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SOCIAL - communications for creative and ethical - WHITE RABBIT. Proximity Marketing - WHITE RABBIT - WEBSITE. Do your customers sometimes struggle to find your location?

Proximity Marketing - WHITE RABBIT - WEBSITE

Do you want your event presence to stand out over others? You need the NearTag from White Rabbit Using the very latest IoT tech and some of Google’s most applauded new functions, we can leverage user’s mobile devices and assist them with pinpointing your location from a >100m range down to a 1m radius. The NearTag is incredibly small and lightweight, contained in an airtight, inconspicuous, durable plastic enclosure.

With a long battery life it can be used to send out up to 5 simultaneous Google Nearby notifications, available to view on Bluetooth enabled devices in the area. WHITE RABBIT - communications for the creative and ethical. WHITE RABBIT - communications for the creative and ethical. White Rabbit (@wrconsultancy) White Rabbit on Facebook. R m on Vimeo.