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C programming.com - Learn C and C++ Programming. Lazy Foo' Productions. Last Updated 12/21/12 These tutorials were made to help programmers start out in game programming.

Lazy Foo' Productions

I tried to keep them as simple and to the point as possible. They are a perpetual work in progress, and will be improved over time. They use C++ as the programming language because it is considered the game industry's standard. Game From Scratch C++ Edition! Want to create a game using C++ and SFML?

Game From Scratch C++ Edition!

This is the perfect place to start! This tutorial series will follow the creation of a simple game in C++ from the very beginning till the end, a micro-version of the overall purpose of this site. C++ is an evolving language standard and a great many tutorials out there are horrifically outdated or just plain bad. Similarly, most tutorials in books or on sites are by their very nature required to be very short and concise.

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