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How to be a good coach - 10 steps by Dan John. The following article is by Dan John.

How to be a good coach - 10 steps by Dan John

His brand new book Before We Go: An Ongoing Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning is available for preorder now (copies ship Nov 18th). Coaching is an art and a science. How to be a good coach balances the skill set of a used car salesman, a ship’s captain and a cable TV comedy show host. Knowing what you’re doing is part of the battle. Implementing the right thing(s) to do is where the real art begins. I have a few principles that keep me from losing most of my mind. 1. Certainly, there are formal tools for assessment and they have great value. It’s hard to grasp. 2. Whether it’s books for personal trainers, articles, workshops or sitting in a bar, good coaches are always looking for a better way…a clearer path. How to Find Free & Cheap Images for Your Massage Marketing.

Online Marketing Basics: Website Creation. Massage TodayAugust, 2015, Vol. 15, Issue 08 By Stephanie Beck.

Online Marketing Basics: Website Creation

DO WHAT YOU LOVE: 5 THINGS I’VE DISCOVERED SINCE BECOMING MY OWN BOSS. 16th June 2015 Three years ago, virtually to the day, I made the decision to leave my full time job as a town planner and pursue the crazy world of working for yourself.


Although in some roundabout way this had always been the plan (both my parents run their own businesses), it wasn’t something I was thinking about at the time. I was pretty much forced into it because I wanted to write my book and my job at the time wouldn’t let me split my time between work and writing. And I’m so glad they took that stance! Because it was the best decision I’ve made to date. How Facebook's video-traffic explosion is shaking up advertising. Cenk Uygur can pinpoint the day he realized that Facebook FB video was going to rewrite his business model.

How Facebook's video-traffic explosion is shaking up advertising

It was April 6, the day his digital-video startup, TYT Network, uploaded a clip to the social network called “Teachers Sent to Jail FOR DECADES.” The video didn’t strike Uygur as anything special—just a typical example of his network’s progressive news commentary. But by lunchtime, it had racked up 7 million Facebook “impressions,” or people who saw it in their Facebook News Feed. By the time he finished eating, it had added another million. He looked again when he arrived at his Los Angeles office: 9 million, total. Looking over the stats, Uygur, who is TYT’s CEO, thought about all the videos his startup shared on the social network. In recent months that kind of “oh, my God” moment has occurred for video creators around the world. These may sound like minor technical distinctions, but tiny changes make a huge difference when you’ve got 1.4 billion monthly active users.

8 Tips to Plan Your Email Newsletter Strategy. As with all the marketing campaigns you initiate, launch, and manage for your massage therapy practice, you want to be sure you have a purposeful plan before you invest your time, creativity, and resources.

8 Tips to Plan Your Email Newsletter Strategy

This holds true not only for the content you regularly add to your website, the gift cards you promote, your Tweets, Facebook messages, and other social media blasts, but also your newsletter. Yes, even your email newsletter needs a strategy to make it effective and worth not only your time, but also the time of its recipients. Before launching your massage therapy’s email newsletter, here are 8 tips to keep in mind as part of your whole newsletter strategy: Tip #1: Be mindful. Take It From Your Peers: You CAN Get Paid to Work in Eldercare and Hospice. Massage TodaySeptember, 2010, Vol. 10, Issue 09 By Ann Catlin, LMT, NCTMB, OTR My last article focused on keys to opening doors to eldercare and hospice.

Take It From Your Peers: You CAN Get Paid to Work in Eldercare and Hospice

If you desire to work in these settings, my guess is you have wondered: 1) How do I get my foot in the door? Refer a Friend Program - Irene Diamond. Should I Write A Business Plan? - Irene Diamond. Yikes — The age-old question: “Should I Write A Business Plan?”

Should I Write A Business Plan? - Irene Diamond

Interesting question was asked to me in my private coaching group the other day. A member asked me if I recommend practitioners and small business owners create a business plan. I’m curious…do you think you need to create a biz plan when you’re starting, and /or did you create one before you started your biz? As a business-success coach for thera-preneurs, you can imagine I get asked often if it is needed for a new biz owner to write one. I wonder if you can guess what my reply is? I say no! (You’ll laugh — in all of my various businesses I’ve NEVER created a business plan, and still have generated millions of dollars over the last 25 years!) 13 Client Attraction Marketing Strategies - Irene Diamond. Simplify, Take Action, Focus…On One Thing Are you like me (and many thera-preneurs) who have a hard time focusing on what to do to get new clients?

13 Client Attraction Marketing Strategies - Irene Diamond

Are You Thinking: What marketing ‘thing’ should I do? Should I spend money on advertising? How do I get new clients? Too many of us run around thinking we need to do ‘everything’! 13 Client Attraction Marketing Strategies - Irene Diamond. 8 Small Business Tax Preparation Mistakes to Avoid. Tax time brings with it a sense of urgency and pressure, and mistakes inevitably follow.

8 Small Business Tax Preparation Mistakes to Avoid

Tax deductions go unclaimed, paper trails go awry and costly surprises can result. Here are eight of the most common tax preparation mistakes that small businesses make, plus some tips for mitigating them. Start a business last year? Write off the expenses. Grow Your Client Base With This Strategy. The services you provide as a massage therapist are always welcomed, appreciated, and looked forward to by all of your diverse customers ~ no matter what their reason for coming to you initially.

