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Kickstarter. REVERENCE by zana briski. Reverence is a project that brings together film, music and photographs of insects in a migratory museum -- a temporary structure inspired by the exquisite shape of praying mantis ootheca, or eggpod.

REVERENCE by zana briski

It's called Reverence because that is the state in which I photograph and that is what I want to communicate through my work. For ten years, I worked on a personal project in the brothels of Calcutta. I photographed the women, taught their children photography, helped get them into schools, made the Academy award-winning documentary, Born into Brothels, and started a non-profit organization, Kids with Cameras. For me, art is powerful; it changes lives. Seven years ago, I began to have intense dreams of a praying mantis. Musopen - Free Public Domain Classical Music.