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Heraldica Nova. Willkommen bei Arzneipflanzenlexikon - Kooperation Phytopharmaka. Plants and fungi used in homeopathy. The Museum is an authority on scientific names and descriptions that are used to identify animals and plants correctly.

Plants and fungi used in homeopathy

Scientists use this information in all types of research, ranging from understanding ecosystems, to combating malaria, to tackling environmental pollution. Scientific names and descriptions are also used in activities such as homeopathy or traditional herbal treatments but this does not mean that they are based on science, explained in scientific terms or based on scientific research in the same way as most modern conventional medicine. The theories used in homeopathy to explain how treatments work are not scientific and the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment is questioned and investigated from a scientific viewpoint. This carefully researched database refers to those plants named in the Homeopathic Materiae Medicae and: Parapsychologische Beratungsstelle - Freiburg im Breisgau - Startseite. Symphony of Science.

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