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Marketing_technology_jan2014.png (2600×1950) HTML to PDF - Convert web pages to PDF files online for free. Twitter. Veille. Session Occ - Project Management. How To Create A Minimum Viable Product. Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Emre Sokullu, founder and chief architect of GROU.PS There’s been a lot of talk on the concept of minimum viable product lately, but not much has been written on how to actually implement one.

How To Create A Minimum Viable Product

Having gone through the process of developing one of the earliest social software mashups (GROU.PS) in PHP six years ago, and LoveBucks, a node.js Javascript app that is the Facebook “Like” Button for online content monetization (both alone), I want to describe to you a little bit what has really changed in web application development in recent years and the beauty of minimum viable product. 1. Optimizely: A/B testing software you'll actually use. Comparatif de 12 solutions de curation. We’re entering a golden age of news geekery. Jason Calacanis announced a new proof-of-concept site called Launchticker today.

We’re entering a golden age of news geekery

At first glance it’s just an overloaded Google Doc with a bunch of tech news summaries and links streaming down the page. Look at the blog post explaining the site though and you’ll see there’s a lot more going on here. It’s an attempt to improve on the fabulous half-human/half-machine edited tech news site Techmeme. Specifically, by limiting the areas of editorial coverage to startups, technology and features – excluding a lot of financial news, hardware and maybe enterprise stuff. By the Numbers: For better insights from text analytics, elicit better comments.

UserTesting. Usability Testing with 5 Users. Customer Development Survey. Free Online Surveys, Customer Feedback & Survey Software Tool. Launch Effect - A WordPress Theme for Viral Launches. LaunchRock - Set up a “Launching Soon” page in minutes.

Affiz Adserver - La solution idéale pour gérer vos espaces publicitaires. RunMyProcess: Qu’est ce qui se trouve dé... Convofy. Pivotal Tracker: The iPod of project management software. Nivi · November 12th, 2008 “We are using Pivotal Tracker to manage all of our new web apps under development, this thing rocks.” – Ezra Zygmuntowicz, Founder, Engine Yard “It’s a relief to open Tracker at the start of the day and focus on the next most important task.” – Aaron Peckham, Founder, Urban Dictionary No matter what you’re using for project management, take a close look at Pivotal Tracker.

Pivotal Tracker: The iPod of project management software

Rolling Out Premium Features. 5 Great Tools for Work Collaboration. There are lots of exciting new tools being realised aimed at making it easier and quicker to collaborate with your work colleagues not matter what their location.

5 Great Tools for Work Collaboration

We’ve picked 5 of our favourite tools that will help you share everything from documents to designs. Convofy. Clustrix - No Limits Database. Publicité : Apple lance iAd Producer. 27 Free High Quality WordPress Themes - WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress plugins, themes, news and help – WPMU.org. Tired of sorting through hundreds of sites offering low quality WordPress themes?

27 Free High Quality WordPress Themes - WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress plugins, themes, news and help – WPMU.org

We’ve put together a collection of 27 free themes that you’re sure to love. These are the latest and most high quality free themes currently available for WordPress. 10 Beautiful and Free WordPress 3.0-Ready Themes. This series is supported by Rackspace, the better way to do hosting. Learn more about Rackspace's hosting solutions here. WordPress 3.0 was released a little over a month ago, ushering in a bevy of new features for designers and developers. Speed Up Your Site and Keep Hackers Out With CloudFlare. While it didn't win TechCrunch's Disrupt conference earlier this week, one of the most interesting startups we saw at the event was CloudFlare.

Speed Up Your Site and Keep Hackers Out With CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a distributed DNS and content delivery network that includes some interesting security features. It promises to speed up your website by an average of 30% and dramatically decrease your bandwidth usage and server load by preventing spam bots and other attackers from reaching your site. Installation. New. Logaway Review - Identification.

Ifeelgoods.com arrive en ligne et annonce une levée de fonds de 1.1M de dollars. With Google Reader You Can Now Follow Updates To Any Website, Feed Or No Feed. 26 January '10, 12:53am Follow Is there a site that you check often for updates or changes, that just does not offer a feed for their website? Well, if so, Google has a new tool for you.

25 Of the most useful social media resources that you may not be aware of. I wanted to compile a list of some of the best websites, blogs, services and resources on social media that you may not know.

25 Of the most useful social media resources that you may not be aware of

We all spend so much time on the same sites online that sometimes it can feel like we have blinkers on and that we miss all the good stuff. I spend lots of my time researching posts for this blog and find some of the resources below invaluable for that task. You may know some or even many of the names on this list but hopefully you'll find a couple of gems in there that you can bookmark and use for future use... Online Event Registration – Sell Tickets Online with Eventbrite.

Textes de qualité par des professionels. Edit-Place : Rédaction de contenu. Comment créer un sondage en ligne gratuitement à l'aide de Google Docs. Looking for a free tool to scan your local area network (LAN) for security purposes?

Comment créer un sondage en ligne gratuitement à l'aide de Google Docs

Want to see which ports are open on which computers, which resources are being shared on the network, etc? SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a free IP, NetBIOS, and SNMP scanner that has a lot of advanced features, is super small in size, and that runs off a USB stick! So basically it’s a free portable network scanner you can use on any network your computer is connected to. Not only does it scan the entire network for you and detect open ports and shared folders, it also lets you mouse shared folders as network drives, browse shared folders, filter results, and more.

Pictarine - Zest of life. 20+ outils Internet pour être un entrepreneur efficace. Les 50 logiciels SaaS incontournables pour les startups et les entrepreneurs. 30 Awesome Web Apps for Your iPad. As incredible as it seems, it’s been over a year and a half since the original iPad was released, forever changing what the world thought of tablet computers.

30 Awesome Web Apps for Your iPad

The old Tablet PCs were clunky, expensive machines that could run any Windows program, albeit slower and more awkwardly than a full computer. The iPad at first glance looks just like a scaled-up iPhone, but the wide range of apps and number of varied uses it’s found in homes, schools, and businesses has made tablets a permeant part of our computing ecosystem. One area where the iPad and other tablets have lagged behind is with web apps. While Safari on the iPad is a modern, quite capable browser, many web apps are difficult to use with fingers, and can run very slow on slower processors.

Over the past year, though, more and more web apps have been designed or updated to take advantage of the iPad’s features, including multitouch, gestures, and more. Top 15 Essential iPad Apps for Work. The Web & Business Tools Startups Use Most [INFOGRAPHIC] Putting the likes of the super-funded aside (Color, anyone?)

The Web & Business Tools Startups Use Most [INFOGRAPHIC]

, most early-stage startups operate on tight budgets and spend their dollars sparingly. A bevy of web services have made start-up costs all the more affordable, but now there's the conundrum of nearly too much choice. The folks at BestVendor surveyed 550 startup staffers — most in marketing and executive administration positions — on their favorite tools for email, accounting, web analytics, CRM, productivity, design, storage, payment processing, operations and so forth. Their answers, in aggregate, speak to the growing trend in startups moving toward predominately cloud-based operations. The most popular selections also highlight the rising stars (Dropbox) and impressive veterans (Paypal and Salesforce) in the business-to-business services sector. Mes outils de community manager. 15 Web Services We Rely On Every Day.

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