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10 U.S. Cities Where Consumer Spending Has Recovered the Most During the Pandemic. Many economists have theorized about what the shape of the COVID-19 recession – in other words, the possibilities for recovery – will be.

10 U.S. Cities Where Consumer Spending Has Recovered the Most During the Pandemic

Some individuals are still holding out hope for a “V-shaped” recession where the economy will rebound as quickly as it declined, which would in turn allow many to begin to repair the dents suffered to their reserves. Given the current circumstances, however, the odds that such an optimistic forecast will become reality have decreased. As infection rates spike throughout the country, local governments may decide to reimplement business shutdowns and stay-at-home orders.

One way to visualize the recession’s shape thus far is to examine consumer spending. Consumer spending accounts for roughly 68% of U.S. Specifically, we looked at how consumer spending has contracted nationally over the past several months and the extent to which spending has since recovered. Key Findings Consumer spending cuts during COVID-19 differ from previous recessions. 10 Alternatives to a Reverse Mortgage. Reverse mortgages can be a good option for many homeowners.

10 Alternatives to a Reverse Mortgage

They let you borrow based on the equity in your home. Instead of paying the bank, the bank pays you — tax-free — with a series of payments via a partial lump sum of money or a line of credit. Under the right circumstances, a reverse mortgage loan might help an elderly person stay at home when retirement money is running out. Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson says reverse mortgages can make sense for certain types of people.

These Essential Workers Are Being Laid Off Amid the Pandemic. We all think we know an “essential worker” when we see one — health care workers, firefighters and police officers.

These Essential Workers Are Being Laid Off Amid the Pandemic

We even have a new appreciation for the grocery clerks who stock shelves. But the Brookings Institution says there is a larger group of essential workers who are quietly at risk of losing their jobs. The public policy organization says 23.2 million “essential workers” are employed by state and local governments and thus could end up on the unemployment line unless Congress approves financial relief for state and local governments. According to Brookings, some of these workers already have been laid off: “With tax revenues rapidly disappearing, a quick economic recovery out of reach, and no choice but to balance their budgets, public officials have already laid off at least 1.5 million of these workers.” Hundreds of jobs meet the definition of “essential,” according to Brookings. 7 Money Moves You Should Make After Retiring. Building enough wealth to sustain yourself in retirement is a monumental achievement.

7 Money Moves You Should Make After Retiring

But financial planning doesn’t end when you no longer rely on a paycheck. The way you handle your money in retirement is as important as it is before you exit your job. 10 College Towns That Are Most Vulnerable During the Pandemic. Though efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus across the U.S. have squeezed many local economies and the bank accounts of their residents, college towns are among the most vulnerable.

10 College Towns That Are Most Vulnerable During the Pandemic

They are confronting potentially major losses in population and revenue if students do not return to campus. Even in towns where schools have decided to allow students back in the fall, there may continue to be dampened demand for typical collegiate expenditures such as eating out and attending sports games. In this study, SmartAsset uncovered places that are most dependent on the presence and spending habits of undergraduate populations. We compared 95 college towns with populations of 50,000 or more across six metrics. Key Findings Many Midwestern and Southern college towns are at the top of our list.

The 20 Best Hospitals in the U.S. When people think of the best medical facility in the U.S. — if not the world — one institution typically comes to mind: the Mayo Clinic.

The 20 Best Hospitals in the U.S.

That reputation for excellence is well-deserved, according to U.S. News & World Report’s latest annual Best Hospitals rankings. The publication says the Rochester, Minnesota-based facility is the best hospital in the nation. This year’s hospital rankings — the 31st that U.S. News has released — span 26 adult specialties, procedures and conditions. According to the publication: 5 Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Financial Adviser. Financial advisers are supposed to take your cash and use it to generate more wealth for you, but sometimes they fall well short of the mark.

5 Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Financial Adviser

Even worse, you may not realize that an adviser has failed you until it’s too late to recoup lost money or missed opportunities. So, if you hope to retire comfortably, it’s crucial that you choose your financial adviser carefully and then keep tabs on him or her. If you run into any of the following situations at any point, you should seriously consider giving your financial adviser the boot. 1. Your adviser won’t act as a fiduciary A fiduciary is obligated to act in your best interests. Not all financial advisers are fiduciaries — many are not, in fact — so the onus is on you to be sure that you’re working with a fiduciary. It’s not enough, however, to ask a financial adviser whether they are a fiduciary and hear them say yes, says Brian Behl, a certified financial planner at Behl Wealth Management in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Drivers Are Most Loyal to These 10 Car Brands. Cars are hard to love.