Grow Your Client Base With This Strategy

Unlike scheduling a dental appointment, no one dreads making an appointment with a message therapist. In fact, often times your customers will ask how soon they can be seen and if someone should cancel, can you squeeze them in?! While you want to continue to accommodate and grow the loyal client base that drives to your location, there’s an entirely unique service that you can provide outside of the list of services you offer at your physical location. How to Build and Market Your Email List for More Bookings. You need to think of your practice’s email list as a very necessary component to all the data you collect about your new, established, and potential clients.

Bring A Friend Program - Irene Diamond. Sm6602-12-oz. Offer a "50 Cents on the Dollar" Program - Irene Diamond. Free High-Resolution Photos. General Business: Five Organizations Every Small Business Owner Should Join: Small Business Community. By Wendy Amundson. One of the best ways to help your business succeed is by participating in organizations related to your business by location, industry, or other shared affiliation.

Active participation in organizations provides opportunities to develop trusting relationships with potential partners and customers, build your expertise through organization-sponsored workshops and conferences, and increase visibility for yourself and your business by taking advantage of speaking opportunities, event sponsorship and leadership positions. How to Write a Business Plan. Business Owner's Toolkit from BizFilings. Small Business or Startup Need Help? Top 25 Supportive Websites.

CMS 1500 Insurance Claim Form Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank - PDFfiller. How to Write a Compelling Bio Part 2: Writing and Style Tips. December 2013 How to Write a Compelling Bio Part 2: Writing and Style Tips by Lisa Chinn Once you've identified some of the information you want to put in your bio, it's time to sit down and write it. Professionals usually write bios in the third person, using "he" or "she," rather than first person, using "I. " Describing yourself in the third person sounds more authoritative than first person, and clients tend to trust it more.

How to Write a Compelling Bio, Part 1: What to Include. November 2013 How to Write a Compelling Bio, Part 1: What to Include by Lisa Chinn A compelling biography helps prospective clients get to know and trust you, while also allowing you to inform them about your massage services. As a massage practitioner, you can post your bio in many important places, including your website, online directories, online appointment-booking applications, brochures and other marketing materials you create. How To Promote Your Services, for Free, on Craig’s List and Other Directories. - Irene Diamond. Pick a Neighboring Business To Cross Promote Services. - Irene Diamond. Red Oak Residence of North Bend Washington Homepage.

From Zero Clients, To 10-15 Per Week In 6 Months. My Personal Secrets! Today I’m going to bring you in behind closed doors and show you exactly what propelled me to success in only 6 months. After I went through my “dry spell” for about a year, these are the marketing techniques that I implemented that set me apart from my peers and attracted clients into my practice. Getting Started With MailChimp. Business Licensing Guide. 700032.pdf. Increase Your Massage Clientele with Public Speaking. February 2014. 6 Steps to Facebook Marketing Magic. September 2014 6 Steps to Facebook Marketing Magic. Pick a Neighboring Business To Cross Promote Services. - Irene Diamond. Design Services. Only one promo code can be used per order. Savings will be reflected in your shopping cart. Business Networking Referral Organization Groups. From Zero Clients, To 10-15 Per Week In 6 Months. My Personal Secrets!

Become a Non-Network L&I Provider. Do YOU Believe In Yourself? - Irene Diamond. As a service provider, Do YOU Believe In Yourself? Tough Love Mentor Question:If you don’t believe in yourself, why should your clients and referring partners trust you? Video Traffic Academy: The Complete Guide to Video Marketing, Making Great Videos and YouTube. FbInfluence. C 246-830-475: Continuing education requirements. (1) To renew a license, licensed massage practitioners must complete twenty-four hours of continuing education every two years. (a) A minimum of eight hours must be direct supervised massage skills training; and (b) A minimum of four hours must be in professional ethics, communication, and/or Washington state massage laws and regulations. Tx Planner. Is a Geriatric Massage Specialty Right For You? - MASSAGE Magazine. Market Geriatric Massage to a Retirement Community. Home-Based Business Tax Deductions.

Home-based tax deductions are similar to tax deductions of regular businesses. However, most home business owners can also take advantage of the home office tax deduction. Other home-based tax deductions will largely be contingent upon the business owner's line of work. Nevertheless, all home business owners should check with the Internal Revenue Service to determine expenses they can deduct. Significance.

How to Start an Outcall Massage Business. How to Start a Mobile Massage Business. Consumers' schedules are jam-packed with personal and professional demands, so starting a business you can take to your customers can save them time and reduce their stress. Mobile services give individuals and groups the opportunity to take advantage of services from the comfort of their homes or offices. United States Patent and Trademark Office. File a Business License Application. The Business License Application is a simplified form used to apply for many state licenses, registrations, and permits.

It’s also used to apply for some city licenses. Who should file, and when? Building Your Business - The Power of Persuasion. Free Small Business Advice. North Bend. Membership benefits — American Massage Therapy Association. SOAP Vault - Charting Simplified. How to Write An Effective Business Plan — American Massage Therapy Association.