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Bambous. H&P Architects' Bamboo Homes Float Above Rising Flood Waters on Recycled Oil Drums. Vietnamese design firm H&P Architects is looking to a future of rising flood waters with their new design for affordable housing.

H&P Architects' Bamboo Homes Float Above Rising Flood Waters on Recycled Oil Drums

Made from sustainable local bamboo, the homes fight the severe flooding that is prevalent in Southeast Asia by rising and falling with the incoming waters. The thatched homes are built on platforms made from reused oil drums and kept in place with anchors, allowing the structures to float in place during flood season. Bamboo was chosen for the homes not just because it is plentiful in the region, but it is also versatile, durable as well as traditional.

Bamboo frames, roofing and walls are arranged between long steel piles that secure the home during flooding, much like an anchored boat. The floor is elevated, which not only keeps animals out, but also makes room for a layer of recycled oil drums that serve as a float. Bambous Assemblages exemples. Noeud marin : la technique du brêlage carré - Voyager - Quotidien - Pratique. Noeud de construction : la technique du brêlage diagonal - Tâches domestiques - Quotidien - Pratique. Techn. Noeud de claie - montage - fabrication d'une claie fixe Brêlage carré - Assemble deux perches en croix à angles droits Commencer par un noeud de bâtelier ou de bois double.


Les tours de corde ne doivent pas se chevaucher, cela affaiblit le brêlage. How to Lash a Bamboo Tripod by TIAT. Noeuds des takegaki. Noeuds et bambous. Atelier de Bambou - Le travail artisanal du bambou : Outils créatifs bambou local, ateliers enfants, créations bambou, peinture bambou refendu, sculpture photophores bambou.