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Saint Young Men 1 v01 - Read Saint Young Men 1 Online. Rank: 839th, it has 71,514 monthly views.

Saint Young Men 1 v01 - Read Saint Young Men 1 Online

Rating: Average 4.80 / 5 out of 165 total votes. 聖・おにいさん; 聖☆おにいさん; Las vacaciones de Jesús y Buda (Spanish); Les Vacances de Jésus et Bouddha (French); Saint Onii-san; Saint Young Men; Sei Oniisan Read Saint Oniisan Manga Online Saint Oniisan is slice-of-life, or divine-life, tale of Jesus and Buddha as they try to experience the modern world: in this case, Japan. Metalocalypse. Metalocalypse is an American animated television series, created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, which premiered on August 6, 2006 on Adult Swim.


The television program centers around the larger than life death metal band Dethklok, and often portrays dark and macabre content, including such subjects as violence, death, and the drawbacks of fame, with extremely hyperbolic black humor; which accounts for the cartoon's consistent TV-MA rating. The show can be seen as both a parody and celebration of heavy metal culture. The music, written by guitarist/creator Brendon Small, is credited to the band, and is featured in most of the episodes.

The animation is often carefully synced to the music, with the chord positions and fingering of the guitar parts shown in some detail.[2] One of the trademarks of the show is having the usual "bleeps" for extreme profanity replaced by pinch harmonics. A one hour special entitled Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem was released on October 27, 2013. The Animatrix (2003. Ghost in the Shell. Title[edit] Shirow has stated that he had always wanted the title of his manga to be "GHOST IN THE SHELL", even in Japan, but his original publishers preferred Kōkaku Kidōtai (攻殻機動隊?).

Ghost in the Shell

Watch Juuousei Episodes Online. Series Information Title: Juuousei Type:

Watch Juuousei Episodes Online

Watch Death Note Episodes Online. Watch Kurozuka Episodes Online. Series Information Title: Kurozuka Type:

Watch Kurozuka Episodes Online

Watch Mugen No Juunin Episodes Online. Series Information Title: Mugen no Juunin.

Watch Mugen No Juunin Episodes Online

Watch Rurouni Kenshin Episodes Online. Beelzebub (manga) The Pierrot+ studio produced an OVA of Beelzebub which was broadcast during the Jump Super Anime Tour in October 2010.[3][4] This was followed by an anime TV series which aired in Japan between January 9, 2011 and March 25, 2012.[5] The story follows Tatsumi Oga, a first year student at a school for juvenile delinquents called Ishiyama High.

Beelzebub (manga)

The story starts with Oga telling his best friend, Takayuki Furuichi, the strange story of how he found a baby. One day while doing 'laundry' by the river, Oga saw a man floating downstream. Oga pulled him to shore but the man split in half, revealing a baby boy inside. This baby turned out to be the son of the great demon king, and Oga has been chosen as the one to raise him, along with the baby's maid, Hilda.

In the early chapters, he attempts to 'pass on' Beel to other students at Ishiyama, thinking that if he can find someone stronger and more evil than himself, the baby will attach himself to that person instead. Opening themes Ending themes. Elfen Lied. Elfen Lied (エルフェンリート, Erufen Rīto?)

Elfen Lied

Is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. It was originally serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump from June 2002 to August 2005, with the 107 chapters collected into twelve tankōbon volumes. Elfen Lied revolves around the interactions, views, emotions, and differences between human beings and the Diclonii, a mutant species similar to humans in build but distinguishable by two horns on their heads and "vectors", transparent telekinetically controlled arms that have the power to manipulate and cut objects within their reach.

The series is centered on the teenage Diclonius girl "Lucy" who was rejected by human beings and subsequently wants revenge. [WU] Elfen Lied 720p - All Episodes. Soul Eater (manga) MU] Soul Eater [Complete] Detroit Metal City. Plot[edit] Soichi Negishi is a shy young musician who dreams of a career in pop.

Detroit Metal City

Dreams don't pay the bills, so he's ended up as the lead singer and guitarist of a death metal band, "Detroit Metal City. " In stage costume he is Johannes Krauser II, rumored to be a terrorist demon from hell, to have killed and raped his parents, to wield his giant death penis with abandon, and other menacing tales being said about him after each public performance. The songs of DMC often encourage the audience to engage in immoral and illegal behavior, such as rape or murder, or tell of Krauser's exploits with similar actions, in a parody of the genre.

Negishi despises DMC and all that it stands for, but he can't walk away as he has a talent to play the psychotic frontman of the band. Characters[edit] Soichi Negishi (根岸 崇一, Negishi Sōichi?) Media[edit] Manga[edit] The manga has sold at least 2 million copies.[1] Film[edit] OVA[edit] A DVD box set was released of a series of 12 OVA episodes for D.M.C. MF] Detroit Metal City. Claymore (manga) Claymore (クレイモア, Kureimoa?)

Claymore (manga)

Is a dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi.