool filled with Jell-O. You can have whatever you want, after all, it's YOUR dream home. But if you need some inspiration, here are 33 awesome things you might want to include in the house of your fantasies. 1. Stone Church, Karuizawa - Kendrick Kellogg, Architect. The 'Doolittle Estate' Looks Like Something A Bond Villain Would Call Home (PHOTOS)

If you're looking for a home the Jetsons, the Flintstones and a classy Bond super villain would all approve of, then look no further than this $3 million unusual desert hideaway.

The 'Doolittle Estate' Looks Like Something A Bond Villain Would Call Home (PHOTOS)

Though it is one of many million-dollar homes organically blending in with the Coachella Valley terrain of Joshua Tree, California, the 10-acre, 4,643-square-foot "Doolittle estate" definitely stands out among the rest thanks to its low concrete, steel, glass and copper profile and general futuristic facade propped under 26 rooflines that fan out like wings. “It’s the closest thing I’ve been to that is a work of art and composed of many works of art,” said the president of the Palm Springs Modern Committee, Chris Menrad, who co-listed the home for sale with three other agents. “It looks like it’s growing out of its environment, like it grew out, mushroom-like. It doesn’t disturb the land at all. [...]

It’s part of the landscape, and it’s its home.” Lance Gerber The Past Meets The Future In This California Mansion. 7 Awesome Organizing Hacks For Your Tiny Closet. Your space might be tight -- and you've already packed off-season clothes in vacuum-sealed bags -- but these creative bloggers have solutions for maximizing every last inch.

7 Awesome Organizing Hacks For Your Tiny Closet

By Pamela Masin The "Leave No Space Behind" Answer to Those Stubborn Angles Courtesy of 320 Sycamore Even though your closet is called a "reach-in," the name doesn't quite fit, since the only way to retrieve clothing from its dark corners is with a stretch, a yank and a pull. If you're frustrated with the dead space on the sides, try blogger Melissa Smith of 320 Sycamore's ingenious solution. Remove the long rod and shelf that go straight across the closet side-to-side and replace it with one that is the width of the doorframe. In one corner of the closet, install two closet rods, one lower and one higher (basically, perpendicular to the new, shorter left-to-right rod).