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Turn Any Object into a Hidden Camera. Electronic Gadgets. Your Phone. The Water And Light Lawn Show. Brydge + iPad: Do more. by Brad, Eddy and Sam. TIME - "Brydge stands out for its Apple aesthetics.

Brydge + iPad: Do more. by Brad, Eddy and Sam

" CNET - "A keyboard case that makes your iPad look a lot like the MacBook Air. " New York Times - "Brydge..turns an iPad into a laptop resembling the MacBook Air. " Mashable - "Brydge Turns Your iPad Into a Laptop" Huffington Post - "The Brydge also mimics the Apple design aesthetic" Cassandra Daily - "Tablet devices have yet to replace computers altogether, but iPad accessory Brydge could make the latter obsolete" ZDNet - "Brydge Kickstarter project could have been called ‘ToasterFridge’" Macgasm - "Brydge Is The Sexiest Way To Turn Your iPad Into A Laptop" Phone Area - "Brydge is probably one of the most elegantly designed keyboards docks for the iPad and this really is a compliment given the myriad of options available.

" GigaOM - "I was recently enamored by the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad, but I may hold off and back the Brydge instead. " 9to5Mac - "this appears to be one of the better made keyboard cases we have come across. " Improv Electronics. Boogie Board LCD eWriters The tree-friendly, electronic alternative to paper Communities Education Boogie Board eWriters are ideal for classroom use, replacing messy whiteboards (and smelly dry erase markers), chalk boards, memo pads and scrap paper.

Improv Electronics

Boogie Board eWriters are also a great way to reduce classroom paper consumption and cost. Success Story: St. Creative Artists, graphic designers, architects and other creative professionals love how the Boogie Board eWriter produces a “blank canvas” at the touch of a button. Artist Spotlight: Carol Adamec Artist Spotlight: Dr. Health Care The Boogie Board eWriter has proven to be a very helpful communication aid for people who for various reasons must rely on written word to communicate with others. @import "/css/demo_table_jui.css"; @import "/css/jquery-ui-1.8.4.custom.css"; Original text Contribute a better translation. CloudFTP. Arduino - HomePage. Withings Smart Baby Monitor Review: Always Watching, Always Judging. I use a Foscam FI8918 myself.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor Review: Always Watching, Always Judging

It was $65 on Amazon with free shipping, and coupled with a $4 app for Android, I can watch it with my (or my wife's) Nexus, from the Galaxy Tab, or from one of our old Droid 1 phones (which are now basically baby monitors and gameboys for the niece and nephew) anywhere in the house. Mainly we use it when it's bedtime for baby, and we want to stay up. We put the baby down (bedrooms upstairs) and then go about watching TV or whatever. We can hear the baby, we can talk to the baby, and we can see the baby. Plus we can pan the camera all around the room if needed. Added bonus: after baby is older, I can use it for a security (read dog pee watcher) camera, and then it's extra-household capability (forwarding the port) will come in handy. And remote monitoring is free as long as I have an internet connection at home and on my viewing device. Premiere DVR, TiVo Premiere XL DVR, TiVo Premiere Elite DVR.

EyeTV HD - High Definition Video Recorder for Component Video. The ultimate DVR for HD cable and satellite TV Watch, record, edit and enjoy cable and satellite television in high-definition with EyeTV HD, a full-featured DVR for your Mac.

EyeTV HD - High Definition Video Recorder for Component Video

EyeTV HD is the only solution that gives you full access to all your premium content by connecting your Mac directly to your cable or satellite receiver. EyeTV HD comes with an infrared remote and channel changer cable (“IR blaster”) for automatic control of the receiver. HDHomeRun - Network Dual Tuner for HDTV. - I N C I N O L E T - V-Pump submersible water pump uses no electricity, has no moving parts. Create the right Logitech Alert™ Security System for you. Mohu Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna. Chef Sleeve.