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What Are the Steps Involved in Preparing a Patent Application?

15 september 2020

What Are the Steps Involved in Preparing a Patent Application?

In order to apply for a patent, you and we will need to go through several successive iterations of work - from determining what we, in fact, will patent and to filing an application. Let's talk about each of these stages in more detail.


Stage 0. At this stage, in discussion with you, InventHelp Patent we formalize the primary description of the patentable object. To do this, you need a primary description of the technical solution that you want to patent. After receiving the materials of the description from you, the Online Patent specialists study them and ask additional questions to clarify the essence of the proposed technical solution, and possibly also determine the number and types of objects claimed for a patent.


It is not always easy to determine the claimed object - for example, if you have developed a new technology for the manufacture of teapots, the object of patent protection may be the actual method of making teapots, the system (or device) used to implement this method, as well as the teapot itself if it is anything something different from those previously produced. The choice of a patentable object or a set of such objects determines the patent protection strategy for your development and depends on many factors.