Drivers Are Most Loyal to These 10 Car Brands

They are expensive to buy and maintain, and they sometimes break down and leave us in the lurch. So, it’s no small thing when a car brand earns your loyalty. Can I Slow Down My Retirement Savings? I'm Scared to Spend My Cash on a Car. Can I Buy a Tesla Before I Buy a House? My Wife and I Are Stationed in Different Places. Believe in What's Possible, Not Just What Has Happened. I Owe $94,000 to the IRS! Can I Buy a Motorcycle After My Girlfriend Dumped Me? The Depth of a Relationship Determines the Impact You Can Have. You Don't Have to Give Up on Your Dreams to Get Out of Debt.

How Do I Find a Career After the Military? They Paid Off $297,000 in 19 Months! How Do I Work for a Cause I Don't Believe In? Should I Sell Stocks to Pay Off Debt? My Spouse Is Using Credit Cards Behind My Back. Should I Change Jobs to Live Rent-Free? Guarantors for your business finance application - Nationwide Corporate Finance. Business Finance, supported with a legal charge over a guarantors property.

Guarantors for your business finance application - Nationwide Corporate Finance

A guarantor who offers a legal charge over their property is a potential means of securing business finance when your company is unable to provide security itself or is suffering financial circumstances that may discourage funders. When someone agrees to act as a secured guarantor for your company , they commit to covering the repayments and liabilities to the funder if your company fails to keep up those payments or honour it’s obligations to the funder. Sometimes acting as guarantor is a way for parents (or grandparents) to help their children start a business or buy an existing business.

If we fund a business in this way we will expect any guarantor to be a director and/or shareholder or that they will become a director or shareholder in the business to prove that they are connected and have an interest in the business. Who might be acceptable to a funder as a secured guarantor? This Chase Card Is Great for Groceries and Cash Back on Everything. Money Talks News has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products.

This Chase Card Is Great for Groceries and Cash Back on Everything

Money Talks News and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. If you’re looking to make more of your good credit score, consider the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. We already consider it one of the top cash-back credit cards available right now thanks to its offer of a flat 1.5% cash back on every purchase. There are no games with certain categories sometimes being worth more, or any questions about what qualifies. How to Lower Your Internet Bill. Whether you use the internet for business or pleasure, there’s a chance you’re paying too much for it. The cost of internet service is only going up — even with lower-tier plans. If you can’t live without the internet, here are some of the best ways to cut your costs.

The 10 Best Outdoor Home Upgrades for Your Money. Many of us are focused on home this summer. One great way to take advantage of the warm weather is to make improvements to the exterior of your house. On the whole, remodeling is more a consumption purchase than an investment. 5 Financial Changes Americans Made Due to Coronavirus. 7 Things to Buy in August (and 5 Things to Wait On) August is known for Back to School shopping, but it's also a great opportunity to shop other items besides notebooks and pencils. With tax free days, end-of-season discounts, and early Labor Day sales, this month gives you plenty of chances to find an excellent deal. Check out our August buying guide below, and learn what to buy and what to avoid during the last month of summer fun for 2020. 9 Comfort Buys That Have Been Popular Amid the Pandemic. 8 Things That Are Free in August. 13 Brilliant Bulk-Buy Items on Amazon. You never want to run out of the items you use on a daily basis.

So why not buy them in bulk and save? We’ve rounded up some popular products every household should always have on hand. 7 Ways to Save Money on a Move. 7 Things to Do ASAP When Your Spouse Wants a Divorce. When your spouse asks you for a divorce, there are things you should do immediately to protect your personal and financial interests. It’s difficult to focus on money when your marriage is ending. And yet, it’s up to you to make sure that you reach a fair and equitable divorce settlement. 10 Deep Discounts Available on Amazon This Friday. How Americans Are Changing Their Social Security Plans Due to the Pandemic. The Cheapest Way to Upgrade Your iPhone. 7 Common Online Shopping Mistakes That Will Cost You. Where Stocks and Real Estate Go From Here. I know world events don’t conform to an annual calendar, but doesn’t it feel like the sky started falling the second the clock hit midnight on Dec. 31, 2019?

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