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Welcome to the Automotivepreneur Academy hosted by automotive professional Robert Wiesman founder of This site will show you how to kill it in the automotive industry using new media and other creative strategies.

10-Points Personal Branding Checklist for Sales PeopleRobert Wiesman. How To Generate a Valuable Content Using Videos? by Robert Wiesman. By Robert Wiesman Ultimate Car Dealership Marketing Ideas By Profess Coming up with a great content can be a challenge, especially when you are new to content marketing.

How To Generate a Valuable Content Using Videos? by Robert Wiesman

While video marketing has grown tremendously over the past years and it has now become one of the most popular ways of marketing for B2B companies. However, creating impeccable content to keep those ideas running is still a battle for many. If you work in the marketing sector, you may have heard it many times: “We are planning to create more content, we need good ideas to build our brand in the market.” The fact is, great content ideas are everywhere around you, but you just didn't notice them. Blog. Advantages of Car Sales Training. Tips And Strategies For Building Your Audience With YouTube. Robert Wiesman's Blogs: How Personal Branding Tips Must be Call to Action.

Just wearing a tee with a printed quote that says “i am what i am” or louding your voice while speaking on a debate will not make you the limelight and earn the reputation to your personal brand.

Robert Wiesman's Blogs: How Personal Branding Tips Must be Call to Action

But few personal branding tips and facts would surely help you to present yourself as a brand. These facts are mention above: As everyone else say, Social is your place: There is no denying. If you are on Facebook, twitter, linkedin and pinterest, you are already making a web-presence. But there are few things while making social profiles. As everyone of us is trying to make our voices heard.

Why Video Marketing is Today's Mantra for Driving sales: robertwiesman. Might Google bots don't understand the content of a video to properly optimize results, but mind you they are not your customers.

Why Video Marketing is Today's Mantra for Driving sales: robertwiesman

Even if you have put great search friendly taglines and gets the attention of a user. The user will only use first 10 seconds to decide, if he/she will see the next 2 minutes of it or not and will decide the effectiveness of your Video marketing campaign. That's why framing everything in a video according to what visitors listen and not what product says is the key. For example, if you are filling the video of a car and telling the user that it has 5900 cc power, runs on pirelli tyres, well-designed aero dynamics, OED fog lamps and more. He might be tempted but he can never be your potential customer until you are not relating that features with user's mentality and emotions. 10 Ways to Find True Love With Customers. The Top 5 Tools and Resources To Produce High Quality Mobile Video. The How, Why and What of Personal Branding. “You, yes, you are the brand, help people find yourself”, one of my friends quoted this when i asked him about how to boost personal branding.

The How, Why and What of Personal Branding

Making a person a brand means representing him/her as the icon for the traits he/she carry. But, to portray this elements in a special way, so as to give your audience a convincing reason to follow is known as branding. Imagine the brands like TATA, Lamborghini, Philips. They are all made by the last name of their founders and just an Inc added in the suffix makes them sound like the royal one. But these brands have mostly been known what they do and not simply because their names sounded big.

Search on Google for your name, check the search results if they make any relevance to you or any of your profile within social networks. If nothing relevant appears, that means you have to start fresh and that’s also a good thing. The Black,white and Greys of YOU: The“different” in you The Cloud of “Visuals” How Videos are the next accepted “Content” for Online Marketing. The one who says content marketing is the New mantra to succeed on SEs, are right.

How Videos are the next accepted “Content” for Online Marketing

But, none of them didn’t went on to explain, what content are they actually talking about. Clearly the content visualized is more emphatic than the one read. 5 to 7 years from now and you would be watching a 10 second clip rather than reading this whole article for a guide. That’s why video marketing is the new type of “Content” that companies need more and more for Lead generation and building Client base. Okay, you need to push text based content that helps you technically for SEO, but what about the original conversion. You would have seen many articles like “ 5 reasons, every site must use videos” or “5 tips to make your brand campaign better” and many more. Video marketing was there since the shine of screens in motion, and have largely influenced brands and people.

