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The Chaos Scenario. POSTED BY JOHN RICH ON March 10, 2010 In September 2009, T.G.I. Friday’s got loads of attention for the “Woody” social marketing campaign created by their freshly picked agency, Publicis. The campaign had two main ingredients: 1.) An out of work actor cast as the ultimate fan of T.G.I. BDI 11/12 The Social Consumer - Bite Communications & AMD Pr. You Need to See These Case Studies Before They’re Gone. 300 Case Studies of Social Media Marketing « Wendy Tarr's B. SmartBlog On Social Media » A conversation with Olivier Blanchar. As part of our upcoming special report, “Measuring Your Success,” I spoke with Olivier Blanchard, a brand strategist with 15 years of marketing management experience across a variety of B2B and B2C industries, from manufacturing and distribution to new media and consumer goods.

SmartBlog On Social Media » A conversation with Olivier Blanchar

He manages BrandBuilder Marketing, a brand consulting and marketing management firm based in Greenville, S.C., that helps companies combine traditional and new/social media to achieve their brand-building. “Measuring Your Success” publishes on Thursday; if you’re not already a SmartBrief on Social Media subscriber, sign up today so you won’t miss it! There’s a perception that social media’s relevance to business is hard to measure. Do you think that’s true? Sanna Mattson MacLeod: BDI Conference-Social Consumer Case Studi. Master List ‎(A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples)‎