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Zu den Kauf-Formen. Staging violence for a modern audience: Jacob Guinn at TEDxLouisianaTechUniversity. Golden Hour Calculator. Pagan Songs and Poems. This is collection of Pagan songs and poems collected from BBSs and the Internet. The authors are unknown unless otherwise stated. The Albion Song by Jennifer Smith Fading away in the mists of time The Older Gods did go.

And oh my Mother is crying and no one can hear Her Her children are dying Oh, can She hear me wailing? How long has it been Since Fal did scream For Brian's Holy Crown, And cries of Andrasta shook the hills When Rome took Albion down? I dream I stood on Erin's Shore The sea before me lay. All Thru The Night While the Moon her watch is keeping all thru the night While the weary world is sleeping all thru the night O'er thy spirit gently stealing, Visions of delight revealing Breathes a pure and holy feeling all thru the night Though this Bard must roam full lonely My true harp shall sing praise only Love's soft dream, alas, is over Yet my strains of love shall hover Near the Presence of my Lover Hark! Note: The last verse is phonetic Welsh. Aridu Asahi The Beltane Chase Gloria. Mach es ihnen leicht, dir Geld zu geben – das Erfolgsgeheimnis erfolgreicher Vermarkter für Autoren | Matthias Czarnetzki.

“Mach es ihnen leicht, dir Geld zu geben” – ist eine der Hauptmaximen erfolgreicher Vermarkter. Was bedeutet das für Autoren, die ihre Bücher selbst anbieten? Statt zu versuchen, potenzielle Leser auf den eigenen Webauftritt/Online-Shop zu führen und dort zum Kauf zu bewegen, bietet man seine Bücher dort an, wo die Leser schon sind – in den etablierten Online-Shops, die bereits über einen großen Kundenstamm verfügen – wie zum Beispiel Amazon oder iTunes. Für Selbermacher bieten sich viele, sogar kostenlose Möglichkeiten, mit geringen Zeitaufwand einen Großteil des Marktes abzudecken.

Hier ist meine Liste mit Publishing-Plattformen, die jeder Autor unbedingt nutzen sollte: Amazon KDP: Ein Muss für jeden. Ist einer der bekanntesten eBook-Shops in Deutschland, vor allem für Belletristik. Ein Muss für die Autoren, die ihr Buch nicht nur digital, sondern auch auf Papier anbieten wollen. Interessanter Artikel? Mailen. DerPUPE: Du schaust auf den Boden ... Best Tools and Free Scripts for Second Life. Come visit Phaze Demesnes (pronounced di-MANE/ or /dih-MEEN/, meaning a Lord's region), where everything we do is free.

Why free? Because we can, and I want you to enjoy the neat things I have learned from so many other helpful people. I hope you pass them on to others, too. You can Teleport to Phaze Demesnes and grab all the goodies. They are in houses and signs all over our islands and under the sea. I've been a resident of OpenSim for almost 6 years, and my 8th anniversary in Second Life is coming up soon.

So it's about time we tell you about our African simulation of the Virunga Mountains in Opensim. Want more? There are many more Free Tools, Tricks and Tips in part 2! Free mesh hair for Second life and Open Sim Some wild mesh hair from my "Aili" Japanese girly girl project - boned and weight painted to fit any avatar. License is Open Source CopyLeft do what you want.

Zip file has the Blender file and a DAE exported for Opensim. I can has be Hero! Want to transmogrify? Free Avatars.


"How To Make Your Own Clay Garden Art" by Carrie Jackson. Fall Festivites – Volume .1 Fun With Clay Well, It’s that time of year again…it’s time to say goodbye to Fall and officially welcome in Winter (here in the United States at least.) I hope this Fall was full of many rich and wonderful creative endeavors for you. This Fall I took a break from some of the traditional painting I do and got my hands dirty! I held a small clay workshop and I had a blast creating clay garden art. This is a great project to do alone or with a group of friends that like getting their hands into things and that love decorating gardens. (Make sure if you are doing this with children they are well supervised) How To Make You’re Very Own “Leaf Face” Clay Garden Art What you will need: The best part about this project is that you get to start by taking a nature walk to look for good Fall leaves!

(Are you incredibly visual? Otherwise….uuhumm…shall we proceed? Once you’ve snagged your beautiful inspiration, get all of your supplies out and get into that clay! ! Polymer Clay Tutorial: Blue Stitched Flower Cane. Sometimes, when I start a project, I carefully plan everything out with sketches and color chips and recipes. Sometimes I just grab some clay and start creating. Whenever I can't decide on a color for a project, I gather all the little bits and pieces of one color family and just mix them together, using whatever color I end up with. (I am a little more careful with the coordinating colors.) That's what I did with this one. It's a good way to use up all of those bits and pieces of pretty colors that I just can't bring myself to add to the mud pile- just make sure you don't get rid of any solids that you might need to go with other canes.

