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Back-Office Processes You Should Be Outsourcing Right Now. Business process virtual assistants in the Philippines outsourcing started out as a privilege for larger organisations.

Back-Office Processes You Should Be Outsourcing Right Now

With the proliferation of offshore virtual assistant services teams and agencies, it’s now made available for small to medium-sized enterprises as well. Choosing to companies that hire virtual assistants outsource brings numerous benefits like reduced costs, increased ad spending and enhanced scalability. These are especially obvious with back-office operations, such as human VA in the Philippines resources services and data management. However, it’s important to note that remote virtual assistant companies must always take a structured approach towards back-office outsourcing.

Without proper planning and management, outsourcing may negatively impact the bottom line. Failing to define tasks clearly will slow down the workflow. Here are examples of back-office processes you should be outsourcing right now: 25 Tasks to Outsource to Your Administrative Virtual Assistant. If you’ve just started your business, you’re probably doing it all, from booking appointments to making financial reports, and everything in between.

25 Tasks to Outsource to Your Administrative Virtual Assistant

You may be more than capable of handling these tasks on your own until you realise how much they drain your time and energy. Delivering quality goods and services is time-consuming enough without adding tasks like market research, event planning or inbox management. Eventually, you’ll start to experience physical and mental exhaustion, which will affect your work and professional relationships. Offshore Staff vs Chatbots – Which Are Better? People want you to handle their concerns about your product or service immediately.

Offshore Staff vs Chatbots – Which Are Better?

Fail to do this and they’ll turn to other brands. You’ll lose prospects showing interest in your business while disappointing existing clients who were expecting good service. Implementing a chatbot or hiring a virtual assistant can address this issue, but if not done properly, it’ll just frustrate visitors with how you’re interacting with them. Here Are 7 Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll.

Payroll is about the periodic processing of sick leaves, holiday credits, late deductions, commissions, overtime pay, retirement program contributions and more.

Here Are 7 Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll

While the most common payroll period is every two weeks, processing it can also occur weekly or monthly. It’s not easy, however; calculation errors are hard to avoid when you’re juggling bookkeeping and management. One tiny mistake can lead to unhappy employees. Payroll tax laws are also a concern as rules vary. Did Your VA Ghost You? Here’s What To Do When It Happens. Ghosting is the practice of ending a relationship (usually an intimate one) by abruptly ending all contact with no explanation.

Did Your VA Ghost You? Here’s What To Do When It Happens

Sadly, this is also becoming an issue in employment, where clients experience having a virtual assistant suddenly cut off contact and stop reporting to work. If a remote worker ghosts you, you’ll have no choice but to repeat the costly process of recruiting and training another, so there’ll be someone to take over their responsibilities. Tasks are put on hold and customers are often left waiting, and this negatively impacts your reputation. The situation is especially frustrating when the role is difficult to fill, or involves managing a team of offshore virtual assistant services. The ghosting VA takes their extensive knowledge with them, and their subordinates are left without direct supervision. Initial Steps. Sales and Customer Service Remote Assistants. With a Workmate to handle your offshore sales and/or customer service, you can significantly reduce personnel costs, support marketing campaigns, handle seasonal spikes in sales or call volumes, or support customers in other time zones.

Sales and Customer Service Remote Assistants

Sales and/or customer service staff can also help you: Develop products and market strategies.Create product presentations.Generate sales leads and convert them to customers.Research your company’s niche.Analyse new market trends.Prepare and manage reports about sales/bookings.Perform other sales- or customer-service-related tasks you assign. List of Roles Here are some examples of sales and customer service roles: TelemarketerInbound Sales RepresentativeOutbound Sales RepresentativeCustomer Service/Support RepresentativeSales SpecialistAppointment SetterLead Generation SpecialistBusiness Development Specialist.

20 Tasks to Outsource to a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant. Your business needs an effective marketing plan to survive in this digital age, but creating and implementing one is complex and difficult.

20 Tasks to Outsource to a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Among other things, you need to: Create a sales funnel;Optimise your site for search engines;Run ads;Grow your presence on social media. How the Digital Age Changed SMEs. The digital age has transformed not only how businesses are perceived but also how they are run.

How the Digital Age Changed SMEs

It brought about a move from using traditional methods to those enabled by information technology. The continued popularity of the cloud, big data, social media, and mobile phones, in particular, prompted brands to adopt these innovations. All of this is done in order to not be left behind by the trends and to appeal to different generations. Presently, digital tools are used in every aspect of business—from management to production. How to Train a New Hire and Still Have Time to Do Your Job.

As the cash continues to roll in, the future of your business is looking bright.

How to Train a New Hire and Still Have Time to Do Your Job

You eventually reach a point when you have to hire more remote assistants. The recruitment process isn’t to be taken lightly, though: adding people to your workforce is more than just selecting from a pool of candidates. Training is also an important factor to consider. After all, you can’t expect the newbie to know their way around your internal processes on their first day. While they can learn some parts on the go, there are things that must be taught formally. Creating a supportive environment where your new hire will thrive is crucial. Offshore Staffing Firms vs Freelancing Platforms – Which Are Better? If you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise and you want to compete with large corporations, your best bet is to outsource.

