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Moral Theories

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George Carlin - Pro Life, Abortion and The Sanctity Of Life. Woman Dies After Denied Abortion - Cenk on 'Morality' Lake of Fire. How to Live an Ethical Life. Peter Singer: "The Ethics of What We Eat" The Moral Status of Animals. 1.

The Moral Status of Animals

The Moral Considerability of Animals To say that a being deserves moral consideration is to say that there is a moral claim that this being has on those who can recognize such claims. A morally considerable being is a being who can be wronged in a morally relevant sense. It is generally thought that all and only human beings make such claims, because it is only humans who can respond to these claims. However, when we ask why it is thought that all and only humans are the types of beings that can be wronged, answers are not particularly easy to come by. But which capacities mark out all and only humans as the kinds of beings that can be wronged? Nonetheless, there is something important that is thought to distinguish humans from non-humans that is not reducible to the observation of behavior best explained by possessing a certain capacity, namely our “personhood.” And in the Lectures on Anthropology: More recent work in a Kantian vein develops this idea. 2. 3.

The St James Ethics and Wheeler Centre debate - Intelligence Squared: Animals Should Be Off the Menu. Paul Mccartney about Vegetarian, Vegan life-style. Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson for PETA (Extended Cut) The Earthlings... ORIGINAL Elephant Painting. Art by Animals (UCL) The Ethical Meat Eater. In Vitro Meat Could Save World, Make You Puke. Onision's Vegetarian Argument. 7 Reasons Why We Have Not 'Evolved' To Eat Meat. Robert Grillo, who wrote 5 Reasons Why Meat Eating is Not a Personal Choice, reviewed many of the comments raised by Care2 readers about the story and wrote a follow up intended to address the most common concerns and counter arguments on the subject.

7 Reasons Why We Have Not 'Evolved' To Eat Meat

How many times have you heard someone justify their behavior based on the illogical premise that history somehow makes it right and assures its ethical legitimacy into the future? In fact, throughout history influential leaders and thinkers have used this same troubled logic to defend slavery, genocide, the oppression of women, racism, and discrimination based on a whole host of irrelevant criteria including sexual orientation, religion, color and now species.

In my discussions with people both online and in person, I find this interpretation of history and evolution to be one of the most common “apologies” for meat eating I hear these days. 1. We are highly evolved moral beings, averse to violence and suffering 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The top 10 things I’ve learned in 5 years of being vegan. This winter is my five year anniversary of being vegan.

The top 10 things I’ve learned in 5 years of being vegan

To the delight of many and the surprise of some, I am still alive after eating and living this way. Part of me wishes I had a story of radical physical transformation for you, about how changing my diet saved my life or made me some kind of superhero. In reality, I went from being decently healthy to remaining decently healthy. The real transformation I’ve undergone has been a shift in my thinking. So, in celebration, here are the top ten things I’ve learned in five years of veganism: 1. Eating Animals - Jonathan Safran Foer. Essay:Why You Shouldn't Eat Meat. Because people have so many different beliefs, it's hard to build a rationale for vegetarianism that will answer everyone's needs.

Essay:Why You Shouldn't Eat Meat

Some people think it's natural to eat meat, others think people have a special status in the world, and some think that God said it was okay. Peter Singer's Ethics. Ethics - Charity: Peter Singer: It's our duty to give. The End of Poverty? Peter Singer: The why and how of effective altruism. Ending World Hunger ...Easy. In 1974 the first World Food Conference was held by the United Nations to set up a plan of action to end world hunger.

Ending World Hunger ...Easy

In that conference, then U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger stated that within 10 years no child would go to bed hungry. To say Mr. Kissinger was off on his prediction would be an understatement. In 1974 it was estimated, by the F.A.O., that 434 million people were going hungry in the world. Child dies every six minutes in Horn of Africa famine. Half of all food 'thrown away' claims report. 10 January 2013Last updated at 13:16 ET The report said half the food bought in Europe and the US ended up in the bin Britain's biggest supermarkets have been defending their practices after a report suggested that up to half of the world's food is thrown away.

Half of all food 'thrown away' claims report

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers said the waste was being caused by poor storage, strict sell-by dates, bulk offers and consumer fussiness. The British Retail Consortium said supermarkets have "adopted a range of approaches" to combat waste. They also lobbied the EU to relax laws stopping the sale of misshaped produce. According to the report - Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not - from the UK-based institution, as much as half of the world's food, amounting to two billion tonnes worth, is wasted. Who Says Science has Nothing to Say About Morality? Sam Harris: The Moral Landscape.