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7 practical tips to reduce stress

31 august 2020

7 practical tips to reduce stress

Each time we live a busier pace of life and this often leads us to stress. However, there are remedies for this; here are 7 practical tips to reduce stress.


1. Deep breathing against shallow breathing      


Breathing deeply may help reduce stress. InventHelp Startups Most people don’t know what deep breathing is like, so they end up breathing shallowly, which can cause hyperventilation.


Place your hand on the stomach and put your belly normally. Then take a deep breath and watch your belly and chest rise. When you do, think of some aspect of this new idea of breathing, such as the expansion of the lungs with the air or the air itself passes through the nostrils. Hold for three seconds and then exhale through the mouth.


Muscle relaxation


The process of slowly tensing and then relaxing the muscle groups of your choice is very important as well. Two goals are achieved: muscles naturally relax because you are probably very tense from stress and, in addition, you can distract the mind, helping it to focus on something different like innovation of new things.


Stretch the muscle groups tension them for five to 10 seconds and then release the pressure, relaxing them. You can do this for the same multiple muscle groups. It is up to you what you choose. For example, start with the feet and ankles, then stretch and tense the wrists, arms and shoulders. Finally the neck and face.