Anyway, on to the tutorial... Blue Stitched Flower Cane Materials: polymer clay in tan, white, black, blue, translucent (I didn't keep track of amounts very well. Tools: pasta machine tissue blade needle tool or thin knitting needle extruder with tiny round disk (optional, but highly recommended) Roll it up with the lighter end in the middle. Enjoy! Seize The Day - Meet the band. Seize The Day are a radical English acoustic band with global roots. We write songs to celebrate, inspire and support the liberation of life. Whatever needs to change or be defended in this world, we sing to make you laugh about it, cry about it, dance about it – maybe even inspire you to believe that you can DO something about it!

Seize The Day came out of Britain’s Road Protest Movement in 1996, when Theo and Shannon began playing together at the site of the Newbury Bypass in Southern England. Since then the line-up has expanded and gone through many incarnations, with our sounds evolving along the way. We play at major British festivals like Cambridge, Glastonbury, the Big Chill, and the Big Green Gathering, and a host of smaller ones. We also perform at theatres, fund-raisers, folk-clubs, night-clubs, village halls and colleges. Click on a picture below to find out more about the members of SEIZE THE DAY! More text about us Band History Band Members Previous and occasional members. Dear WordCount: How can I collect an overdue payment for a story? Dear WordCount: I took a story assignment back in April that wasn’t going to pay until the piece was published in the magazine’s November/December issue.

Since then, the publication’s run into trouble and is paying contributors late. I took the assignment so I’d have some extra cash come Christmas time. Now I’m worried I’ll be paid late, or not at all. What should I do? — Worried Writer Dear W.W I’m sorry you’re in this situation. If the issue you wrote the piece for hasn’t come out yet, check with the publisher to make sure it’s still a go, your story will be in the issue and they expect to pay contributors under normal conditions. If payment doesn’t look like it’s forthcoming, you have a few options: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. How do you deal with late payments? [Flickr photo by Robert Bouza] Vendor's Store. Torten- & Patisserieservice suess-und-salzig. Atelier Uta Meurer | Tattoos - Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova. Cute Food - Party Planning - Party Ideas - Cute Food - Holiday Ideas -Tablescapes - Special Occasions And Events - Party Pinching.

SO MUCH CUTE FOOD, SO LITTLE ROOM! For even more cute food, click HERE or on the "More Cute Food" tab on your left. Seriously, you don't want to miss these adorable treats. Trust. This cute little guy is made from an Oreo. Frost with cookie icing and decorate with sprinkles, he is one cool dude. I choo-choo choose you! Dip some pretzels in Candiquik and coat in pink sugar sprinkles, attach a sour punch straw in the middle along with a conversation heart with a smiley face (use a black edible marker) and you have a cute snack that will make anyone's heart flutter! Peanut Butter and Jelly are so good together!

A lovely little cupcake topper made from a shortbread tartlet and love birds made from pink & red peanut M&M's. Made from an Golden Oreo Cakester, this lion is decorated with jumbo heart sprinkles for the mane and nose and yellow M&M's for the ears. For when you're "feline" grumpy. Cute, right? Booooiiinnnggg!!! Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum. O Come Let Us Adore Him. Super sweet popcorn treat! Scrivener Templates. Scrivener is a great tool for both the fledgling and seasoned writer. The ability to design a template that allows an intuitive workflow on every project is one of its strongest points. Once you find out what works best for you writing style you can tweak and reuse a single template. Don't forget you can download a free trial in wither a Windows or a Mac version. If you decide to buy grab this Scrivener Coupon Code for 20% off you purchase of this great program. To make your search easier here are some templates to work with: Most of these are zipped files.

Scriptwriting in the UK: Joss Whedon's Top 10 Writing Tips. Vorlagen für eigene Schreibhefte - Apfel(B)log 1. Ohrschmücker. Glitzerelfe Ohrschmücker aus mit Perlen bezogenem Draht. Die Verzierung sitzt vor dem Ohr, das ganze hält mit einem Draht und das Ohr rum (sitzt auch gut, verliert man nicht). Ihr braucht keine Ohrlöcher! Sehr elfenhaft und ausgefallen. Material Blumendraht (vorzugsweise in silber, aber grün geht auch), in Stücken, nicht von der Rolle!

Kostet jeweils nur ein paar Euro, ist wirklich nicht teuer Anleitung Mit einer kleinen Zange biegt ihr erstmal einen Kringel in das eine Ende des Drahtes. Nun die beiden Drahtstücke die hinter dem Ohr sind mit Tesafilm zusammenkleben. So, dann werden die Perlen auf die Kringel draufgefädelt. Jetzt das Teil ans Ohr setzen, vorsichtig in Form drücken (so daß die Kringel am Gesicht anliegen und das Teil sicher auf dem Ohr sitzt) und fertig! Zur allgemeinen Verständlichmachung mal ein Scan: Variationen An Kringeln könnt ihr zusammenbiegen was ihr wollt. Einfach! Musiktipp Soda empfiehlt ...mal etwas älteres. Feedback zu dieser Anleitung. Craft DIY Projects, Patterns, How-tos, Fashion, Recipes @ - Felting, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Home & More.


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