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CRC School-Based Workshops. Creative Response to Conflict workshops help teachers, teacher’s assistants and other school staff learn skills for creative conflict resolution they can use themselves and teach to students.

CRC School-Based Workshops

A unique blend of cognitive and social-emotional learning, CRC’s approach to conflict resolution skill building can easily be integrated into the classroom curriculum. The in-school workshops provide interactive activities and games that help students recognize creative and positive alternatives to negative behavior. With practice and coaching from their teachers and teaching assistants, students become proficient in resolving conflict. When CRC concepts are integrated into the school setting, educators and students feel part of a safer, more open and more productive school community. These are skills that last long after the workshops are done, they last a lifetime. Global Peacebuilding Center. Shalom Educating For Peace. School Mediation Associates - Books and Other Resources. Georgia State University - CR in Schools. Programs and Research RJP - Restorative Justice Program CNCR became involved in studying restorative justice as it relates to conflict management and resolution in 2008 when we partnered on a Bureau of Justice Affairs, US Department of Justice grant with the School of Social Work at Georgia State University.

Georgia State University - CR in Schools

The product of the grant was the first comprehensive repository for resources related to restorative justice in the Southeastern United States. As the Restorative Justice Clearinghouse took shape, CNCR decided to expand the project to examine RJ legislation across the US and create a web-based database for use by researchers and practitioners alike. The database is currently under development and will be accessible soon. CRiSP - Conflict Resolution in Schools Program CNCR's Conflict Resolution in Schools Program (CRiSP) examines the institutionalization of conflict resolution education (CRE) in K-12 schools. Conflict Management in Higher Education Program Research Initiatives. Enjoyable Learning: Triune Arts. Peacefirst. Applications and nominations are now open for the 2014 Peace First Prize.


Too often,young people in our country are dismissed and overlooked. They are either portrayed as trouble-makers, technology-addicts, or just plain careless … Peace First exists to change all that. Imagine a group of incredible young people, each honored publicly for their role in transforming their communities into more peaceful and just places.

Imagine sharing their inspiring stories with the public. Imagine distinguished Americans from the arts, politics, sports and business communities championing young people as the real celebrities of our culture. Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) – Cambridge, Massachusetts. Community Boards - Youth & Schools. Community Boards is recognized internationally for our pioneering work with youth and schools.

Community Boards - Youth & Schools

We can provide your school with a variety of proven techniques for resolving school-based conflicts. Mediation & Facilitation Our neutral and highly skilled mediators and facilitators can assist schools in resolving conflicts between any number of school stakeholders: district and school administration, faculty, professional staff, parents, and students. For more information about how we can assist your school, please contact Cordell Wesselink, Mediation Program Manager, call him at (415) 920-3820 x109 or email him at

Peer Mediation We also have a highly acclaimed peer mediation model for the development of student conflict managers, The Conflict Manager Program. School-site Trainings.