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A page in mini maker faire 2015 in Barcelona. The 2015 Barcelona Mini Maker Faire enters its 3rd amazing year. This time around the Faire will be bigger, better and brighter than ever: a new team lead by Fab Lab Barcelona and Made Barcelona, more makers from Barcelona, Spain and all over the world, and a brand-new location right in the heart of Barcelona: Plaza de las Glories Would you like to be a part of the team that makes it happen? It’s an opportunity to get involved in Catalunya’s fast-growing Maker and Fab movement, connecting you with people from all over the world whilst learning new skills.

Organising Mini Maker Faire is fun and rewarding, but it also takes time and a lot of hard work. We need people who can take all the ideas, imagination, enthusiasm and energy that surrounds this event and turn it into a single, magical day of celebration and inspiration at Barcelona Mini Maker Faire 2015. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, come along to our Meet-up to find out more. —- Even More info —-What is it? Startups and big corporations embrace the maker movement. SAN MATEO, Calif. — The maker movement has helped start many companies. This year, the Maker Faire is giving them a place of their own, with a “Startup Pavilion” that highlights 20 new maker-centric companies.

It’s part of a growing recognition that the do-it-yourself spirit is not just a fun hobby, it’s a rich source of economic potential. “There is a kind of maturation happening to the maker movement,” said Maker Faire organizer Dale Dougherty, when I spoke to him last week. It’s still dominated by hobbyists, but now there are an increasing number of startups, entrepreneurs, small companies, and even big corporations looking to get involved with the DIY spirit. Related: Google embraced the DIY spirit last week with more than 400 Arduino-based sensors at its Google I/O conference. Find out how Google made the sensors and integrated all the data. “At the very first Maker Faire, they really were all amateurs,” Dougherty said, of the exhibitors.

Big companies are getting into the act, too. This a youtube channel where you can see a lot of 3D inventions. This a youtube channel where you can see creative 3D things. This is a page for you to go to a Party in Madrid Spain. Situated squarely in the center of Spain is its capital and largest city, Madrid, home to roughly 3.2 million people and a rapidly growing Maker community. This upcoming weekend, Madrid will become the fifth (!!)

City to host a Mini Maker Faire in Spain, with their inaugural event set to take place on Saturday, April 25, at Medialab-Prado. Let’s take a look at how the Maker scene has been coming together in this ancient and colorful country. In 2013, on the east coast of Spain, Barcelona was the first Spanish city to host a Faire on June 29. Two weeks following, roughly 380 miles away on the west coast of Spain, Bilbao was the second Spanish city to host a Faire, on July 13 and 14. Both Faires are thriving and now in their third year. Here’s a video glimpse of the 2014 Bilbao Mini Maker Faire: In 2014, in the northwest of Spain, the city of León added its voice to the conversation by hosting the first León Mini Maker Faire, and the second annual will be held on September 12.

This is a page to have information of Maker Movement. When Make: magazine launched in 2005, making was largely a solitary activity. There was an intuition, a hint, that it was something that appealed to millions, but there was no easy way for these Makers to gather or share. Makers often worked alone in their garages and woodshops, in backyard sheds, and borrowed industrial spaces. They were making to be sure, but they didn’t have an organized community with which they could share their ideas and innovations. You could certainly Do It Yourself, but what Makers needed was a way to Do It Together. The Maker Movement has grown exponentially over the last 11 years, and our team is proud to have been a part of that, helping to connect Makers, create meeting places and aggregate ideas.

We launched the first Maker Faire in the San Francisco Bay Area over 10 years ago to help envision that meeting place, that agora of free ideas and good will where Makers could congregate to swap ideas, get new ones, and show off their creations. This is a page where you can download free 3D printable files. This is a page where you can find all the Fablabs in Madrid. This is s page where you can see funny images. Brian Ashcraft knows a thing or two about saving money and getting creative with lowcost cosplay. You can check out more of his awesome DIY creations on his twitter! Cheap-cosplay-1 cheap-cosplay-11 cheap-cosplay-3 cheap-cosplay-4 cheap-cosplay-5 cheap-cosplay-6 cheap-cosplay-7 cheap-cosplay-8 cheap-cosplay-9 cheap-cosplay-10 cheap-cosplay-12 cheap-cosplay-0 cheap-cosplay-13 cheap-cosplay-14 cheap-cosplay-2 cheap-cosplay-16 cheap-cosplay-17 cheap-cosplay-18 cheap-cosplay-19 cheap-cosplay-20 cheap-cosplay-21 cheap-cosplay-22.

This is youtube channel where you can find homemade objects and devices.