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Colleges with Data Science Degrees. Top Schools for Master's Degrees in Data Science. Master of Science in Business Analytics | Admissions. The admissions process is thorough and selective but also highly attentive to your holistic candidacy and the qualities you will bring to the MSBA cohort. Because the program is designed specifically for experienced and high-potential professionals, a candidate's record of professional achievement is a critical factor in determining admission. Admissions Criteria To apply to the Master of Science in Business Analytics Program, applicants must have a bachelor's degree and strong Grade Point Average, demonstrated high aptitude for quantitative analysis and academic success as evidenced by undergraduate and graduate coursework as applicable. A minimum of five years of professional, full-time work experience is required.

Rolling Admissions MSBA applications are reviewed and decisions released year-round until the class is full, at which point we start a wait list. 13 Big Data Vendors To Watch In 2013. From Amazon to Splunk, here's a look at the big data innovators that are now pushing Hadoop, NoSQL and big data analytics to the next level. 1 of 15 Pioneers Push Big Data EnvelopeThere are leaders and there are followers in the big data movement. This collection comprises a baker's dozen leaders. Some, like Amazon, Cloudera and 10Gen, were there at the dawn of the Hadoop and NoSQL movements. Others, like Hortonworks and Platfora, are newcomers, but draw on deep experience. The three big themes you'll find in this collection are Hadoop maturation, NoSQL innovation and analytic discovery. The NoSQL set is led by 10Gen, Amazon, CouchBase, DataStax and Neo Technologies. Big data analytic discovery is still in the process of being invented, and the leaders here include Datameer, Hadapt, Karmasphere, Platfora and Splunk.

What you won't find here are old-guard vendors from the relational database world. For many users, the key issues include flexibility, speed and ease of use. More Insights. Master of Science - Business Intelligence & Analytics | Stevens Institute of Technology. Stevens is proud to offer the Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics. The Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) degree is a 36-credit graduate program for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree in science, mathematics, computer science, engineering or a related field.

Stevens offers flexible study options for both full- and part-time students interested in advancing their careers within industry-specific analytical fields such as finance, information technology, telecommunications and engineering. Define Your Future at StevensThe market has an increasing need for professionals with data management knowledge, analytical capability and problem-solving skills. Stevens is one of a select few universities worldwide to offer a master’s degree in this emerging field.

Currently, Stevens is the only university in the NYC area to offer a BI&A master’s degree intended to train students to fill the growing demand for big data analysts. Required Courses. Big Data Analytics Master's Degrees: 20 Top Programs. These one-year and two-year graduate programs are just what's needed to close the big-data talent gap. Read on to find a school that fits your ambitions and background. 1 of 22 It's well documented that there's a big data talent gap, but what's being done about it?

What's needed is knowledge and experience. Data growth is headed in one direction, so it's clear that the skills gap is a long-term problem. All of these programs are geared to candidates who already have undergraduate degrees, and most favor professionals with three or more years of work experience. This is not a ranking. Getting into a masters program at an elite school is no guarantee you'll be tapped for an interesting big data research project working alongside a well-known professor. More than half of these schools are offering fairly new masters programs in business analytics. Those specifically interested in big data analytics as applied to marketing should investigate Bentley University and DePaul. More Insights. Data Science programs and training currently available.

A few universities and other organizations have started to offer data science curriculum, training and certificates. University Programs The following excerpts are taken from the respective programs. University of Washington: Develop the computer science, mathematics and analytical skills needed to enter the field of data science. Use data science techniques to analyze and extract meaning from extremely large data sets, or big data. Become familiar with relational and non-relational databases. Many other institutions have strong analytics programs, including Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, MIT and Georgia Tech, Wharton (Analytics Initiative). A typical academic program (University of Washington) features the following courses: Introduction to data (data types, data movement, terminology, etc.)Storage and Concurrency PreliminariesFiles and File-based data systemsRelational Database Management SystemsHadoop IntroductionNoSQL - MapReduce vs.

Certifications and other training Related articles. How to compare and rank data science programs? I started an attempt at program comparison in my article Zipfian Academy versus Data Science Apprenticeship, comparing two apples, rather than comparing apples (stuff like our program, known as DSA) with oranges (Coursera) and lemons (university data science curricula). But how would you create a universal ranking or score, that would simply put everything (apples, lemons, oranges...) in one bucket and rank them according to satisfaction and results. Results could be ROI. But in the case of our DSA, since cost = 0, ROI is infinite.

So a better metric is needed to measure lift or yield or return. I propose using the following attributes, and have readers decide themselves about the weights to attach to each attribute. The attributes I have in mind are: Do you have other attributes in mind? Ask Dan! about DSS - What universities offer masters degrees in analytics and data science? What universities offer masters degrees in analytics and data science? By Dan Power Editor, DSSResources.COM Faculty entrepreneurs continue to respond to new business needs and trends in decision support technologies with revised and innovative academic programs. Innovative programs related to decision support are a response to the expanding amounts of data available in organizations and a desire by managers to analyze the data and make use of it as part of business operations. The terms analytics and data science have recently been used to label new masters degree and graduate certificate programs.

Analytics degree programs help students learn to use quantitative and statistical analysis tools with large data sets and then interpret the findings. The Michigan State University Broad College of Business Masters degree in Business Analytics provides a good example of a best-in-class curriculum. What is the need? Thanks to Kaushal Chari, Donald Gustafson, Manon G. References Print this record.