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Types of logos: How to create a logo for your brand. Almost everywhere you turn, you can find a logo: walking down a street, working in an office, going to the shops, or learning in a classroom; a logo is hard to miss.

Types of logos: How to create a logo for your brand

But how important is one exactly? What are the different types of logos? Is its design important or is it really the message behind the logo that makes it successful? Your logo is often the first impression you can make to your customers and is the face of your company. From this simple definition, we can break down the types of logos into six basic categories. The WordmarkThe LettermarkThe SubmarkThe Brand Mark or Pictorial MarkAbstract Iconography The Logo System What is a Wordmark?

This one comes first for a reason - it’s the simplest. What is a Lettermark? Like the Wordmark, Lettermark logos are completely text based but are showcased as acronyms and initials. Lettermark logos have been used over the years extensively by worldwide recognised companies such as IBM, MAC, DKNY and BBC. The Unofficial Arduino Pinout Diagram / Robot-Italy. Quali sono le funzioni del pin 11 di Arduino UNO?

The Unofficial Arduino Pinout Diagram / Robot-Italy

Qual'e' la denominazione dei pin del connettore ICSP dell'ATMEGA16AU dell'Arduino Leonardo? Dove sono le porte seriali dell'Arduino MEGA2560? Se conoscete a memoria tutte le risposte alle domande qui sopra (e anche altre simili) complimenti! :) Se invece siete come la maggior parte di noi, sempre in mezzo a schede di ogni tipo, integrati, connettori, schemi elettrici, etc. sicuramente vi capitera' di dover andare sui vari PDF a rintracciare la funzione di un determinato pin, o di una serie di pin. Non e' difficile, alla fine, ritrovarsi con lo schema della scheda e fare qualche disegno di riferimento che poi inevitabilmente va perduto e bisogna ricominciare da capo! Da oggi la vita dell'utente Arduino sara' piu' facile! Ci sono addirittura delle versioni 1:1 da plastificare e piazzare sotto la scheda per vedere in tempo reale, fisicamente, tutte le funzioni dei vari pin.

Pinout Diagrams (PDF): Arduino Esplora Arduino Leonardo Arduino Mega. Arduino - HomePage. Arduino Internet / Web Control with Teleduino. New Text-to-Speech API for Chrome extensions. Interested in making your Chrome Extension (or packaged app) talk using synthesized speech?

New Text-to-Speech API for Chrome extensions

Chrome now includes a Text-to-Speech (TTS) API that’s simple to use, powerful, and flexible for users. Let’s start with the "simple to use" part. A few clever apps and extensions figured out how to talk before this API was available – typically by sending text to a remote server that returns an MP3 file that can be played using HTML5 audio. With the new API, you just need to add "tts" to your permissions and then write: chrome.tts.speak('Hello, world! ') It’s also very easy to change the rate, pitch, and volume. How about powerful? In fact, the API is powerful enough that ChromeVox, the Chrome OS screen reader for visually impaired users, is built using this API.

Here are three examples you can try now: TTS Demo (app) Talking Alarm Clock (extension) SpeakIt (extension) Finally, let's talk about flexibility for users. Here are two voices implemented using the TTS Engine API that you can install now: API. The Safecast API Query and add to the Safecast dataset with your own application.


API Endpoint GET Available Resources Users Add and view user accounts Measurements Add and view measurements bGeigie Imports Add and view bGeigie Imports Devices Add and view Devices Users Get a list of Safecast users GET /users.json Add a new user POST /users.json View a user GET /users/334.json Measurements Get a list of Measurements GET /measurements.json Add a new measurement POST /measurements.json View a measurement GET /measurements/27122218.json bGeigie Imports Get a list of bGeigie Imports GET /bgeigie_imports.json Add a new bGeigie Import POST /bgeigie_imports.json. Monte seu gerador eolico a preço muito reduzido,gerador de energia residencial. Prezi.