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Turning innovation into contagion. iPad Be Nimble, iPad Be Quick. One of the most challenging lessons for schools to learn in implementing iPads is that the iPad is not a laptop.

iPad Be Nimble, iPad Be Quick

The conversation can sometimes get bogged down around the device, trapping schools in these definitions as they lose sight of the central reasons to use technology: To enhance teaching and learningTo differentiate instructionTo personalize the learning experienceTo solve authentic problems where technology must be used to solve those problems. How to Use Google as a Countdown Timer. Coding for women: could I learn to program in a day? This year, in case anyone missed the memo, is the "Year of Code".

Coding for women: could I learn to program in a day?

The government announcement came last week, along with plans for all children to be taught to program computers in schools. I know next-to-nothing about coding, apart from the fact that far fewer girls than boys do it, and no one understands why. So an invitation to learn to code in a day with a bunch of other women seemed too good an opportunity to pass up. Perhaps it would explain why there is such a gender gap in an industry that governs almost every part of our lives.The course run by Decoded, a digital training company, is typically offered to businesses that want all their employees, not just the developers, to understand the basics. I expected to go along, ask questions and make notes. How I Made My Twitter Video... Fluency21 - Committed Sardine Blog. UJAM – Make your music. UJAM – Make your music. Are Intranets Becoming Irrelevant? Let’s dispense with the hype and marketing speak; an intranet is an internally focused, private website.

Are Intranets Becoming Irrelevant?

And like all websites they’re meant to hand out information like a Pez dispenser. They are corporate brochureware and their time has come and gone. There was a time when an intranet was the best possible solution for internal communication. Most companies have events, announcements, files, forms, presentations, workflows and general information that needs to be accessible to the employees or groups within the organization. This content is the stuff of the intranet. It’s not that intranets aren't useful; it’s just that they’re obsolete.

The Intranet Replacements Enterprise social networks and similar collaboration platforms have distinct advantages for disseminating corporate information. The second advantage that enterprise social networks have over intranets is the ability to facilitate meaningful conversations around content. The Key Differentiator About the Author.

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A Case Study of Facebook’s Simply Amazing Talent Management Practices, Part 2 of 2. In part 1 of this series I covered the first 24 amazing talent management practices at Facebook.

A Case Study of Facebook’s Simply Amazing Talent Management Practices, Part 2 of 2

In this part, I will cover the remaining unique 21 best practices that you can learn from. If you’re not aware of Facebook’s success, within 15 months of its IPO, its average employee produces over $1.3 million in revenue and $120,000 in profit each a year. has rated the firm No. 1 for employee satisfaction and its employees rate its CEO No. 1 with an almost perfect 99 percent approval rating. My primary contribution in this case study is to provide insight into the business reasoning behind each of its unique practices.

The 45+ features are separated into 10 different categories. The physical space encourages openness, collaboration and innovation An open floor plan to encourage collaboration – its office space design may even surpass Google’s in encouraging openness, collaboration, and innovation. Unique approaches for managing employees.

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Do we still need the telephone? 25 July 2013Last updated at 19:30 ET Just as the use of social media divides opinion, so the arrival of telephones in the office was once seen as a radical intrusion, explains Lucy Kellaway.

Do we still need the telephone?

As I sit at my desk I can hear the distant hum of a photocopier, a mobile phone vibrates along a table and somewhere far away a printer runs out of paper. The office has become a very quiet place indeed. Technology has changed the sound of office life. For a hundred years it was a noisy place, filled with the sound of telephones and typewriters. Living With a Chromebook: Can You Live With Just a Chrome Browser? Chromebooks are becoming more popular, with Samsung’s $249 Chromebook garnering solid reviews and decent sales.

Living With a Chromebook: Can You Live With Just a Chrome Browser?

But a Chromebook still seems a bit scary — how do you live with just a Chrome browser? Is that really enough for a laptop? Chromebooks are laptops that only run the Chrome browser. Actually, they run Chrome OS, which is the Chrome browser with a few extra bits to provide just enough of a computer interface around the Chrome browser. How Can You Just Use a Browser? Many people spend most of their computer time in a browser, and that browser is often Google Chrome. A Chromebook is Google’s vision of the future. How this sounds to you will depend on how you use your computer and how much you’ve moved to “the cloud.” There was a time when you needed to download all your email messages over POP3 and store them on your computer, ensuring you regularly backed up your email program’s data so you wouldn’t lose your email. Additional Chromebook Stuff Chromebook Challenges Advanced Geekery.