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Home Page. AIPAC - The American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Zionist Organization of America. Israel's #1 News Site - Israel National News. Israel News - Haaretz Israeli News source. Jerusalem Post. Naomi Ragen נעמי רגן - Novelist, Playwright and Journalist - Jewish-American novelist, playwright and journalist. Embassy of Israel in Washington D.C. The 14 Lies Blocking Peace in the Middle East. If a Martian were suddenly to land on earth and start listening to and reading the mainstream media, he would form the impression that the entire Middle East conflict were due to Israel building some settlements in land that much of the world thinks should become a Palestinian state.

The 14 Lies Blocking Peace in the Middle East

A near-consensus exists among the governments of the world and among media writers that peace has yet to break out in the because of three principle reasons. The first is that the Jews and the Arabs have been unable to agree about whether there should be a Palestinian state. Israel Defense Forces blog. Israel Defense Forces. Embassy of Israel in Washington D.C.