Robert Wiesman's Blog - RobertWiesman. 5 Tips For Higher Quality Video For Car SalespeopleRobert Wiesman. Personal Branding Advice to Build Your Brand Reputation. Personal Branding Advice to Build Your Brand Reputation Personal branding is one of the hottest topics these days.

Personal Branding Advice to Build Your Brand Reputation

Car Sales Training - How the Process of Car Selling Works In Actual? In a recent survey, it has been revealed that the salespersons don't attend car buyers with utmost attention.

Car Sales Training - How the Process of Car Selling Works In Actual?

They seem to be playing and had no idea about how the sales process works in actual. In fact, customer satisfaction is the most valuable concern when it comes to selling cars. For a successful car selling, one has to bear in mind that the process will not evolve by itself, you have to work hard on it including each and every step that will comprise of your introduction to filling out the paper work. Step One: Say Hello Make a connection with your buyer. Step Two: Presentation Is Necessary. 3 Tips For A Better Logo For A Car Sales Pro Personal BrandRobert Wiesman.

What Does it Take To Be a Successful Car Salesperson? Being a car salesperson is not an easy task to do, however, it isn’t the hardest either.

What Does it Take To Be a Successful Car Salesperson?

Closing a deal takes attentiveness, communication and awareness about the product that you are selling. Knowing the buyer requirements, making an effective relation, controlling the necessary documentation, resolving the client’s queries are some of the tasks that you are going to perform as a car salesperson. Car salespe rson acts as a bridge between a buyer and a seller.

It is his responsibility to let the clients be informed about each and everything before they make a decision about purchasing a car. In some cases, it is not necessary to have the necessary qualification for selling cars (although, it’s good if you have), but, you must have the skills to handle the clients which can be obtained by enrolling in car sales training. 5 Videos Every Car Salesperson Needs To CreateRobert Wiesman. Car Sales Training - How It's Helpful For a Salesperson? Car Sales, is all about understanding the customer's needs and delivering them the products that they want.

Car Sales Training - How It's Helpful For a Salesperson?

In order to do that, you need to have strong analytical skills. As a car sales professional, you must possess a great deal of flexibility because you will have to adjust yourself according to the customer and deliver him something that matches to his interests. This is what differentiates an "order taker" and an ordinary salesperson. 4 Awesome Marketing And Branding Tips For Automotive Sales Professionals. Robert Wiesman. Quit Your Job In Car Sales NOW - Why You Need To Quit Your Job Selling Cars For A Dealership. Car Sales Training: Effective Tips To Close The Deal. How To Add A YouTube Card To Your Video. Automotive Video ResourcesRobert Wiesman. Car Dealership Marketing Ideas: Making Sales Via Social Networking.

10 Steps To Optimizing Your Dealership YouTube Channel Like A BOSS. 3 Reasons Why Car Dealerships Should Start a Blog. If you are an auto dealer, you probably already know how important it is for you to maintain an online reputation.

3 Reasons Why Car Dealerships Should Start a Blog

Well! If you haven't found some good ways to market yet, then this might be the right time to start a blog for your company. According to studies, nearly 73% of businesses use content marketing focused on their own branded content. Another 41% take advantage of user generated content such as customer reviews. The 3 Most Common Personal Branding Mistakes Made By Car Pro's. Video-marketing. Effective Marketing Strategies For Car Dealerships Correctly advertising your service department is extremely essential for your car dealership business to grow. Without actual planning and implementation, you may lose your potential customers to your competitors. Customer Service Along with the word-of-mouth and proper advertising, treating your customers well might help you build strong relationships. These relationships will provide you a better business by bringing in more customers.

Coupons Make use of coupons to offer your customers the convenience of using your service department. Referrals. 5 Awesome Personal Branding Ideas For Car Sales People by Robert Wiesman. Car-sales-training.jigsy. Sell More Cars With Facebook - Using Facebook To Sell More Cars. PodcasterRobert Wiesman.