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| The Chaos Scenario. POSTED BY JOHN RICH ON March 10, 2010 In September 2009, T.G.I.

| The Chaos Scenario

Friday’s got loads of attention for the “Woody” social marketing campaign created by their freshly picked agency, Publicis. The campaign had two main ingredients: 1.) An out of work actor cast as the ultimate fan of T.G.I. BDI 11/12 The Social Consumer - Bite Communications & AMD Pr. You Need to See These Case Studies Before They’re Gone. 300 Case Studies of Social Media Marketing « Wendy Tarr's B. SmartBlog On Social Media » A conversation with Olivier Blanchar. As part of our upcoming special report, “Measuring Your Success,” I spoke with Olivier Blanchard, a brand strategist with 15 years of marketing management experience across a variety of B2B and B2C industries, from manufacturing and distribution to new media and consumer goods.

SmartBlog On Social Media » A conversation with Olivier Blanchar

He manages BrandBuilder Marketing, a brand consulting and marketing management firm based in Greenville, S.C., that helps companies combine traditional and new/social media to achieve their brand-building. “Measuring Your Success” publishes on Thursday; if you’re not already a SmartBrief on Social Media subscriber, sign up today so you won’t miss it! There’s a perception that social media’s relevance to business is hard to measure. Do you think that’s true? Sanna Mattson MacLeod: BDI Conference-Social Consumer Case Studi. Master List ‎(A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples)‎