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15 ways to use vodka

Health Tips - Home Remedies That Work at WomansDay. Nobody is naysaying the wonders of modern medicine—what would we do without a medication like penicillin to treat infections?

Health Tips - Home Remedies That Work at WomansDay

But, as it turns out, everyday items have secret curing powers, too. Next time you don’t want to fork over money to get a common wart removed, consider using duct tape. Already popped two aspirin but can’t get rid of the headache? Unusual Medical Uses For Duct Tape. [ReviewAZON name="bible" id="85" display="inlinepost" asin="B000TG2IR8" trackingid="mywebsource1-20" country="us" width="200px" float="left" imagetop="10px"]Duct Tape is possibly the most incredible invention known to mankind – even better than the wheel or sliced bread.

Unusual Medical Uses For Duct Tape

As it turns out, Duct Tape can be used in a variety of different medical purposes, as well as fashioning a wallet or a book cover. People have played around with Duct Tape for many years and the sticky material is even credited for saving the Apollo 13 astronauts when they had space trouble! Here is a list of five uses for Duct Tape that you can use in your every day life. To prevent injuries when playing sports, you can use duct tape to give your ankles, knees, or wrists added stability.

Bind several layers of tape onto the joint of your choice until they feel stable.