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Does the MMR Vaccine Cause Autism? Does the MMR vaccine cause autism?

Does the MMR Vaccine Cause Autism?

This is the essential question that each parent should ponder prior to injecting their child with the MMR vaccination. The answer is largely divided between conventional medicine and the holistic community. Evidence supporting the claim that the MMR vaccine causes autism includes parental reports, court case verdicts, multiple research studies and animal research. Deniers of the connection refer to vaccine studies which are considered flawed or biased by those in the holistic health community. [1, 2] In the end, each person must decide for themselves what to believe. Parental Reports The most emotionally moving claim of the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism is the observation by parents of sharp behavioral decline in their infants after receiving the MMR vaccination. For many of these children, their recovery never occurs and they continue to suffer from symptoms diagnosed as autism.

“We started having to put food into his mouth. Court Cases. The MedAlerts Blog. • A yearly wrapup of VAERS data with an eye on childhood vaccinations. • Arguments on both sides of the vaccine controversy are discussed. . . . → Read More.

The MedAlerts Blog

18 unique ways to lose the first 10 pounds. Shape your environment and your body will follow. Changing how you think and feel is hard.

18 unique ways to lose the first 10 pounds. Shape your environment and your body will follow.

Changing your environment isn’t. And by shaping your environment, your body will follow. Here, 18 unique tips for doing just that. Use these to lose the first 10 pounds, or the last. If I took 50 random strangers to the grocery store and asked them to fill their basket with only nutritious, health-promoting foods, I bet they could do it. If that’s true, why are so many people sick from chronic preventable diseases? Why are people eating so poorly? Obviously, just knowing stuff isn’t enough to actually do stuff. Being able to memorize carb grams, or calorie tables, or the names of exotic superfoods doesn’t often change what we eat when it’s time for a hurried breakfast or a got-home-late-from-work dinner. Helping Seniors Move: 5 Tips. Moving is daunting—especially for seniors—but it can also be an opportunity to provide real support at a time when your loved one needs it most.

Helping Seniors Move: 5 Tips

It’s a decision many put off until they are backed into a corner, which makes for an even more stressful situation. National Institute on Aging. One cool fall day, Ellen and Sue were watching their teenagers play soccer when all of a sudden Ellen flushed and seemed to be sweating.

National Institute on Aging

Sue asked if Ellen was okay. Stop Procrastinating and turn your Dreams into a Reality. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now.

Stop Procrastinating and turn your Dreams into a Reality

Oh the irony! My confidence in my own writing is at an all time low. It’s like anything, when you begin to scrutinise and compare you’re always going to find fault and pick holes. So I’m overthinking everything I write and it’s taking much longer to get simple blog post ready for publishing. I’ve been researching and working on improving my writing but the problem is there are no hard and fast, actionable ways to get better. Writing on the other hand is like painting a masterpiece in the dark. Expressing myself with words has never been my strong point (neither has interpretive dance in case anyone was worrying that this blog was about to take an abrupt change of direction) but I have a lot to say. Perimenopause and Menopause 101 – Ellen Dolgen. Every woman you know is going to go through menopause someday.

Perimenopause and Menopause 101 – Ellen Dolgen

Basically, menopause is the tampon-free time time in a woman’s life. Sounds breezy, right? Who wouldn’t want to live without her period? Well, the transition from the tampon-wearing time in your life to the tampon-free time can get quite rocky and extremely challenging. The Process Begins With Perimenopause Perimenopause generally lasts from six to ten years, a time that is often filled with all sorts of not-so-fun symptoms that we typically associate with the word menopause (more on that below). ‘Entertainment’ Review: Rick Alverson’s Dark, Weird Odyssey. Not everyone found much to laugh about in director Rick Alverson’s 2012 Sundance competition entry “The Comedy,” an extravagantly rude, confrontational and surprisingly poignant study of a dissolute New York slacker waiting to inherit his dying father’s fortune.

‘Entertainment’ Review: Rick Alverson’s Dark, Weird Odyssey

And not everyone will be entertained by Alverson’s new “Entertainment,” an even darker, weirder odyssey through a soulless American nowhere, with perhaps the world’s most abrasively unfunny insult comic as our guide. But take it or leave it, Alverson’s fourth feature is singular stuff, and it reconfirms the director as one of the truly bold voices in the all-too-homogenous U.S. indie film scene. General audiences will keep a safe distance, but “Entertainment” should have no trouble finding a fervent cult to call its own. Outfitted in a cheap tuxedo and greasy combover, his throat always thick with phlegm, Hamburger suggests a cross between Andy Kaufman’s desiccated lounge singer Tony Clifton and Mr.

Production. Letting Go Of Clutter (Part 2)