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3D Printed Heads 3D Printed Heads The small size fits on a famous brand of block figures. Impressive. We’ve all wanted to see ourselves in miniature; to be able to re-enact scenes from movies and our own wild imaginations, using iconic characters and our favourite figurines. Or maybe you’re just looking for an original gift idea for a professional puppeteer or voodoo doll connoisseur. Well, by taking advantage of some , now you can.
Help Remedies Help Remedies I don't know what the back of my head looks like I don't know who wrote Poor Richard's Almanack/what time it is I need to buy a gift for someone
Missile Base Properties for Sale
Heizer Defense - Creators of DoubleTap™ Heizer Defense - Creators of DoubleTap™ Features:DoubleTap's are manufactured 100% in the USA utilizing only the best materials available. Each pistol is fully CNC machined, no stampings, no MIM parts, no plastic parts, no castings and feature a Lifetime warranty. All internal parts as well as the barrels are machined from 17-4 PH stainless steel, not less expensive 416 stainless. Frames are machined from aircraft grade 7075 Aluminum or 6al4v Titanium with a MIL-STD finish. Simply put a DoubleTap is the thinnest at 5/8 inch wide, and lightest at 13 ounce Tactical Pocket Pistol on the market allowing you to carry it anytime anywhere and offered in big bore calibers for that emergency last ditch life and death scenario. This patented pistol is loaded with extra features such as interchangeable barrels offered in multiple calibers, 2 spare rounds on a speed strip stored in the but of the gun for quick tactical reloads as well as a lanyard loop on the rear grip to attach a retention device.
You’d seriously expect a much heavier price tag for what this really is, however no complaints here. The all in one modular design that combines a jet steam shower and adjacent sauna for 1 is really all you need in that department. you can take your normal showers, get a massage from the jets on the walls, pump up the steam or dry your shit out in the sauna. Obviously also having a stereo and all sorts of high tech shit built in is a definite plus. you can go ahead and cancel your equinox memberships now because we all know why you go there. Steam Shower Sauna | Magazine for Men: Interior Design, Decor and Entertainment for Men Steam Shower Sauna | Magazine for Men: Interior Design, Decor and Entertainment for Men
I am sitting here at the airport lounge and reflecting on the past four days, and it's been a very busy and productive week. I developed new friendships with the suppliers as they have fully embraced this project. Thank you Salman, Lau, and KS. First day was spent in an all day long meeting to review everything. We were joking around saying that I flew 20 hours to see one radius, but that isn't very far from the truth as we were obsessed on making the disk edges rounded and smooth as possible and we accomplish that goal during this trip. Zeppelin Stylus: Tech Innovation + Modernist Aesthetics by Jae Son @ GoSmart » Updates Zeppelin Stylus: Tech Innovation + Modernist Aesthetics by Jae Son @ GoSmart » Updates
Fascinating 1936 footage of car assembly line
Product Description The Inside Story of the EcoSphere The Original EcoSphere is the world's first totally enclosed ecosystem - a complete, self-contained and self-sustaining miniature world encased in glass. Be wary of inferior and lower quality imitations. Easy to care for, an EcoSphere is an incredible learning tool that can provide powerful insights about life on our own planet... and provide a glimpse of technology that's shaping the future of space exploration.

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem, Small Sphere: Pet Supplies

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem, Small Sphere: Pet Supplies
Armada | 3D Scanner - Isaac Blankensmith
@KyleW: A couple of things to try: Deleting all McCaffee products and replacing with Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials. For-pay anti-virus programs ARE essentially viruses, bogging down your system and periodically extorting $$. And adjust all visual effects for best performance. Five Best Netbook Operating Systems Five Best Netbook Operating Systems
VeeBeam HD I, like I am sure many others, am forever swapping HDMI cables between my devices so I can plug my laptop in to the TV. Whether for watching films, iPlayer or just some full screen goodness! Two porblems occur, the hassle of changing leads, and the fact I lose my laptop to whatever I have on screen. Well the Veebeam may change all that. Veebeam HD is a new streaming device that will stream anything from a computer / laptop with a USB port to your television. Veebeam HD Veebeam HD
All The World’s A Page - English Language
The ultimate gaming accessory for your smartphone is now available for pre-order! The XAPPR gun is a gaming peripheral for smartphones. Connect your smartphone to the XAPPR and play various Augmented Reality and Shooting Games (Check out the XAPPR enabled games). Order the XAPPR now and enjoy a discount! You will also be the first among your friends to get XAPPR when we launch it this summer! The XAPPR Gun - A true revolution in smartphone gaming! The XAPPR Gun - A true revolution in smartphone gaming!
I'm guessing this is the last time anyone makes the mistake of trusting you. (via) At this point there isn't a moment of human experience that isn't photographed and instantly uploaded to Facebook for all to share. The Most Outstanding Comments Ever Left On A Facebook Photo The Most Outstanding Comments Ever Left On A Facebook Photo
Cube: The Apple Macintosh of 3D printers has finally arrived Many of us have been waiting for the moment when 3D printers would not only be offered ready-to-use without the need of DIY assembly, but at a price comparable to a common computer. Well get excited, because that day has arrived. Created by 3D Systems, the Cube will retail for just $1,299 and is connected to a community of 3D designers where you can find inspiration, or upload your own designs and sell them in the Cubify marketplace. Admittedly, the MakerBot Replicator is only a tad more expensive at $1,749, but just like the early versions of the home Windows PC versus the Mac, the Cube wins on style points for those who prefer a less industrial look and feel to their 3D printer.
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Real Flame Gel Fuel for ventfree fireplaces
1 Robert Sammelin Artwork – Robert Sammelin ... continue reading It's been dubbed the "world’s most comfortable" underwear, and priced at nearly half of its competitors ($16). After years of research and development and a "24 hour" stress test, MeUndies has created the perfect, contour fitting boxer brief that keeps its shape all day and never rides up. The first 500 Cool Material readers get 30% off orders larger than $75 when using code CM75.

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Good Selections Paper Log Maker: DIY & Tools
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