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Nepal Earthquake - April 2015

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Nepal Earthquake - one year on - April 2016

Inside the Nepal Earthquake. Earthquake in Nepal 2015. Nepal Earthquake: British woman films as avalanche hits - BBC News. Moment Nepal earthquake hit - BBC News. Nepal earthquake: aid failing to reach thousands. Nepal earthquake: How does the search and rescue operation work? - BBC News. International teams of rescuers and medical experts are arriving in Nepal to help hunt and care for earthquake survivors.

Nepal earthquake: How does the search and rescue operation work? - BBC News

The United Nations, which estimates eight million people live in the 39 districts affected by the earthquake, is helping to co-ordinate rescue efforts. Many have been left homeless by the disaster and the country is already reported to be running out of water and food. There are also frequent power cuts. Nepal earthquake - BBC News. Tour operators cancel trips to Nepal following devastating earthquake. Tour operators have cancelled all trips to Nepal following Saturday’s earthquake, as the Foreign Office advises against all but essential travel to the country.

Tour operators cancel trips to Nepal following devastating earthquake

British nationals able to leave Nepal safely have been advised to do so, as the country continues to be rocked by aftershocks high on the richter scale. As least 3,617 people are known to have died when the 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck on Saturday and the number is expected to rise as rescue efforts continue across the Himalayan region. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said that several hundred British nationals are usually in Nepal at this time of the year. “We expect that almost certainly some will have been caught up in the earthquakes,” he said. “But at this moment we have no reports of any British nationals killed or injured. Was the Nepal earthquake twice as big as we thought? This item has been corrected.

Was the Nepal earthquake twice as big as we thought?

On April 25, Nepal was hit with the biggest earthquake in 80 years—but just how big was it? Amidst the destruction, there was a spat on the issue between the US and China. The US Geological Survey (USGS), which monitors earthquakes worldwide, reported that the Nepal earthquake measured at a magnitude of 7.8. However, the China Earthquakes Network Center (CENC), which hopes to provide a similar service, measured the same earthquake at a magnitude of 8.1. A difference of 0.3 in the magnitude of the seismic activity may not seem like much, but the apparently small differences in magnitudes of earthquakes reported by different agencies around the world are, in real-life, huge. Nepal earthquake: Video shows terrified tourists as the temple collapse - BBC News.

Miracle rescue of children and adults from rubble days after Nepal earthquake. A 23-year-old maid, Krishna Devi Khadka, was found alive lying along with the bodies of three other people, police said.

Miracle rescue of children and adults from rubble days after Nepal earthquake

Rescue efforts lasted all through the night to save Ms Khadka. Krishna Devi Khadka is carried on a stretcher after being rescued from a building that collapsed in Saturday’s earthquake in Kathmandu (Bikram Rai/AP) Roman Schulze, an emergency worker, told AFP news agency that it took rescuers 10 hours to pull the woman to safety. Nepal earthquake: Before and after - BBC News.

Thousands of people lost their lives and thousands more were injured in a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal's capital Kathmandu and its surrounding areas on 25 April.

Nepal earthquake: Before and after - BBC News

The earthquake was followed by a large number of aftershocks, including one that measured 7.3 on 12 May. Animated map: The earthquake and its 120 aftershocks. Nepal Earthquake 2015 - Geography for 2015. Learning.blogs.nytimes. Video Overview | A 7.8 earthquake on April 25 battered the mountainous nation of Nepal, killing and injuring thousands, destroying entire villages, shattering treasured historic landmarks and upending life for millions of people.


In this lesson, students learn more about Nepal and the challenges the Nepali people face as they try to recover from this devastating earthquake. We suggest a variety of teaching activities that can fit into a single period, and offer additional resources and ideas for classes that want to conduct more in-depth research.

Note: Teachers should preview all videos and photographs before showing them in class to make sure they are appropriate for your particular students. If you only have one class period… Why Nepal Wasn’t Ready for the Earthquake. The shock of the past few days in Nepal gave way to despair, frustration and a few larger questions on Tuesday, as the death toll from the devastating earthquake that wracked the small Himalayan nation over the weekend rose above 4,000 — a number that will almost certainly rise once international rescue teams reach rubble-filled outlying areas surrounding the capital, Kathmandu.

Why Nepal Wasn’t Ready for the Earthquake

The massive quake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale and followed by three days of panic-inducing aftershocks, has left the country — already one of the world’s poorest and least developed — reeling and utterly helpless. But while the earthquake is tragic, seismologists said it didn’t come as a surprise. Nepal’s location on a fault line and a lack of emergency resources made a devastating earthquake inevitable, heightening a sense that more should have been done to make typically ramshackle local buildings more resilient, and so saving countless lives. Nepal earthquake: Eight million people affected, UN says - BBC News. Eight million people have been affected by the massive earthquake in Nepal - more than a quarter of the country's population - the United Nations says.