Offshore Staffing Firms vs Freelancing Platforms – Which Are Better?

Today, many companies are choosing to search outside their localities for top talent, especially when filling tech-related positions. Not only does this guarantee better results but also it reduces company costs. This is one of the reasons why the demand for outsourcing remains at an all-time high. Remote Workmate at the Working Remote Convention 2019. Last September 13 and 14, Working Remote PH held the largest freelance conference in the country for the benefit of aspiring and current remote workers. There, several experts talked about matters related to sustainable careers that can be done anywhere around the world. We at Remote Workmate gladly took the opportunity to expand our knowledge on emerging technologies, tools and techniques as well as the present state of the industry. Allow us to share some of the highlights of the event along with our thoughts on what we’ve learned: Rural Impact Sourcing Representing the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), Emmy Lou Versoza-Delfin discussed their Digital Jobs PH initiative, which is designed to create IT-related jobs in socio-economically disadvantaged areas in the Philippines.

If you’re interested to know more about the programme, check out for training details and more. Working on Self-Actualisation Getting More Done in Less Time Living without Limits. Real Estate Lead Generation: 75 VA Tasks to Delegate. If you work in real estate, probably you’ve heard this before – your top priority is to generate new business. There is no passive lead generation in real estate, you have to get out there and make things happen otherwise you won’t be able to build your listing inventory. How Real Estate Virtual Assistants Can Help You Hit Your Lead Generation Goals Real estate business coaches, like the highly appreciated Tim and Julie Harris or Brian Icenhower, think that you need to generate your own leads.

These coaches do a great job at offering real estate agents resources on how to smarten up their strategies and turn leads into face-to-face meetings. How Much Does a Virtual Assistant Cost? If people keep telling you to hire a virtual assistant, maybe you should give it some thought. If they can tell how overwhelmed you are by your workload, maybe you do need to take it easier, and a remote assistant might be just what the doctor ordered.

To gain something, you need to pay something. And this is where things get a bit difficult because there isn’t a single correct answer for how much you should pay for a virtual assistant. First of all, it depends on where they live. Second of all, it depends on what you need them to do. Competitor Focused Strategy VS Customer Focused Strategy. You may have read countless articles and attended several professional seminars where you must have heard how customer orientation is the key to achieving the organizational goals of profitable business growth. But, have you ever wondered why you are unable to grow your customer base despite having a bunch of loyal customers who all seem thrilled with your products and services?

If you already have a well laid out strategy for customer satisfaction then probably it is time to take a different viewpoint in terms of your strategy – a competitor orientation marketing. A competitor oriented strategy is especially important, if your product offering is similar in price and benefits with those offered by competitors. Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Project Management. The services being offered by outsourcing is becoming more diverse throughout the years. Now, even the management tasks are being outsourced. Thanks to the many available collaboration tools, this kind of business process is already possible. In offshore companies, they naturally hire their own project managers to look after a certain number or group of Virtual Assistants that they have doing a certain task for a client. The risk comes in when you decide to outsource a manager to take care of your in-house projects. To rationalize the risks involved in this kind of transaction, it would help if we weigh the advantages of outsourcing in project management and disadvantages of such move.

Pros Outsource project managers have fresher perspective of your company’s projects, issues, and needs. Cons. How Virtual Staffing Solutions Work for You. The idea of building a virtual team on your own can be very vague, and at some point impossible. 50 Tasks For Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant. Have you been driving yourself sick working harder and harder for less satisfying results? If you work in real estate, you’re not alone. Nowadays, real estate is not making it easy for anyone. Why Filipino Workers Excel in the BPO Industry. Although India currently enjoys the spotlight of being the best in the BPO industry, the Philippines is catching up, with hundreds of BPO companies starting up and receiving well-deserved merit especially over the last five years. How Philippine Virtual Staffing Can Give You Time to Enjoy Your Life. Time is the most invaluable asset that any business has and can control.

With the Internet, people are globally connected in different time zones and can afford to have constant communication in collaborations twenty-four hours a day and 365 days a year. Email Marketing as a Tool for Your Business. Website Presentation Tips. How To Hire A Quality Copywriter. It takes a lot of time to write something, which is why most people opt to get the services of a ghostwriter.

Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager. You already know this, but your friends, neighbours, and even your neighbours’ dog – pretty much everyone – are on social media. What you probably don’t know is that as of the end of 2018, Facebook alone has over 2.32 billion monthly active users. Last we checked, that’s larger than China’s total headcount, which is about 1.386 billion.

For reference, China is the world’s most populous country, while Facebook. Find Remote Jobs in Web Development. The Time You Are Losing With Menial Tasks. Probably the most difficult position in which you could be is that of a small business owner guided into entrepreneurship by his profession, not just the drive to make a profit, especially if you did so after years and years of chasing perfection.

75 Tasks for Your Property Management Virtual Assistant. Real Estate Lead Generation: 75 VA Tasks to Delegate. Risky Business: Hiring Filipino Virtual Professional. What If Employees Work From Home? Why Hire A Filipino Virtual Assistant. 50 Tasks For Your IT Virtual Assistant. Employee Recognition – Why It Matters. Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Startup. Tips on Managing Remote Employees.

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