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Robert Goldman

A Most Epic Mountain Bike Ride in Vail - Day 3. Robert Goldman - Santa Barbara, CA. Experience Mountain Biking Around Santa Barbara With Robert Goldman. Bob Goldman - Santa Barbara, CA. More than 5 years of experience leading product management teams.

Bob Goldman - Santa Barbara, CA

Proven track record of creating market leading products, developing and executing on business strategy, and driving growth. Experience Founder, Principal Consultant Provide technical organic search engine optimization services to enterprise clients Built and managed team of 40+ Product Managers responsible for researching, designing, and launching all products and content on Graphiq websitesIncreased web traffic to Graphiq network >100% in 6 months by creating new content, improving site performance, and designing and implementing improved comprehensive SEO strategyReported directly to CEO, worked 1:1 with executive team members to develop business strategy, participated in monthly board meetings, pitched investors and potential acquirers McGraw-Hill Educational Writing Consultant Education University of Pennsylvania Biology (BA), Environmental Studies (MA): Summa Cum Laude (GPA: 3.91, GMAT: 750) Skills & Interests.

Mountain Bike Ride experience in Vail - Bob Goldman - Download - 4shared - Robert Goldman. Untitled. Increase in wildfires - good or bad? - Bob Goldman. Right now, the Rey fire is burning in Santa Barbara county.

Increase in wildfires - good or bad? - Bob Goldman

It’s the second large fire in Santa Barbara recently, and it’s currently burned over 30k acres. Not surprisingly, these fires seem to have reignited the debate over whether these natural disasters are good or bad and what they tell us about the state of our surrounding environment. While the dangers associated with their occurrences is rarely debated, how to manage burns and mitigate the risks they pose to our communities always seems to be a topic of conversation during the summer months in Southern California. In 2015, there were 8,745 fires in California alone, which burned 893,362 acres. This represents a massive increase over the year prior, which saw just 7,685 fires and 555,044 acres burned (source). The average fire in the 2000s was double the size and burned twice as long as that of the 1990s. It’s important to note that wildfires are a natural and necessary component of many ecosystems.

So what’s the answer? Mountain Bike Rides in Santa Barbara, CA - Bob Goldman. Santa Barbara is a very unique place to ride a mountain bike.

Mountain Bike Rides in Santa Barbara, CA - Bob Goldman

The mountains around SB shoot up quickly out of the ocean (~4k feet), which makes for long, challenging climbs and steep descents. Most of the trails in the area were not built with mountain bike riding in mind–so most of them are only rideable in one direction (down). Most rides in SB start with a long road or fire road climb and finish with a fast/steep descent.

The front-country trails are technical–loose, rocky, and rutted singletrack with steep switchbacks are common. I’d recommend at least a trail bike on all of the frontside trails. Little Pine (22 miles, 3700 ft climbing):Located out in the SB backcountry, the trailhead is located off of Paradise Road. Bob Goldman Shares Experiences about Vail Mountain Bike Riding - Download - 4shared - Robert Goldman. A Fantastic Bicycle Ride Through the Mountains in Vail on Day 3. Coming from Santa Barbara, where it’s dry, rocky, and few opportunities to climb anything but dirt/ paved roads, one of my favorite things about rinding in the Vail area is the seemingly endless opportunity to stay on beautiful, lush singletrack for almost your entire ride.

A Fantastic Bicycle Ride Through the Mountains in Vail on Day 3

For Day 3, I recommend heading over to Avon/ Beaver Creek and checking out one of two rides–either The A10 Loop or Paulie’s Plunge. If you are looking for a big day (~38 miles and 7k ft of climbing) you can combine bother rides (and add in a short loop on Berry Creek) as I did here (monster ride). For both rides you can park anywhere in Avon and get on the Elkhorn trail, which takes you up to Beaver Creek Mountain. If you are planning to do the A10 loop, you can follow the ride exactly as it is described on MTB Project– up Elkhorn for roughly a little over 3 miles, right on Village to Village Trail for another 3 miles, then stay straight on the A10 singletrack at mile 6.5. Personal Bike Riding Experiences Shared By Bob Goldman, Santa Barbara by Robert Goldman. Vail Mountain Bike Guide: Day 2 - Bob Goldman. One of my favorite rides in the Vail Valley is the Lost Lake Loop, which starts and finishes from downtown and links together a number of awesome trails on the north side of I70.

Vail Mountain Bike Guide: Day 2 - Bob Goldman

The “destination” is Lost Lake, which is a beautiful, mountain lake, and a great place to stop for a snack. However, there is still a good amount of climbing to be done after reaching the lake. There are a couple of different ways to link up this ride, which I’ll describe below. The basic idea is to climb up to Lost Lake, ride the Lost Lake Trail from east to west (counterclockwise), connect over to Buffehr Creek Trail, and use the North Trail to get back to where you started. Route Options: To start, there are two different options to get up to Lost Lake Rd.

Regardless of how you start, you will eventually hit Lost Lake Rd. After ~4 miles on Lost Lake Rd. you will hit a parking lot and trailhead for Lost Lake Trail. When you hit the road you will take a right and then an immediate left on Red and White Road. Summertime in Vail, CO: Best Mountain Bike Rides Day 1 - Bob Goldman.

“People come for the winters, but stay for the summers” is what the locals always say about Vail.

Summertime in Vail, CO: Best Mountain Bike Rides Day 1 - Bob Goldman

Most people make their way out to Colorado’s biggest ski resort in the winter months, but never get to experience all the other great things that Vail has to offer when there’s no snow on the ground. In the winter, you’re (for the most part) limited to skiing and snowboarding, whereas in the summer, the list of things to do feels endless.

From best-in-class outdoor activities during the day to world-famous perming arts shows at the Ford Amphitheater at night, Vail seems to have it all. As usual this post will focus on my two favorite things–eating and riding. If you only have three days in Vail, here’s what I recommend checking out on Day 1. Bowmans Shortcut to Two Elk Trail (12-26 miles depending on route) This is an incredible backcountry point-to-point ride with amazing scenery from start to finish. Once you hit Two Elk Trail, the real fun begins. Bob Goldman - Santa Barbara, CA.