Nepal earthquake: Eight million people affected, UN says - BBC News

International aid has started arriving but there is still huge need - 1.4 million require food aid, the UN said. The 7.8-magnitude quake hit Nepal on Saturday destroying buildings in Kathmandu and severely affecting rural areas across the region. The death toll has risen to 4,310, with almost 8,000 injured, officials say. Nepal Earthquake’s Economic Toll Expected to Be Massive. Nepal earthquake: a disaster that shows quakes don't kill people, buildings do. The kind of earthquake that hit Nepal last week is a periodic event in the country: the last was in 1934.

Nepal earthquake: a disaster that shows quakes don't kill people, buildings do

For years, the international community knew another big quake was due in Kathmandu. The disaster is that we have not prepared sufficiently for a predictable event. In a world of increased urban densification, rapidly expanding informal settlements and development that outstrips a government’s ability to enforce standards, it is poorly designed and constructed buildings, not earthquakes, which are the real catastrophe. What it's like for children going back to school in Nepal. Children in the UK are getting ready to go back to school excited, refreshed and full of energy after their summer break (their parents are probably quite relieved to be waving them off too!).

What it's like for children going back to school in Nepal

Not so in Nepal. Nepal's school year starts in May, but with 30,000 classrooms destroyed and many schools still closed since the devastating earthquakes that struck earlier this year, going back to school isn’t as straightforward for children living in a country where people are trying to rebuild their lives. Narayani wants a safe place to study. Nepal earthquake: tour operators axe trips in fresh blow to fragile economy. Nepal faces a big hit to its economy as tour operators continued to cancel bookings to the country after a deadly earthquake struck at the weekend.

It welcomed nearly 800,000 tourists in 2013, whose spending contributed at least 2% to its GDP. Now many countries are advising against all but essential travel to Nepal as it struggles to recover from disaster. With many ancient temples and popular backpacking trails obliterated, a devastating blow to Nepal’s cultural heritage could be compounded by a jobs crisis if tourists go elsewhere. Kathmandu, Nepal, before and after the earthquake – in pictures.

Nepal earthquake: tensions rise over slow pace of aid – live updates. “In the international community we are all concerned about moving quickly and delivering. There was some unrest here yesterday. People are hungry and concern is mounting about how long this can go on,” said Sean Casey, who is heading up the earthquake response for the International Medical Corps in Kathmandu. Nepal earthquake: fears grow over fate of thousands near epicentre. Officials and relief workers in Nepal are desperately seeking information on about 10,000 people living in the northernmost areas of Gorkha district, where the epicentre of Saturday’s earthquake was located. Nothing is known of the condition of villagers in these remote and mountainous areas near the frontier with Tibet, but up to 90% of buildings in nearby areas a similar distance from the epicentre have been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable.

“There are 2,000 families living in this area, which means around 10,000 or 11,000 people. There is no electricity, no phone, no means of transport [there],” said Dhruba Devkota, project manager of Save The Children, one of the NGOs beginning to bring relief to Gorkha. The district, which has a population of about 350,000, is the worst hit in terms of physical damage, with 90% of schools and 80% of health facilities rendered unusable. Nepal earthquake: The challenges of disaster relief - BBC News. Logistics, averting the bottlenecks, co-ordinating the efforts of governments and aid organisations big and small - they quickly become the preoccupations of those overseeing disaster relief operations, like the one following the Nepal earthquake now. The large-scale sudden disasters of recent decades have taken place amid rapid change in global communications and the development of more systematic strategies for responding to such emergencies.

But, as I have seen covering a number of earthquakes in different parts of the world, each disaster tests the response in new ways. Access problems - the 2005 quake in Kashmir The urgent appeals from Nepal's government for more helicopters for the rescue and relief operations echo an impassioned appeal made a few days after the devastating earthquake in Pakistan-administered Kashmir and north-west Pakistan in October 2005. He told us at the end of the visit that he had never witnessed such devastation before. Sentinel satellite reveals Nepal quake movement - BBC News. Europe's Sentinel-1a satellite has got its first good look at the aftermath of Saturday's big quake in Nepal.

The radar spacecraft is able to sense ground movement by comparing before and after imagery acquired from orbit. Scientists turn this information into an interferogram - a colourful, but highly technical, representation of the displacement that occurs on a fault. The new data confirms an area of 120km by 50km around Kathmandu lifted up, with a maximum of at least 1m. "There's a peak of slip just to the northeast of Kathmandu. Aid reaches Nepal's hardest hit – but millions more wait for help. Nepal earthquake destroys Kathmandu valley's architectural treasures. Nepal earthquake: authorities struggle to cope despite international aid efforts. Nepal earthquake: what the thousands of victims share is that they are poor.

