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Computer Science Club. Video games and your degree: Can they ever mix? - Student Life - Student. Cartman, in the South Park episode Make Love, Not Warcraft, says “you can just hang around outside in the sun all day, tossing a ball around, or you can sit at your computer and do something that matters".

Video games and your degree: Can they ever mix? - Student Life - Student

Some of the research which has been published within this field shows that Cartman might actually have been right. 2009's Annual Review of Cybertherapy and Telemedicine included a study which revealed the findings that people who are highly stressed and suffer from depression could vent their aggression and frustration through playing video games. If people can knock out a pedestrian on the streets of GTA's Liberty City and only suffer the consequences of the animated police chasing after them then, it could be argued, that it is much better the gamer vents their aggression in a virtual world then in the real world. Although the obvious argument for teenagers after reading this article would be “But mum, I’m learning” nevertheless, in a sense, it’s true.

How Gaming Prepares Us to Learn More in Life. Learning How to Learn with Games “It turns out video games are just a Trojan horse for studying interest-driven learning” - Constance Steinkeuhler Now here’s an ironic twist: for all those decades in which academia has been demonizing video games by claiming its taking time away from teenage reading, it now turns out gaming has become one of the main catalysts for teenage reading in boys.

How Gaming Prepares Us to Learn More in Life

I’m not referring to text inside the games nor am I suggesting gamifying reading with points, badges and leaderboards either. Can Playing Video Games Give Girls an Edge In Math? Teaching Strategies Girls should play more video games.

Can Playing Video Games Give Girls an Edge In Math?

That’s one of the unexpected lessons I take away from a rash of recent studies on the importance of—and the malleability of—spatial skills. First, why spatial skills matter: The ability to mentally manipulate shapes and otherwise understand how the three-dimensional world works turns out to be an important predictor of creative and scholarly achievements, according to research published this month in the journal Psychological Science.

The long-term study found that 13-year-olds’ scores on traditional measures of mathematical and verbal reasoning predicted the number of scholarly papers and patents these individuals produced three decades later. But high scores on tests of spatial ability taken at age 13 predicted something more surprising: the likelihood that the individual would develop new knowledge and produce innovation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the domains collectively known as STEM. Related. What Research Says About Game-Based Learning. Play and Learn Weekly – Sep.22th, 2012. Games. Teach Digital Citizenship with … Minecraft.

Teach Digital Citizenship with … Minecraft. The hottest topic in my elementary school tech classroom is Minecraft–and has been for several years.

Teach Digital Citizenship with … Minecraft

So I was thrilled when efriend, Josh Ward, offered to write an article for Ask a Tech Teacher connecting Minecraft and the most important topic in my classroom–Digital Citizenship. Josh is the Director of Sales and Marketing for green hosting provider, A Small Orange. He is originally from Southeast Texas, but has called Austin home for almost 20 years. He enjoys writing about his passion for all things Internet related as well as sharing his expertise in the web hosting industry and education.

I think you’ll enjoy this article: A “digital citizen” is generally defined as “those who use the Internet regularly and effectively.” Advertisers and corporations have known this for some time, and have begun targeting the youth demographic that will drive the country’s economic future, making responsible and informed “digital citizenship” that much more important. Building Worlds Together. Online Educational Games for Classroom and Home Practice. ElectroCity.

The Weblog. Ten of the Very Best Reasons for. Division of Blitz Games Studios Ltd. Using Games in the Classroom. This article is taken from the introduction to "Geometry Games", a photocopiable resource published by The Association of Teachers of Mathematics .

Using Games in the Classroom

When I first started to work on the use of games in the classroom, I was amazed that so little justification existed for their use. The assumption seems to be that games are fun and so they are a good thing to do. Setting up games in the classroom is time consuming in terms of preparation of equipment and demanding from an organisational point of view. Also, in some ways, it leads to a loss of teacher control of pupil learning, as well as the loss of the volume of recorded pupil activity produced by more formal activities. Gamefroot. Games & Stories - Ancient Egypt for Kids. Escape from the Mummy's tomb, Kids Zone at National Museums Liverpool. History - Ancient History in depth: Mummy Maker. Games to Learn Spanish - Qué Onda. Qué Onda Spanish Log In | Sign Up Games to Learn Spanish Who says learning Spanish can't be all fun and games?

Games to Learn Spanish - Qué Onda

With these games you can continue studying all the lessons we offer while having fun. Whack-a-Word Hangman Word Search Memory / Concentration Other Language Web Apps. - Games Learning Society. Institute of Play. Quest to Learn - Quest to Learn offers a new approach to education based on the principles that make video games enjoyable.

Quest to Learn -

The Fiction Engine. Games for Change is the leading global advocate for supporting and making games for social impact. — Everything, By Everyone. Games for PC, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac & Online.

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