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Cocky founder says “LinkedIn will become the MySpace of hiring” We all know it.

Cocky founder says “LinkedIn will become the MySpace of hiring”

LinkedIn is the root-canal work of recruitment – painful, but necessary. The site looks like a feverish UI guy vomited the internet and its failure to enhance its service in any enjoyable way in the last decade lets down its 150 million locked-in users. But the job-platform landscape is finally throwing up some disruptive new models. Services are turning their back on the behemoth model and focusing on becoming more community-driven, more relevant and – most importantly – more fun. launched last week into public beta and it has already grabbed the imaginations of the global developer community, giving them a platform to tell the world about the achievements that make their career worthwhile, via online “brag cards”. “In the early iChatav days, one of the things Steve Jobs called me was fuckchop” Une rentrée 2.0 ? Pour cette rentrée, trois études montrent que l’engouement pour les outils collaboratifs, de la part des entreprises, ne faiblit pas.

Une rentrée 2.0 ?

LinkedIn s'apprête à lancer une nouvelle version de son site. Après Viadeo, le réseau social professionnel américain souhaite améliorer l'expérience utilisateur et teste actuellement son nouveau design auprès de quelques membres.

LinkedIn s'apprête à lancer une nouvelle version de son site

Le réseau social professionnel américain s'apprête à refondre sa plateforme et revoir ainsi son design dans l'idée d'améliorer l'expérience utilisateur. Selon TechCrunch, la société est actuellement en train de tester une nouvelle interface auprès de quelques membres. Cette dernière comprendrait une barre de menu noire et les mêmes onglets qui existent déjà.

La principale différence est que cette barre sera toujours visible, en haut de page, durant le scroll. LinkedIn Cuts Off API Access To BranchOut, Monster’s BeKnown And Others For TOS Violations. Exclusive: Professional social network LinkedIn has shut down API access to a number of developers for terms of service violations, according to the company.

LinkedIn Cuts Off API Access To BranchOut, Monster’s BeKnown And Others For TOS Violations

The six developers whose access to LinkedIn’s API include Facebook-focused professional network BranchOut, Monster’s social recruiting app Beknown, brand management app, resume service Daxtra, professional reputation manager Mixtent and CRM-Gadget. The shut down of access for BranchOut and Monster’s similar (and recently launched) app BeKnown are particularly surprising. According to LinkedIn, BranchOut, which has been compared to a LinkedIn for Facebook, violated the network’s API TOS with its plans for a premium enterprise recruiting search tool.

Charging fees for access to LinkedIn’s content, is a no-no, says the network. LinkedIn Is An Untapped Treasure Trove For Political Campaigns. All of those Likes might be good practice for the real thing.

LinkedIn Is An Untapped Treasure Trove For Political Campaigns

But the better place to go to find people who actually vote isn't Facebook, it's LinkedIn, says Professor Keith Hampton, researcher on Pew's new poll on civic engagement in social network users. The business social network draws older, more educated citizens--voters who are far more reliable when it come to casting ballots than those on Facebook. Regardless of platform, Pew's groundbreaking study does suggest that social media is a hotbed of social butterflies and enthusiastic citizens and an essential platform for generating civic buzz. All the viral sexy Obama Girl videos and "Hope" posters in the world mean nothing without a bigger pile of votes at the end of the election day. LinkedIn contre Viadeo : fonctions similaires, stratégies différentes.

1 - Des fonctionnalités très proches « Linkedin et Viadeo sont les réseaux les plus aboutis au monde, avec peut-être l'allemand Xing.

LinkedIn contre Viadeo : fonctions similaires, stratégies différentes

Ces plates-formes sont fonctionnellement assez proches », estime Jean-Pascal Szelerski, directeur de l’ De fait, la liste des fonctionnalités communes est longue : gestion d’un réseau de contacts, groupes de discussion, petites annonces, questions posées au réseau ou encore, annonce d’événements. LinkedIn wants to connect to the Web with new plugins.

LinkedIn is taking the next step in expanding its platform today by releasing plugins that connect the professional networking service to external websites and applications.

LinkedIn wants to connect to the Web with new plugins

While developers can build applications that run on LinkedIn itself, perhaps the most promising part of the platform involves the ability to access LinkedIn data from beyond the LinkedIn site, on other sites and apps. Think of how Facebook has used Facebook Connect and its various social plugins to expand beyond, approaching its vision of becoming your social identity wherever you are on the Web.

LinkedIn seems to be attempting something similar with your professional identity. These new plugins should make that process easier. In a company blog post, LinkedIn’s Adam Nash describes the additions as “a featherweight way to light up your site and increase engagement, without any costly development overhead.” The plugins use the new JavaScript version of the platform that LinkedIn announced in October. Exclusive: LinkedIn to Launch Job Application Tool. LinkedIn is preparing to launch a plug-in for employers’ websites called “Apply With LinkedIn” that will allow job candidates to apply for available positions using their LinkedIn profiles as resumes.

Exclusive: LinkedIn to Launch Job Application Tool

The feature indicates LinkedIn’s increasing focus on making money by facilitating employee recruitment and hiring. LinkedIn is currently in talks with a number of companies that will incorporate the “Apply With LinkedIn” plug-in on their jobs pages for the feature’s launch, which is slated for later this month, according to a source briefed on the feature. “Apply With LinkedIn” is being touted by the company as a way to remove friction from the job application process by enabling people to use their LinkedIn profiles as resumes. The plug-in also bundles applicants’ data to simplify the sorting process on the employer side.

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