Nepal earthquake: International aid effort increased - BBC News. Nepal Earthquake 2015 - Geography for 2015. Nepal was made vulnerable by more than its violent geology. Mapping the Nepal Eq - ARCGIS. In an Already Troubled Nepal, a Picture of Despair Emerges. Villages Near Nepal Earthquake’s Epicenter Are Desperate as Death Toll Tops 3,800.

Nepal’s Landmarks, Before and After the Earthquake. Nepal earthquake: Kathmandu landmarks before and after quake, in pictures. Nepal earthquake: latest. Nepal earthquake: what the thousands of victims share is that they are poor. Nepal earthquake: new footage shows extent of damage - video. Large cracks in road after Nepal earthquake - video. Drone footage shows scale of earthquake devastation in Nepal – video. CCTV shows moment aftershocks hit Tibet after Nepal earthquake - video. Tourist films moment Nepal hit by earthquake - video. Nepal earthquake: fears grow for remote villages as at least 4,000 confirmed dead. Nepal earthquake: Rural regions prepare for the worst - BBC News.

Nepal's Kathmandu valley treasures: Before and after - BBC News. Nepal quake: What is the world doing to help? - BBC News. Nepal earthquake: How are climbers being evacuated from Everest? - BBC News. Nepal earthquake: Drone footage of Kathmandu devastation - BBC News. Nepal earthquake: Before and after - BBC News. Quake devastation in Sanku as rescuers search for survivors - BBC News. Nepal earthquake: Victims treated on hospital floor - BBC News. Nepal earthquake: International aid effort increased - BBC News. Nepal quake 'followed historic pattern' - BBC News. Nepal earthquake live: Mount Everest sherpas reveal moment they were buried by snow amid fears more bodies are still up the mountain - Asia - World - The Independent.

Major Aftershock Amid Hunt For Nepal Survivors. Devastation in Katmandu - Video. Earthquake Devastates Nepal, Killing More Than 1,800. Latest Updates on Earthquake in Nepal. Google 'person finder' tool deployed to help relatives find loved ones in Nepal. Nepal earthquake 'felt across entire region' - BBC News. Moment Nepal earthquake hit - BBC News.

Nepal disaster was a 'nightmare waiting to happen' says lead scientist - World - News. Ancient Collision Made Nepal Earthquake Inevitable. Everest rescuers battle snow to fly out those injured in avalanche. Nepal death toll climbs towards 2,000 as world responds to earthquake. Nepal earthquake: UK humanitarian experts to begin mission - BBC News. Nepal earthquake: Rescue efforts at Kathmandu tower - BBC News. Nepal earthquake eyewitness: 'The ground shook quite hard' - BBC News. Nepal earthquake damages Swayambhunath temple complex - BBC News. Nepal earthquake: Survivors sleep outside amid aftershock fear - BBC News. Nepal earthquake: Rescue effort intensifies - BBC News. 'Massive' Earthquake In Nepal Kills Over 1,300. Nepal earthquake in pictures: Photos show devastation caused by 7.8 magnitude earthquake - Asia. Nepal earthquake leaves 18 Everest climbers dead and unknown number missing - Asia - World - The Independent.

Nepal earthquake: More than 1,100 killed across four countries and in Mount Everest avalanche - Asia - World - The Independent. Factors that made the Nepal earthquake such a devastating event. Nepal quake kills more than 1,000 and spreads terror on Everest. Nepal earthquake: Death toll passes 1,000 - BBC News. Nepal landmarks flattened by the quake - BBC News. Nepal quake: Relief operation faces challenges - BBC News. Nepal quake: Eyewitness accounts - BBC News. Massive 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, tremors across northern India. Nepal Earthquake Topples Buildings Killing 876. Everest Climbers Killed In Quake Avalanche. High death toll as earthquake strikes Nepal - BBC News.

Strong earthquake strikes Nepal - BBC News. Nepal earthquake in pictures: Photos show devastation caused by 7.8 magnitude earthquake - Asia - World - The Independent. Nepal earthquake: latest. Earthquake in Nepal - in pictures. Nepal hit by powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake. Nepal earthquake: more than a hundred people dead - live updates. Earthquake rocks Nepal - BBC News. 'Massive damage' at Nepal quake epicentre - BBC News. Watch: Earthquake leaves trail of destruction in Nepal. Nepal Earthquake Quake in Maps, Tweets and Pictures - India Real Time. M7.5 - 35km E of Lamjung, Nepal. Nepal hit by powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake.